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Our cookies and why they are used:

Google Analytics
Allows us to know how many people view the site and analyse how they use it. e.g. visitor numbers, page views, popular pages, links to the site and whether visitors are seeing error messages.
Personal information is anonymised, so visitors are not identifiable. Some information (such as the country and time zone of visitors, search engine results and which devices/browsers are being used) allows us to improve and optimise the site for a better user experience.
Analytics reports also confirm visitor numbers for accreditation to events such as London Fashion Week.

What we don’t use cookies for:

We do not use any cookies for advertising or marketing purposes.
We do not collect any sensitive data or personally identifiable information.
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We do not share any identifiable data with any third parties.
We do not use any social media sharing plug-ins, which are thought to be some of the more intrusive third party cookies.

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