19 February 14

Waterlogue app

I'm totally obsessed with a new iPhone app and it's not even Flappy Bird. For a few weeks I've seen people tweeting about an app called Waterlogue, which turns your phone photos into watercolour masterpieces. I thought "hmm, ok, that probably looks terrible" and scrolled on. Yet I kept seeing people with really good taste going on about it, so last night I caved in and downloaded it. Joke's on me, because it's incredibly well done. They've done a much better job of imitating watercolour than any filter Photoshop has managed, which is hugely impressive for a phone app. It's super simple to use, you just choose the image from your camera roll and a filter from a small selection. There's a nice transition while the watercolour is being made, it shows the colour being applied in layers (in fact, it would be cool to be able to stop during the creation process, because some images  work quite nicely with limited colour). It's weirdly addictive seeing the "painting" happen though, you'll definitely want to try it with lots of your photos. I find that it works best with well exposed landscapes, while results are mixed with human faces (they have a legit explanation for this on their site) so put those selfies away for a minute. Don't worry, cats work just fine though!

Anyway, here are some that I made earlier.  What do you think?

Waterlogue is available in the ios app store and costs $2.99 / ¬£1.99.  Sorry Android users (and um, Windows phone users, I'm really sorry you're using a Windows phone in general) it's only ios devices right now.

Waterlogue app

Waterlogue app

Waterlogue app

Waterlogue app

Waterlogue app

Waterlogue app

Waterlogue app

Waterlogue app


Wow! That really is nice! I absolutely love it; like you I’m surprised they’ve turned out so well… I may even have to download!

Sophie x

Sophie replied about 9 years ago.

YES! Amazing app. Love your post. Cheers x

Christine replied about 9 years ago.

You always manage to make me wish I had an iPhone when I read your app posts. I don’t even really like iPhones, I just don’t, this app looks wicked, will have to persuade my sister to give it a spin so I can have a proper look-see.

Ruth replied about 9 years ago.

I am also totally addicted after I saw a couple people post images on instagram. I am keen for printing out some products to see how it prints! I also blogged about it (linked with my name above). Have fun!

Michelle replied about 9 years ago.

This is absolutely amazing I just got a samsung and now I wish I had an iPhone again!!! These are beautiful images and it is an amazing app!!

Rachelle replied about 9 years ago.

Wow, this app looks amazing. Great results! Will definitely be checking this out. :) x

Diane replied about 9 years ago.

Oh my god, the black cat one is to die for !



Lily Deer replied about 9 years ago.


Em replied about 9 years ago.

OK human watercolorists, you can stop painting now. The machines have won.

floyd replied about 9 years ago.

I’ve just downloaded the app. I need never pick up a paintbrush again.
(the art world breathes a sigh of relief).

Michelle replied about 9 years ago.

Ooh love your landscapes with the app! I downloaded waterlogue recently and agree, it’s a hit or miss depending on the image, but when it works, it looks awesome!! :)


Sher replied almost 9 years ago.

Wow, these look gorgeous. At first glance, I thought you might have done these yourself :) My favourites are the cat photo and the one with boats and water.

Orjen replied almost 9 years ago.

Thanks for the recommendations and these look great! Finally, I can draw (sort of) :)

Angelina replied over 8 years ago.

Amazing stuffs.

MD replied over 8 years ago.

Hi Kristina! Just found your blog and love it! I have not heard of the app – actually thought you drew those images :) They look awesome. I think I will give it a try! Thanks so much

Julie replied over 8 years ago.

These are really lovely. Can’t believe we’re just stumbling upon them now!

Waterlogue replied about 8 years ago.

[…] lets you transform photos into watercolour paintings. Had it not impressed the very professional¬†Kris Atomic, I might’ve passed it over. But it’s really very cool. And it takes less than five […]

Watercolour Japan | Bread is Best replied about 8 years ago.

Definitely the best watercolour filter there is, far better even than any of the Photoshop non-plugin presets. I think the single toned (or close to) sources seem to work particularly well, like the green trees. It’s certainly a lot faster if not as fun as painting with digital brushes like http://bit.ly/photoshop-watercolour-brushes

Grut Brushes replied about 8 years ago.

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