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08 December 14

Kris Atomic Little Portraits

Just a quick heads-up, today is the last day for Little Portrait Christmas orders to the US. The European and UK dates are also very soon! They are as follows:

1st December - Australia, Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
4th December - Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece, Canada, Poland
8th December - USA
10th December - Western Europe (excluding Greece, Poland)
17th December - UK

All orders past those dates will be processed as soon as possible, but may not get to you before the Holidays.

Massive thank you to everyone who has already ordered one and kept me so busy in the last couple of weeks!  Each portrait is a little challenge and I'm having so much fun painting your beautiful faces.

Kris Atomic Little Portraits

Kris Atomic Little Portraits




Hey Kris, these portraits are just gorgeous!! Such a beautiful gift idea. I love the fact that not only do you get the stunning piece of art to hang in your home and treasure, but you also provide a copy for all of ones online haunts. Genius idea.

I was wondering, is this an ongoing project, something you will be continuing after Christmas?


Gemma replied over 8 years ago.

Hi Gemma,

Thank you so much! I’ll be continuing them after Christmas, sure :)

Kris x

kris atomic replied over 8 years ago.

OMG! It’s me!! I have made it to the Kris Atomic blog! Thank you so much for the little portrait Kris, it’s GORGEOUS and I’m updating all my Social Media as I type this :D

jess replied over 8 years ago.

I’m so happy you like it Jess! x

kris atomic replied over 8 years ago.

Those portraits are just gorgeous! You are a very talent person, your style is lovely <3 Merry Christmas! I wish you all the best.

Amelia replied over 8 years ago.

Just discovered this blog – love your portraits. Very vibrant, lots of energy in your style :)

Mark @Chicanepictures replied over 8 years ago.

These illustrations are so beautiful! I love including lots of illustrations on my site as well. Great to discover you.



Tiffany replied over 8 years ago.

Kristina, you are so talented! love all of your pictures! they are so extraordinary! I adore creative people because they know how to express their feelings through pictures and let others experience them together with the author. You are such a treasure, Kris!

Lolita replied over 8 years ago.

So cute pics!

Shavy1942 replied about 8 years ago.

Loving these works of arts; you’re very talented!!

patricia replied about 8 years ago.

Wow! These portraits are really gorgeous! I’ve discovered your blog recently and I adore it! You’re very talented :)

Elena replied about 8 years ago.

These portraits are marvelous! I absolutely love them. I can’t wait to see more of your work. :)

Regular cleaning Richmond replied about 8 years ago.

elegant and gorgeous illustrations.

kumar replied over 5 years ago.

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