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01 May 13

Kris Atomic

Another one from the vault (aka my Work-in-Progress-Unfinished-Personal folder) today. I posted the sketch of this literally two years ago, but never got anywhere with the final because I couldn't find a way of rendering the glitter in a pleasing way. Gave it another go today and quite thrilled with the glittery outcome (the Pixelate > Crystallize filter in Photoshop if you're wondering). Now I just have to resist the temptation to glitter everything else.

Still love these Miu Mius so much, two whole years on.

Kris Atomic



I friggin love these booties too. Your homage is lovely!

I also am still obsessing over Prada SS10 crystal sandals, so yea….

YP replied over 10 years ago.

Wow that looks really neat! The glitter effect really pops!
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AHKA VINTAGE replied over 10 years ago.

They look very pretty!

Ivette replied over 10 years ago.

These are gorgeous! The glitter effect is amazing.

Jene' replied over 10 years ago.

oh I love the glitter effect. very pretty!

Amy Powell replied over 10 years ago.

Glitter looks proper well good. I still love these so hard!

Amy replied over 10 years ago.

I’m still in love with them too!

Sweet Harvest Moon replied over 10 years ago.

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