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18 June 13

Kris Atomic

Love the modern Clueless vibes of these matchy-matchy mini suit looks at Versace Resort this season. Reminds me of being in secondary school and matching outfits with my bffs for every weekend outing (via a complex chain of little diagrams in letters and a group notebook passed around between lessons so we could swap clothes and maximise our wardrobes - "can I borrow your two tone lilac trousers to wear with my black sleeveless poloneck and then you can wear my lilac poloneck with your black trouser skirt?". File under: life before smartphones, bad early 00's fashion).

Kris Atomic



What a lovely drawing! My favourite part is the attention you paid to the details in the background : the shadows, the petals on the floor, etc.

silk replied almost 10 years ago.

They´re such Bettys!

Sofia replied almost 10 years ago.

Oooo I remember those days. It was quite fun to do that. :)

Sneha replied almost 10 years ago.

Ohh yes. Dreamy outfits, dreamy eyebrows.

Helen replied almost 10 years ago.

lovely drawing, i love the lines but also the colors used…

ultimate trend in fashion replied almost 10 years ago.

Loved those little suits and the colours are just perfect. I’m deffo nostalgic for some srsly planned friendship outfits

Isabelle replied almost 10 years ago.

Love your illustrations! Were do you find inspiration for the pieces you create?

Madison replied almost 10 years ago.

Your color palettes and drawing style are a huge inspiration to me. Do you think this one may end up in the shop?

Katie replied almost 10 years ago.


sao cuuuute

mariah replied over 9 years ago.

love your sweet little illustrations!
and the colors!

really inspiring!

wish you a nice sunday,


Jessie replied over 9 years ago.

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