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06 June 13

Kris Atomic

I haven't done a process post in yonks, so thought I'd share the steps in making some new postcards for  my shop. I just ran out of the last batch and I'm pretty sick of looking at the same drawings while packing prints, so it was a perfect excuse to make something new.

Kris Atomic

First, little thumbnails to work out the composition.

Kris Atomic

Roughing out the ladies. I do everything on different layers, refining the details and hiding older layers as I go. I find the more precise (not necessarily detailed, but everything the right size and shape) my sketches are, the less time I spend changing things further down the line once colour is on an it's way more cumbersome and annoying.

Kris Atomic

Some colour thumbs to work out the palette. I wanted to limit it to just a handful of colours and it's easier to experiment while everything is still rough. I quite liked the pink/turquoise/peach version but it was too washed out on a larger scale, not enough contrast in values.

(I was listening to the audiobook of The Grapes of Wrath while I was drawing this, so I was tying not to get too bleak here too because damn, Steinbeck.)

Kris Atomic

I went with two versions in the end, the cool blue/red above and the warm pink/yellow/purple at the top of the post. Maybe next time I'll order another colourway and make it a little series!

Kris Atomic


Great colour palettes! These look absolutely lovely!

Adeline replied over 9 years ago.

i need that very top one in my life! totally made my day seeing that.

laura redburn // cardboardcities replied over 9 years ago.


Natalie Hughes replied over 9 years ago.

i love these! x

Laura replied over 9 years ago.

I love loooking at your process sketches and colour combinations. Plus the cards are adorable :) My favourite is the braided girl with the letter E

Alicia replied over 9 years ago.

They are so wonderful! I love the balloon theme, maybe try some other themes too. :)

natasha replied over 9 years ago.

It’s so nice, I like the lady with braid up.

Thanks for this little glimpse into your process! I love the way your lay out your color palettes; I might have to start doing that myself …

Jen K replied over 9 years ago.

Thanks for sharing… Love the palette selection options!! Such pretty ladies :-)

Rebecca replied over 9 years ago.

So lovely :) Any chance you’ll ever run a reprint of the Miu Miu piece? Please say yes!

emma replied over 9 years ago.

thank you! i actually find this insanely helpful!

i’ve been drawing and doodling and futzing with a pen and paper forrrrever, and now i’m slowly (achingly, agonizingly) slowly figuring out photoshop, and seeing bits & pieces of other peoples processes is like huge ‘aha!’ moments for me.

also, these illustrations are sweet!

also, hey, how do you feel about people pinning from your blog? pro/con/neutral?

Eliza replied over 9 years ago.

It’s so fun to get a peek behind the scenes. How did you get the helium balloons to look painter-ly yet realistic? Love it.

Trix replied over 9 years ago.


Jade Sheldon-Burnsed replied over 9 years ago.

These are so beautiful! I love seeing process posts; it’s so interesting to see your different thumbnails (especially for the different colourways!).

Anna replied over 9 years ago.

Just love your illustrations!

Selena replied over 9 years ago.

only just discovered your work, but absolutely love it! this illustration is so fun and lovely!

sally replied over 9 years ago.

omg!! I love these!

tia replied over 9 years ago.

[…] Kris shows us the process of creating this cute postcard. […]

Carousel: Oh, June! | FFBlogs replied over 9 years ago.

I love seeing the process of art creation!

Ana replied over 9 years ago.

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing! Love x

denis replied over 9 years ago.

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