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25 July 13

My boyfriend and I are moving to pastures new (photographically speaking), so we're selling both our Fuji X100 cameras and a couple of accessories. Check it out here if you're interested! I've really loved the camera and looked after it like it's a fragile baby bird, so I hope I can find it a new owner to love it for loads more years to come.



looks like you’ve both looked after them well, hope you shift them soon

Matthew Pike replied over 10 years ago.

I’m curious to know. Are you upgrading to the new X100S or are you moving to a completely different camera?
I really loved your x100 pics and I’ve read great things about the newest Fuji camera (therefore I would love to see your pictures with this one as well!)

Erica replied over 10 years ago.

Such a great camera – wish I had the money to buy it! What camera are you planning to get next?

Charli X

Charli replied over 10 years ago.

Best of luck with selling your cameras! I am sure that you will be able to find someone who wants them and loves them as much as you guys did. :)

Jessica replied about 10 years ago.

Great camera!
I’m still an amateur so will be sticking to my Olympus that comes with ‘intelligent’ settings for awhile.

The Daily Mum replied about 10 years ago.

Lovely! Good luck. <3

Elisabeth replied about 10 years ago.

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