Tata Naka AW'13

20 February 13

Tata Naka know how to put on a presentation. The previous two seasons' offerings were highlights of my schedule, but they really pulled out all the stops this time, taking us back to High School in the 80s. The invite was a detention slip, the soundtrack was full on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun amazing and the drink of the day - packaged in a mini milk carton - was a "Ringwald".

The great thing about Tata Naka is that each collection, no matter how diverse the inspiration, still remains very much them. All the TN classics were present and correct, the brogues and bowling shoes, the sheer paneled skirts and the unmistakable painterly prints. I'm especially crazy about the multicoloured tweed blazer (another TN signature) with the pink skirt and faux socks-with-loafers ankle boots. There were several groups of looks that were rotated throughout the 3 hour presentation so I didn't catch everything, but having looked at other images online this backpackletterman jacket and the heart cutout back dress are other major highlights.

What I really like is that somehow the Tata Naka girl is always a modern one, no matter how retro the presentation. Take away the blue eye shadow, the quiffs and the pom poms and you have real clothes not a rehashed costume.


It was fun to watch the set change from bleachers to prom in about 60 seconds (made by the geniuses at Chameleon Visual and Set Square staging).


Oh my goodness. The first set of looks are so different from the second. I love both of them and I’m especially drooling over the shoes. Gorgeous photos! xx

the style crusader replied over 9 years ago.

THOSE SHOES! My heart just exploded into a poof of confetti at the sight of those bizarre bowling shoe boot things. I need them upon my feet, upon the ground, in public so I can shock and awe everyone I know with them. I yearn for them to be available so hard, but they aren’t yet! Thanks for the great post.
Leah / superstarling.com

Super Starling! replied over 9 years ago.

Love the photo’s and the outfits! :D I reaaaaally love the heart dress!

Hanna replied over 9 years ago.

This is such a nice collection. I’ve actually never heard of Taka Naka before, or maybe I did, but this one collection here will make it memorable for me. I especially love the prom clothes, and the change of set change was really clever. Lovely pictures as always.

Judy replied over 9 years ago.

but the shoes, they are amazing, unreal!!
i don’t like whole collection, i must admit, but yr right, they sure know how to put on presentation.

Studio Krishka replied over 9 years ago.

These look amazing! That print dress with the faces reminds me so much of the 80’s.

AHKA VINTAGE replied over 9 years ago.

The cuts of these dresses are lovely though I admit the patterns are a little too 80s for my taste. The show looks like it was amazing.

Sabina replied over 9 years ago.

Oh I want faux loafer ankle boots!!

Katie replied over 9 years ago.

The flattering, clean lines are really something! This presentation seems clever yet not overdone, but that’s how it’s good!

Lindsay replied over 9 years ago.

these are amazing, these are incredible! I can’t believe how inspired the presentation is, how lively the colors and how “new”!

daria replied over 9 years ago.

Interesting and different. Love the composition, idea and execution.

Sneha replied over 9 years ago.

What a treat!

Gracie replied over 9 years ago.

Hello Krisitna, it’s Amélie ( remember Backstage Fashion week :)) !
I love those pictures ! Is that the designer who was upstairs in Somerste house, that you told me about ?
I love what she does it’s amazing !!! especially the shoes !!!!!
I hope you’re fine and that you’re happy with all your pictures from London Fashion Week !!
Hope to see you again !!


Amelie replied over 9 years ago.

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