Hyper Japan part 1

02 September 12

Back in February I spent a couple of days shooting at Hyper Japan for the September issue of Marie Claire. The full feature is out now and looks awesome, so look out for that! These are some of the shots that didn't make the mag, expect more next week.




Magali replied about 11 years ago.

[…] of my favourite photographers Kris Atomic has uploaded some of her photos from this years Hyper Japan for her Marie Claire shoot, so check it […]

Hyper Japan 2012 replied about 11 years ago.

YES! I have that gameboy samsung cover. Your photo’s are so beautiful!

Jess / Bohemia Heart replied about 11 years ago.

That gameboy is a samsung cover? I might have to get it! Really amazing photos! Hope to see you at Hyper Japan!

Bespoke Arcades replied almost 11 years ago.

Wow, this is crazy stuff. These people are amazing. It is always the hair that gets me with this style, but also the effort and dedication. I love looking at pictures of Japanese style -but seriously it must take forever to get one of these outfits together! Thanks for the link though because now I know that this is coming to London in November and I totally want to check it out, at least for the food!


Ruth/Origami Girl replied about 11 years ago.

Lovely photos! I actually read the article a couple of days ago but didn’t realize the photos had been taken by you!

Mrs D replied about 11 years ago.

so fun!
it must be a place full of inspiration!

ANNE replied about 11 years ago.

It looks so much fun, but a little (a lot) bit crazy also!! I guess after a few hour in this event you maybe want to rest the eyes looking at a blank wall for a minute…
Love the hello kitty bag!

Fernanda Torquato replied about 11 years ago.

Wow those photographs are so beautiful! The Japanese culture is stunning!


P.Pan replied about 11 years ago.

Ah, I read that – didn’t realise the pictures were you. Great photos, interesting if surreal looking event.

chuck replied about 11 years ago.

[…] have no idea what this is but I see My Little Ponies and animal ears and what can I say but: […]

Haha! NO WAY! I’ve been reading your blog for a wee while and imagine my surprise when two of my friends are in your photos! Tanya with the rainbow bobbed wig and her friend Sparkle in the top photos with the Minnie Mouse ears and Chanel bag. Uncanny! Excellent piccies too.

Plum replied about 11 years ago.

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