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29 October 12

Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd

A collection of models I spotted reading backstage in London, Paris and New York last month and a good excuse for us to talk about books!

On my kindle I'm half way through The Casual Vacancy, which I'm really enjoying. Nothing's really happened, but there's something so immersive about Pagford and the way all the characters fit together that I don't want it to end. Which is a very J.K. feeling, if nothing else.

I also started listening to the audiobook of Wolf Hall, which I've begun and abandoned in paperback and kindle form twice already. Not sure why I can't seem to get over the 50% mark (because I was quite enjoying it both times), but I hate not finishing a book so I'm giving it another go. Seeing as Bringing Up The Bodies recently won the Man Booker prize, I think I feel a bit left out!

Are you reading anything good? I'm on GoodReads if anyone wants to be book pals / judge my taste (The only books I won't read are those awful misery memoirs because that just seems so depressing to me. Chick lit, trashy thrillers, fifty shades of porn, age inappropriate vampire novels? Nothing is too awful for me to try once.)

 What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Catching Fire - The Hunger Games #2 (in Dutch) by Suzanne Collins

Front Line Stalingrad by Viktor Nekrasov (in Russian) Respect for reading a novel described as the following at a fashion show - "... set against the background of the grim struggle of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany among the battered, exhausted, outnumbered Red Army soldiers desperately defending Stalingrad".

Sveikata galvoje, o ne vaistinėje by Aleksandras Svijašas (in Lithuanian, I think)

Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins.

Shōgun by James Clavell



My mum is obsessed with Wolf Hall. She’s like a Hilary Mantel pusher. I should definitely give it a read, it’s just so BIG

Ismay replied about 11 years ago.

Just finished it yesterday and I really liked it! I think without the SHEER SIZE pressure, it was much easier (on audiobook that is). x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

this series is brilliant, you have the hawk’s eye! I was looking at your profile on GR… where do you find the time to read so much?! Anyways, I added you cos you seem to read a considerable amount of contemporary literature and it might inspire me to pick up some newish books xmoira

moira replied about 11 years ago.

Thank you, haha!

I don’t read as much as I used to, sadly! When I was younger I would be reading with every meal, reading on the way to school, reading while watching TV… My goodreads goal for the year was 50 books and I don’t think I’m going to make it this year :(
It was easier to read a lot when I had a train commute, but now I work from home I just try to carve out some time before bed and while I’m having a coffee in the afternoon or something. x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

Such a great idea to show yet another side of fashion shows. I’ve been enjoying your series A LOT.
Looking forward to following your reviews on GoodReads :)

Adeline replied about 11 years ago.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that! x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

Hi! I’m also reading The Casual Vacancy, which is as addicted as you described. Additionally, I’m reading On the Road, by Kerouac, which has revealed to be a true challenge. Good readings!
I’ll look you up on good reads. *

PI replied about 11 years ago.

I haven’t read On The Road, I really should before the movie is everywhere.

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

Urgh, my sister only seems to read those “misery memoirs.” Like you, I refuse to read them either.

I see you have Alone in Berlin on your favourites shelf. I bought the Kindle version at the weekend and am looking forward to reading it.

Michelle replied about 11 years ago.

How are you getting on with Alone In Berlin? Hope you’re enjoying it.

The misery memoirs seem SO POPULAR, they’re always in the top of the book charts, I just can’t understand it. Surely real life is miserable enough, christ! x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

Wolf Hall is a great book but can be quite hard to follow even when you’re reading it on the page. My mum’s reported the same problem with her experience of the audio book. It would be interesting to hear it read aloud though as I think it’s beautifully written. I just finished Bring Up the Bodies as well and I think the series is well worth sticking with.

S replied about 11 years ago.

I finished Wolf Hall yesterday and really enjoyed it! Bringing Up The Bodies next, sticking with the audiobooks so I can listen while I work :)

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

i haven’t update my goodreads in a while but i’ve added you :)

shafina replied about 11 years ago.

I’ve been reading a lot of John Green lately (I just realized he’s the same John Green from the Vlog Brothers) – nice coming of age stories for YA – digging them all so far!

chloe replied about 11 years ago.

Just coming back to this to let you know that despite this comment I only JUST discovered the same thing, oh dear. He’s v funny and likeable, will have to give the books a go! x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

I love seeing photos of models reading! Haha.

Just started reading Casual Vacancy, and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling. :)

I searched your GoodReads and it seems you haven’t read Battle Royale yet. Just finished it, and it was awesome. Quite gory though.

Ley replied about 11 years ago.

The Mindy book was quite fun!
I haven’t read Battle Royale, haven’t seen the film either! Will add it to my To Read, thank you. x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

please do more book posts! i love reading about what other people are reading. you should definitely check out ‘shantaram’ by gregory david roberts – i can’t stop raving about it..

vix replied about 11 years ago.

I will try!
Shantaram’s reviews are very interesting, almost always either 1 star or 5! I’m intrigued, have added to my To Read list. x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

great book post!

made me think I should start a new book

ANNE replied about 11 years ago.

Ooo I’ll definitely have to add you on there, love seeing what people are reading. :) Plus I love using the to-read list so I can keep track of everything I’ve read/heard/seen is good in one place. I tore through A Discovery of Witches this past weekend, it really sucked me in bad. Kind of like an Outlander/Twilight mashup for history lovers, if that makes any sense at all. Loved it so much I went right out and bought the next book in the series immediately after finishing it! I also recently read The American Heiress, which was great with it’s historical details, and completely lacking in any real emotion or passion. Totally disappointing, given my love of Downton Abbey. I suppose I’ve been a little afraid to pick up Casual Vacancy, like it might burst my fan bubble or something, but time I bit the bullet!

Trude replied almost 11 years ago.

Haven’t heard about A Discovery of Witches, will check it out.
Have you read any Nancy Mitford? I had a look through your goodreads and I think you’d enjoy this –
Kris x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

I’ve heard of her but haven’t picked anything up yet, will have to now! Thanks for taking the time! :)

Trude replied almost 11 years ago.

I have to agree with you on Wolf Hall… I’ve started that book at least three times now!

I did enjoy Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett. That was a great read.

on a different note – do you still sell prints of your older Miu Miu drawings?

thanks :)

Kara replied almost 11 years ago.

Just finished Wolf Hall yesterday, definitely enjoyed it more on audiobook, so maybe give that a try!
Pillars Of The Earth looks interesting, I love a good historical novel.

Re: Miu Miu, I’ve got one A3 still in stock and that’s it! The A4 were limited edition and sold out a while ago. Shop is closed for now while I’m in Switzerland, but will be open again in January.
kris x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

Oh I would love an A3 size. Was that the one with the three girls?
Do I have to wait til January then? Can you please put aside for me if so? Thanks a lot. Enjoy Switzerland.

Kara replied almost 11 years ago.

Yep, this is it:

Yep, January I’m afraid! Sorry about that. If you drop me an email to, I can let you know just before the shop opens, so you don’t miss it :)

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

This is a brilliant idea. It’s nice to see a different perspective on a model’s life, other than photos capturing them strolling non-chalantly down the street.

I’ve recently rekindled my love for reading when I picked up the Hunger Games.. I love female heroines mixed with action and a sprinkle of romance.. and hope to continue on this roll, will be checking out your Good Reads list shortly! :o)

Leanne replied almost 11 years ago.

Thank you!

Enjoy The Hunger Games, I loved reading it! Though I didn’t love the ending :|

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

I agree! (I just finished the book today) The ending was what I wanted superficially… but when you go deeper it’s bittersweet, I guess that’s the cost of war :o\

Leanne replied almost 11 years ago.

Amazing idea!! i’m so nosy when it comes to seeing what people are reading and its nice to see that even those living the complete oppersite lifestyle to me


chloe replied almost 11 years ago.

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