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23 May 12

I'm obsessed with photo apps for my iPhone. I can't help myself, if a new one comes out I'm buying it. I take photos all day every day, so I don't feel too guilty about it, but since I've spent all this money and downloaded some real crap, I though I'd share my ~knowledge~ with you. (while I can only speak for the iphone versions, a lot of these have Android versions too. Just go to their site to check.)

So what makes a good photo app?

  • - FAST. Slow laggy menus and exports are a deal breaker.
  • - pleasingly designed in a way that makes sense (looking like an old camera does not generally make sense).
  • - it should go without saying that it must be retina updated at this point!
  • - intuitive interface, without pages of instructions or arrows everywhere.
  • - 69p is a good price unless it's going to change my life. In app purchases are ok if they're AMAZING. I've only written about paid apps below, I figure any free apps you can just try for yourself.
Beyond that, it depends on how you use your camera and what kind or results you want. For a start, I take all my photos with the native camera app. Usually I want to grab a quick picture while I'm out or doing something else, so I want the least amount of fuss. Point, click, done (did you know you can use the volume-up button as the shutter release since ios5?). For that reason, apps like Camera+ and Mattebox which replace the camera are not that useful.

So for me, it's all about the editing. Regardless of the camera I like photos that are bright and vibrant, but on the iphone I have way more fun experimenting with filters and ridiculous effects. Yes, I'm probably going to look back at my fake light leaks and washed out "vintage" effects and be mortified. Yes, it covers up the flaws of otherwise imperfect images. When I'm shooting for work, I'm militant about exposure, colour balance, all that important stuff. With my phone I'm just having fun and playing around with stuff. It's not about perfection, it's just about recording the everyday. I've gone through a few phases - the Hipstagram phase, the Pictureshow Instant phase, but as the iphone camera and screen have got better and better with each generation (I've got the iPhone 4s and the camera is pretty fantastic now), I'm going less mental with the editing. Since SnapSeed came along I'm practically minimalist! With fake light leaks. And fake depth of field.

A note on Instagram: I don't really use the Instagram filters (very occasionally I'll use Rise on top of something else). I don't like most of them and it takes a lot of the fun out for me! I do love Instagram on the photo sharing front. My username is krisatomic if you want to follow me.

Let's start with how I edit a photo:

left: unedited original, the lighting was decent here so it's not bad straight out of camera
right: tweaked in Snapseed (brightness, contrast, saturation and a tiny bit of vintage filter)

left: the dreaded fake depth of field (tilt-shift setting) in SnapSeed
right: add light leaky texture in Osmo 120

Depending on my mood and how whimsical I'm feeling, that's what I do most of the time. On to the different apps I like:

£2.99 | $4.99  | free | app store | their site

Snapseed is THE BEST. If you only buy one app, buy Snapseed and call it a day. All the editing you might want to do, all the filters, cropping, vignetting, tilt-shift, it's all there. It's the fastest most responsive app by miles especially when importing/exporting photos. The user interface is genius and once you get used to it editing a photo takes no time at all. It doesn't look like an old camera, which is my pet hate (see skeuomorphism, below).

Everything is adjustable rather than being a standard filter you slap on Instagram-style (see control freak, below). Talking of Instagram, their tilt-shift setting is an aberration and a travesty. For the love of god, get Snapseed and make the world a more aesthetically pleasing place. That's the thing about Snapseed, it's hard to make your images really awful. There are so many apps that have 10 million filters and most of them are horrendous. If you're not  sure what I mean about horrendous, just give me your opinions on HDR and selective colour photos and I'll let you know if we're on the same page.

The one thing I wish you could do is after editing a photo, to be able to import another and have the same settings applied to it. Also, please let us make presets. Other than that, it's fantastic. A lot of apps claim to be the photo app for photographers, but this one is The One.

Black and white isn't usually my thing, but Snapseed is really great for it. A few set filters, then adjustable brightness/contrast/grain.


I made some gifs comparing my photos before and after editing.


Possibly I made a bit too many gifs. They're so satifying and I got a bit over excited. Anyway, you get the idea. Onwards!


£1.49 | $1.99 | app store | their site

Until Snapseed came along, this was my favourite. Unlike in Snapseed, you can definitely make something ugly with it. Just give the shuffle setting a go, here are some examples. I basically saved 3 presets that I liked and used those (bleach, blue gel, instant) the whole time. The main downer with PictureShow is that you can't adjust the filters. You can tweak the brightness and colours but it's very harsh and usually unpleasant. Exporting photos from the app is VERY slow too. Still, it's not got some great filters and I did have some good times during my purple and red period.


£1.49 | $1.99 | app store | their site

This one is super simple - take or import a photo and it coverts it to a polaroid style image that you shake to develop. You can choose between a polaroid or a simple square border. Though it's fully automated, it gives some nice muted results.


£1.49 | $1.99 | app store | their site

By the same people as ShakeItPhoto, but this time with a cross process twist. You can turn on just red/blue/green or get a randomly selected colour when you load the photo. Again, little control but quite nice results and fun to be surprised by the outcome. Both this and ShakeItPhoto have really simple and fast user interface, which is always a help.

examples of the blue, green and red settings


OSMO 120 (just been renamed to OSMO Leaker)
69p | $0.99 | app store | their site

This is my flavour of the week and if you're following me on Instagram, you can probably tell because I've been slapping it on every photo lately. Sorry I'm not sorry, I like how it looks!

Super simple app, you import an image and cycle through the variety of randomized light leaks. Most of them are aesthetically pleasing and not too over the top. I've also tried Lens Light which does the same thing, but that app is so ugly and cumbersome that I know I'll never use it.

Examples of the different light leaks.

Depending on where the light falls, it can really alter the colour of the image.


£1.49 | $1.99 | app store | their site

Everyone has heard of Hipstamatic, but I thought it was worth the inclusion all the same. I used to LOVE Hipstamatic and I still like it, but I just... never use it anymore. It feels like there hasn't been much development for a long time and while other apps jumped in with new and exciting stuff Hipstamatic is just floating along. I hate the fake camera interface with the stupid tiny viewfinder that you can't even focus. I don't like the borders. Sometimes I want to take a photo that isn't square! The randomness of Hipstamatic and the different films/ lenses is fun, but a lot of them aren't my thing so I just used the same few and after a while all my photos looked the same. All Hipstamatic users' photos look the same, it gets a bit dull. Mostly though, I just don't like the lack of control. I prefer to do my own editing rather than getting the app to do it for me. Plus, when you're out and about shooting quickly in the street or in bright sunlight or whatever, I would just rather take a shot with the camera and edit it later, not faff about with a million different "lenses", wait for it to develop and check to make sure it came out ok.

The Blue Period, 2011

The Green Period, 2010


69p | $0.99 | app store | their site

Just the one example of this one, because I'm a bit rubbish at it, but it's a cool novelty. 360 lets you take seamless (if you're good) panoramas which it automatically stitches together. The trick is to stand in the exact same spot and move the camera very fluidly, because if you fuck it up it looks stripy. I shall persevere.

See also: Pano

This one was edited in SnapSeed for colour.


69p | $0.99 | app store | their site

Another novelty app, which allows you to place text on top of your photo. The good news is that it's beautifully designed, has a decent selection of fonts and flexibility for placing the text. You can multiply/overlay/screen/invert and change the opacity. The bad news is this app LOVES to crash. Hopefully they'll keep working on it, because it's got great potential if it would just be a little more stable. It is perfect for tumblrtastic text-over-photo whimsy though.


Next up, a couple of collage apps.

69p | $0.99 | app store | their site

A variety of templates and options to make little collages, the rounded corners option is cute albeit a bit Livejournal circa 2003.


£1.49 | $1.99 | app store | their site

My collage maker of choice. I prefer the feel of this one over PicFrame and I like that you can cut in to the layouts to make irregular shapes.

see also: Diptic, GridLens.


69p | $0.99 | app store | their site

Possibly the ultimate in silly novelty apps, after CatPaint. There is no point to this whatsoever, but you can decorate your photos with cute borders and little animals, cat ears and whatnot. Not going to lie, the interface is insane and bafflingly you can't export full res or save to your photo roll so you have to email them to yourself. But I don't even mind, it's fun and cute and not pretending to be a serious photo app so I'll let them off. Secretly, I'm imagining illustrating my own theme...


So those are the apps that I use most of the time. Here are a few more that I've also tried:

iPhoto - I can't make up my mind about iPhoto. I like it and it's certainly full of features, but I almost feel like it's too complicated and they've tried to pack too much in. It feels more successful on the ipad, where you have more room for all the menus, whereas on the iphone it seems cluttered. I haven't had it for too long, so I'll give it a go for a while longer, but I'm not in love yet.

VSCO CAM - Nice looking minimal design, but finicky to use. Adjustments are done on a scale, where you choose the strength and then it reloads the photo with the change. On the plus side, you can't really over-do it, the results are limited to tasteful. Overall it's nice, but nothing I can't do with Snapseed in a quarter of the time it takes to do anything here. I wish more apps looked like this, design-wise. Crashes like crazy though!

picfx - Loads of decent filters with a slider for intensity. Easy, fast. You'll probably like it if you're into the "vintage" look. Something about the interface bothers me and it's stupid that they make you crop everything square.

Incredibooth/Pocketbooth - Take strips of photos like a photobooth, various colour effects. Fun!

Lumiè - Add bokeh light effects to photos. Cute app design and simple to use.

iDarkroom - Not bad on paper and with all the expected features (filters, borders, etc etc) but cluttered interface makes it cumbersome to use.

PhotoForge2 - Slow. Slow as balls. After you make any changes there's a second before it becomes effective and then when you tick to submit them you have to wait again. Nope, life is too short for this nonesense. Most of the effects are fug.

Vintage Camera Pro - Can't import photos (edited as it's been pointed out to me that you can import photos, it's just hidden inside another menu), no control over filters, brings nothing new to the table.

Wood Camera - Nothing new here, unintuitive interface.

Lo-Mob - Lots of filters, but erring on the dark and moody side, which is not my thing. Possibly the last app to finally be updated for retina!

645 PRO - Seen lots of raving about this app and the "RAW" files it outputs, but the user interface is horrendous. The worst example of skeuomorphism I've ever seen. Cool, you've made it look like the back of a real camera, how novel. The "dials" are unusable and I have really small hands, if you're a full grown man you haven't got a chance. All that information (clutter) at the bottom is unnecessary. Maybe if I wanted to be a Professional iPhone Photographer I might like it, but if I wanted to work that hard at something I'd use an actual dslr. Also, £1.99 is way too expensive for this.

Biglens - there are a few similar apps for giving the look of depth of field. The ones like this where you painstakingly paint in areas you want to be in focus are always horrible unless you spend ages and make it perfect. If not, it looks way worse than when you started. Again, if I wanted to work that hard… Also, this app crashes all the time.

BeFunkyPro - I mean, it has the word funky in the name, what was I expecting? All the filters are terrible, the editing options unusable.

100Cameras - Good news: you tried to make an app that's different to all the rest, props for originality! Bad news: it makes every photo look godawful.

FX PhotoStudio - Sooooooo sloooooooooow. The filters and effects are pants.

CameraBag - The first photo app I ever used! Sadly has not seen any significant development in the last 4-5 years so got completely left behind.


Phew, I think that's it. So this is what I know about photography apps. I hope you found it useful and do let me know if you have any further suggestions for me to blow my money on!


Edited 20th Feb 2013

Thought I'd add a quick update on what I've been using since I posted this last year. Still very much favouring (the now Google owned and free) Snapseed for the majority of editing, with a bit of Osmo Leaker thrown in for fun, but I've recently also go into:

69p | $0.99 | app store | their site

This is the app that was responsible for 70% of Instagram photos suddenly being circles/rectangles floating in white space rather than the customary square. Cheap and decently full featured, it allows you to do everything from colour correction and brightness adjustments to cropping, filters and fake light leaks. The filters are pretty good for that washed out faded blacks look that is super trendy right now and can be applied on a sliding scale of intensity. A few nice black and white filters too.

Pretty fast and responsive, though not as good as Snapseed for colour correction/tone adjustments. Worth it for the filters alone if your favourite Instagram filters are Amaro through to Valencia and you want to spice up your life a bit.



69p | $0.99 | app store | their site


£1.99 | $2.99| app store | their site

Quick and easy multiple exposures, allows you to lay images over each other and apply a number of blending modes (multiply, screen, overlay etc). Image Blender is more elegantly designed and flexible to use, with the correspondingly higher price tag.


This is a great post, and makes me wish I had an iPhone instead of Android.

Michelle replied over 11 years ago.

You’re a legend for doing this

Gracie replied over 11 years ago.

Wow what a comprehensive and thoughtful post! I am a total Instagram addict (I follow you!) I mainly use Snapseed to edit my photos, after trying about 30 different apps. But now I want to play with Osmo and Easytitler! Thanks so much for sharing!

Ashley {GirlyObsessions} replied over 11 years ago.

I’ve been following you on instagram for awhile now and have been wondering how you make your photos so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)

Marisa replied over 11 years ago.

thank you for such a great post! I didn’t know about snapseed but I’m all over it now!

Katia replied over 11 years ago.

Great guide! I already got SnapSeed, but I think I’ll buy some of the others too. :D

Felicia Ubbesen replied over 11 years ago.

Great! Thanks a lot! I’ll post it on my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/helloMissPixels

MissPixels replied over 11 years ago.

Think I’m going to have to give Snapseed a try! Pictureshow is my current fave, but after a while the novelty of insta-filters starts wearing off. Thanks for all the reviews!

Jen Z replied over 11 years ago.

This is an incredibly helpful post, thank you! One app I’d highly recommend that you didn’t mention is Pixlr-o-matic – it’s free for the basic set of filters (more than enough), and some of the settings, particularly Anne and Hagrid, can produce really stunning results.

That said, I’m off to buy SnapSeed :) Thanks again!

alex replied over 11 years ago.

Wow, Kris!
You are my iphoneography goddess!
Thanks for all this reall helpful (and impressive) post and advices.


Yelda Lynn replied over 11 years ago.

Inspiring as usual! Thank you for this.

Tina replied over 11 years ago.


Nastya replied over 11 years ago.

Thank you so much for this! Just got an iPhone last week and was wanting a good guide to photo apps.

naomi replied over 11 years ago.

what a great guide! Thank you! I’m pretty amazed by the gif’s, how pictures with boring light and colors suddenly become magical. must. buy. now. !

Sofie replied over 11 years ago.

Um, awesome. I’m pretty app-ignorant, so thanks for highlighting the good stuff in such detail. Liking the Instagram feed on your sidebar, btw.

nicole j. wroblewski replied over 11 years ago.

I was just thinking about sending you a note to ask about your latest light leak photos, so this post couldn’t have come at a more opportune time! THANK YOU.

Christine replied over 11 years ago.

This is the most comprehensive iPhone app review I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t hurt that it was written by one of my favourite photographers ;) I agree with just about everything you said, and wanted to note about VSCO that I was almost more obsessed with it’s pending release than the app itself. I still find myself editing with other apps before bringing it into VSCO for the ‘faded’ look.

Just a few of my opinions since I own most of the apps you reviewed, and to help those looking for alternative experiences!

Snapseed – I wish I had bought this app first. It really is as amazing as everyone says it is! (And you use it to edit BRILLIANTLY)
Pictureshow – Retro is a good filter if you lower the Red & Green channels
ShakeitPhoto – for some reason my colors come out way too saturated when I use it so I’m wondering how yours get muted :)
Cross Process – Recommended by @Colerise on Instagram, he utilizes it so well in his iPhone photos! It’s certainly a staple app for everyone
Easytitler – Will have to check this out, Phonto is another similar app!

Thanks for the awesome review :)

Instagram: @falconcara

Falcon replied over 11 years ago.

P.S. I’ve actually replaced the native iPhone camera with Camera+’s camera because I find the ability to control exposure and focus separately gives an even exposure, where as the iPhone camera’s can make exposure either too bright or dark. And lastly, with all photo apps I find more evenly exposed you take an original photo the better it’ll look after you edit it!

Falcon replied over 11 years ago.

Thank you sooo much for generously sharing your comprehensive list of iPhone photo apps! Always loved your photos on instagram, and it’s fun to know how you achieve those beautiful effects!

Sel replied over 11 years ago.

this must haven taken ages! thanks, so useful.

Sara G replied over 11 years ago.

rounded corners totally remind me of lj days, & of reading tutorials on how to do them on raptamakeout.

Jen replied over 11 years ago.

oh god YES, I had completely forgotten about raptamakeout (and the stressful rating process to get in!). There’s a blast from the past. x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I completely agree with everything you said!! As you, I’ve been trying all the photography-related apps non-stop (and draining my battery and my money while doing it) but I didn’t know about SnapSeed, and was really happy when I read your post, gonna try it as I finish writing this! It was only recently that I got my iPhone (as an early birthday gift) but my dreariness towards Instagram filters is quite old and made me even hesitate about joining in. The only filter I ended up using was Sierra (oh, those tilt-shifting presets are disgusting!) and now I just use it to upload/share my pictures.
As you, I’m all for point-and-shoot in the middle of the road/work/street/supermarket, etc. and use the built-in Camera app to take my photos (also, I hate that most apps make you take square photos) and I’m really strict about lighting/colour balance when I’m photographing for work (I’m a fashion/prop/set stylist and a visual merchandiser but I used to work in photography and post-production) so it’s really fun for me to end up doing all the work when editing.
I’ve heard about Hipstamatic everywhere so I (sadly) decided to purchase it, and as you state it’s not practical at all. From the small viewfinder to the fake camera look, the inability to revert to an un-edited photo, in case you don’t like the lens-film combo, is really frustrating.
Until now, I was using Pictureshow but I wasn’t completely happy with it, for the lack of control you also mention. The brightness and contrast are almost impossible to manage (I have been using a lot of the Calm preset). Gonna give SnapSeed a go!
Also, thanks for the cat and kawaii apps, gonna try that nonsense too :)

I follow you on instagram (my username is carlamfcardoso), thanks for all this work!

Carla replied over 11 years ago.

Just a quick comment on hipstamatic as I love it. You can double tap the viewfinder and it increases in size to most of the screen. If you then touch and hold anywhere on the viewfinder, it will focus where your finger is. If you just touch anywhere on the screen and release, it takes the photos. Hope that helps!

mehgan replied over 11 years ago.

I have a lot of these apps, & thanks for the recommendations about the rest. Very well thought out & detailed post. :)

Magali replied over 11 years ago.

FINALLY! Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve been searching high and low for a review like this on apps with pics done in a style similar to my own. Thank you! Turns out I like most of the same ones as you.

And I agree, Snapseed is amazing. Just hands down, all you need.

I do love the look of some of VSCO’s filters. If they could put it into a clean and snappy UI like Snapseed, it’d be awesome.

Jacqueline replied over 11 years ago.

[…] the ever-fabulous Jenny forwarded me this awesome post on iPhoneography by Kris Atomic, I may have gone slightly off the deep end in that I purchased 20+ photo processing apps in the […]

I had so much fun reading your photo app reviews. I usually don’t spend on apps but easyTitler looks really tempting!

Trix replied over 11 years ago.

Thank you so much Kris, fantastic!
I will definitely try some of these.
But, what I really want to know is … is the instagram gif in the sidebar a plugin, widget or something you made yourself?

Melissa Jaine replied over 11 years ago.

It’s this Wordpress plug-in: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/instagram-for-wordpress/

Hope that helps!
Kris x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

Arghh i wrote a long ass comment and then the ipad restarts!
Anyways have always wondered how you edit your photos, love the serenity of each take. Thanks for taking your time to share with us :))
Anyways you might already know this but I myself is quite the photo app hoarder. Have downloaded snapseed but never really used it that much. Maybe i should pay more attention. Other photo apps I use:

Meituxiuxiu, it’s fully in mandarin though. I have no idea what they say but it’s pretty easy to manipulate.
Phoster for font + poster design.
Line Camera, comic photo app kinda like Mr. Chiizu.
I sometims use Color Effect to highlight a subject and make the background grey.
I loooove Camera+ and sometimes PicFX.
For collage, I use diptic, photoshake, montage sometimes.

Good luck experimenting! :)

Ami Schaheera replied over 11 years ago.

This is a wonderful post – thank you so much for taking the time to write all of these up. I currently use cross process on my busted up iPhone 3g but I am making a list of apps to buy when the next phone comes out. Snapseed looks amazing!

Kim replied over 11 years ago.

[…] Atomic shares her favorite iPhone photo apps with TONS of before and after shots. And if you’ve ever seen her photography, this girl knows […]

This is so great and so articulate and so helpful!

Here’s sort of a weird practical question: I view my iPhone apps as “cheats” to help me make better photos for my blog. I don’t know how to use Photoshop, therefore Instagram is a really easy way to get consistent looking photos. Do you also do this, even though you know how to use graphic software? Or do you just make collages and fun photos for iPhone use and sharing only?

Rachael replied over 11 years ago.

Cheats is such a cute way of putting it! If I’m shooting on my canon/fuji (“proper”) cameras, I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop. If I’m taking photos on my iphone, I just edit it on my iphone because it’s convenient and I can do it while I’m waiting for the bus or soemthing. Mostly the iphone photos are just for me, I’ve taken thousands and thousands that I don’t post anywhere at all.
Though I’ve recently started editing stuff in Snapseed on ipad which is great because of all the extra screen room and the retina display is AMAZING. Man, all these devices, I really know how to make things complicated!
So mostly I tend to share iphone photos on Instagram and “proper” camera photos on the blog. Though the iphone cameras are getting so good nowadays, I don’t think there’s any need for the distinction at all.

I hope I answered your question somewhere amongst all this rambling!

Glad you enjoyed the post :)

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I cannot thank you enough for making this post! I follow you on instagram, and I always wondered about what other apps you used. Your photographs, whether on the iphone or a dslr, are always stunning. Thanks again for putting this together!

catherine replied over 11 years ago.

Thank you for sharing these! I can’t tell you how much I love photo editing apps, I also have about 20 of them :p

Sweet Harvest Moon replied over 11 years ago.

Thank you for such a rad & comprehensive review!! I have always been an iPhone fan & am stoked now to have the 4S because the camera is so much better! Some of the more expensive apps seem like a bit of a risk as you don’t always get what they promise or as you say the effects just makes your photos look kind of cheap…thanks for saving us all some bucks by sharing!!!

Nell replied over 11 years ago.

Thanks so much! Going to download Snapseed and Fuzel right now… (whoops!)

Helena replied over 11 years ago.

this is such a great post! you were pretty much describing me the whole time you were talking about yourself, and i didn’t have snapseed yet because i was a bit put off by the price of it given how many terrible apps i’ve tried. but this post has convinced me! i’ve just bought it and i’m very tempted to give shakeitphoto, crossprocess and osmo120 a try too. thanks for all the recommendations!

Jessica replied over 11 years ago.

Thanks for sharing!

Martina replied over 11 years ago.

Wow! What a great post! Thanks you so much for sharing these. Which one to try! :)

Emily Kiddy replied over 11 years ago.

wow, you made my day! Big hug for sharing that!

Juliah replied over 11 years ago.

I am in awe of how you continue to consistently make such incredible posts! Bookmarking this for future reference, thank you so so much for sharing your genius with us xo

Kailey replied over 11 years ago.

[…] Kris Atomic’s guide to photo apps for the iPhone is probably the best thing I’ve read all week. So comprehensive – don’t take any […]

This has made me want to go and buy all of these cool arse apps…

Mel replied over 11 years ago.

I wanted to thank you for such an incredible post. I’ve downloaded a few I didn’t know yet, thanks to you. I do hope you make your very own Krisatomic Mr Chiizu theme, I’ll be buying that for sure!

Rita replied over 11 years ago.

Amazing breakdown. Thank you so much for sharing! So many to try, pulling my phone out now…

Thea replied over 11 years ago.

Yay, great post and so useful as I’ve just got an iPhone. I’ve always had an iPod touch and I remember getting into Evernote because you mentioned it – it changed my life! (Dramatic, but true). Wonder if you will ever have the time to do a list of general favourite apps for different uses, as I’m sure you have great apps to share beyond the generic popular ones.

Kelly replied over 11 years ago.

All can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is absolutely wonderful of you to post this amazing guide. I think that after the one you did on styluses this one has to be the best guide ever. You are truly the best! I just downloaded Snapseed. Can’t wait to use it.

Judy replied over 11 years ago.

You’re awesome! Just downloaded no less than FIVE apps and all of a sudden I feel like going out and taking photos and that hasn’t happened in weeks! Thanks xoxox

Adeline replied over 11 years ago.

Excellent, hope you’re enjoying them! Sorry for being an app enabler ;)

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

[…] ovan är ett urval av olika appar och filter) så det är kul att se vad hon tipsar om. Se testet här, för övrigt kan jag starkt rekommendera hela […]

Appar till Iphone | Sara och Doras Blogg replied over 11 years ago.

Great Post. Thank You. I used most of these Apps.

Dagger replied over 11 years ago.

You should try Photosynth by Microsoft. I’m in love with that app. It’s like the 360 app, but allows you to take pictures vertically as well so you can take a picture of, say, an entire function room. LOL

There’s also one I love called TinyWorld. It’s brilliant. I’m not very good at it, but the results are awesome when used correctly. Here are examples from Patrick Adams’ Instagram: http://statigr.am/p/144419891277589115_686657

Sasha replied over 11 years ago.

[…] iPhone Photo Apps […]

Required Reading: 6.1.12 | Stylish Thought replied over 11 years ago.

[…] // Great guide to photo apps from Kris […]

Hi Kris… I am new here and just want to say I LOVE your blog… and even though this was a great buyers guide and totally useful, I got sidetracked by your pictures from Davos. I was there this winter and think it just beautiful. I am all over iphone photo apps. So thank you for this review. Love Elle xo

Elle replied over 11 years ago.

wow, there’s so much detail here, thanks for writing about it, & the GIFs are fab! i think i’m definitely going to try snapseed and Osmo now (i had been using picfx or camerabox for light leaks, but they don’t have that many options)

i have a 4, due for an upgrade to the 4s, but i’m hanging on for the 5 to come out!!!

Katie x

Katie replied over 11 years ago.

This is awesome! I will probably purchase Fuzel and Easytitler. I have snap seed and I love it! It was Starbucks App of the week about a month ago so I got it for free.

Sentrell replied over 11 years ago.

I’d like to recommend you a Korean camera App called “PuddingCamera”
It let’s you play around with toy camera types and film types.
Also, you can adjust exposure or set timers.
Try it out! My favorite.

heavencolor replied over 11 years ago.

Thanks so much for this post! There’s so many out there this has made narrowing down on a few so much easier.

For another fun asian photobooth type of app try “Pick”- heaps of cute things you can layer on top and it’s free.

Jodeska replied over 11 years ago.

Thank you very much!!!! Clarifying post for those of us starting with fotography!!!!

Mariana replied over 11 years ago.

Thanks to your tip~^^

steamman replied over 11 years ago.

Wow thank you! Official iPhone photo app nerd here too:) I max out my storage all the time on photos.

Michelle replied over 11 years ago.

oooh, thanks for this!

carolyn replied over 11 years ago.

[…] Kris Atomic reviews iphone photo apps. […]

Linky Goodness | epistolary replied over 11 years ago.

Great post, thanks for putting in all that time for us! Definitely didn’t know about a few of these but I do use Hipstamatic a lot.

Dash replied over 11 years ago.

love it!! thanks!!

Bels replied over 11 years ago.

AWE-SOME! Thanks to you now I have FINALLY found a good app to make photo collages. Thank you-thank you-thank you.

Anna. replied over 11 years ago.

are they working on htc too?

Nastya replied over 11 years ago.

Excellent article and great shots! I loved how thorough you were!! Thanks!

Nanette replied over 11 years ago.

This post is so amazing. I used to love taking photos but I haven’t picked up my camera in ages. I’m so inspired now. Thanks!

Stephanie replied over 11 years ago.

I seriously love you even more for doing this! I, like you, am always taking photos on my iPhone. I’ve mainly used Camera+ before but I think I’m going to have to download SnapSeed now. Thank you for showing me the light!

Trisha replied over 11 years ago.

[…] great blog by Kris Atomic this was one of the best places for tips on what to buy and what to try. […]

Iphone Apps & Camera Art replied about 11 years ago.

Thank you for this review!! We seem to share similar tastes in iphonegraphy. One can never have too many photography apps in the iPhone, so I have 3 folders full of them. Lol. Some of my favorites are Camera+, Pxlromatic, Phoster, Phonto and Analog Color. :)

Carissa replied about 11 years ago.

[…] also downloaded Snapsheet on my phone after reading this and wanted to try it out, it has so many options and styles. I love this […]

Sweaters — I like that blog replied about 11 years ago.

Hi! Finally got an iPhone myself. Is SnapSeed still your go to app?

Adrienne replied almost 11 years ago.

It’s still my favourite and the one I use most often! x

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

[…] It makes edits to much faster, which means I’m much more likely to actually edit photos. KrisAtomic posted a rundown of the many photo apps she’s tested on her blog earlier this year, which was great. […]

[…] who have tried to push themselves to create better and better things using their phones (DocPop and Kris Atomic come to mind) by using in camera apps to make their photos […]

From The Hip // Jan 1–11 : This Is Star replied almost 11 years ago.

If you could help me realize what app are using some people on instagram that have clean, white and sharp photos, i would forever immensely grateful!
i have asked in my left, in my right, in my ups and downs, i’ve gone cockoo and i haven’t got the chance to discover how do they do it.
I’ve tried aaaaall the possible decent apps and nothing!
please, if you know a hint or something, let me know!
thank you in advance!

p.s. here is an example: http://web.stagram.com/n/mo__a/

She wolf replied almost 10 years ago.

love those photos, they so unique and very simple, best photo apps used.

best photo apps replied about 9 years ago.

I loved the photos, even if this is simple but you make them have a story when we see the pictures. Because of the tactics you are using in this, thankful to the iPhone apps that gives the capacity to do this all. Great job!

Simon Ross replied over 6 years ago.

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