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28 June 12

I think it was about 3 drinks in and mid-way through a burger at Meat Liquor that my friend Nicola suggested that we do Race For Life and my other friend Cara and I responded enthusiastically (drunkenly) that Yeah yeah yeah, totally, let's do it, it'll be great. But unlike most of the drunken nonsense that we spout, this stuck, we registered and in our excitement (you know when something is months away and you're totally in denial about having to actually do it?) ended up signing up for a 10k on the 7th of July.

Now, I think 10k is QUITE A LONG WAY. I went to buy some new running shoes the other day and the shop assistant was like "what kind of distances do you run?" and I said I was training for a 10k and she was like "ok, so only short distance". OH :'(

But lawd help us, none of us are particularly natural runners. Since the registration, we've been catching up on each others "training", which has involved a lot of whining about shin splints (me), dodgy knees (Cara) and why the hell we didn't just do a 5k like normal people (Nicola). But we wanted to challenge ourselves and I'll be DAMNED if I don't run the whole thing. I've been doing one of those couch-to-10k programs via an app on my iphone and I still feel like collapsing near the end of every run and I'm only on about 7k and very very s l o w l y. But I will run the bloody thing if it kills me (and the shin splints kinda feel like they might) because it's for a good cause and it means a lot to me.

I'm not going to lay it on with an overly earnest outpouring of emotion to try and guilt you into donating, because I know you're smarter than that. I'm sure we all agree that cancer sucks balls and unfortunately most people don't need me to tell them how awful and scary it is, because they have first hand experience within their own families or friendship groups. My stepdad was diagnosed when I was still a teenager which was a truly terrifying time for my family. We were incredibly lucky that he received treatment in time and is still with us and healthy today. But so many people are not so fortunate. Cancer Research is a charity I've been supporting since I was at school, they're one of the biggest, but they are also entirely funded by the public so donating is super important. You can see more information on Cancer Research, what they do and how they spend their donations here.

Now, my friends have proper grown up jobs and everyone knows that colleagues basically have to sponsor each other's charity endeavours. But my colleagues are you, internet, so I need your help. My blog has always been ad free so I make no money from it (in fact, I spend a significant amount every month on banging hosting to make sure that everything works great for you guys). If you enjoy what I post or have found something helpful, it would be really amazing if you could donate a little bit to Cancer Research via our Just Giving Page. Whatever you can give, just a £1, $1 or the price of a coffee would make a massive difference.

Thank you!



This is a great illustration! I love it – but then again I love all of your illustrations, weither they’re a bit more realistic or more graphic. :)
And good luck with the run. Sounds like a good idea! Thumps up for actually doing what you promised when you were drunk. ;)

Anna replied over 11 years ago.

Hi Anna,
Just looked at your blog, I love your style (and hair) :)
Thanks! Kris x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

Good luck, Kris! I ran the 5k last year & wanted to do a 10k this year… so know how tough this is!

Julia replied over 11 years ago.

Thank you! It probably would have been wiser for us to start with a 5k, but we’ll do our best! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I love the illustration – amazing! :)

Jennifer Nilsson replied over 11 years ago.

thank you! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I did a 10k last month, and I am a lump and cannot run to save my life. but i managed it, and didnt die, and felt quite good by the end of it!!

i’m sure you’ll do fine. Good luck!!

chloe xx

chloe replied over 11 years ago.

Just read your post about your 10k, good for you! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I ran the 5k a couple of years ago & nearly died (unfit = me) but it was a truly fantastic experience and surprisingly emotional.

You’ll have a great day as well as doing a great thing!

Becky | life.style.flash. replied over 11 years ago.

Thanks again Becky! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I haver no words for express what I feel!!! it´s incredible the illustration!!! Congratulations!!

amets replied over 11 years ago.

I wanted to say: I have not words!!

amets replied over 11 years ago.

thank you so much!

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

Oh good luck! It is for a good cause so the pain will be worth it. It is also good to get fit – I’ve signed up for a (ok smaller) run so it gives me the incentive to ‘get fit’ ha! Lovely illustration.

Ashley replied over 11 years ago.

I’ve followed your blog/work for a few years now (/creepy) and I’m delurking to donate. I ADORE the illustration – love the way your style is developing! – and I’ve started running recently myself in order to shape up for a holiday with very skinny friends so I feel your pain. My best friend just lost her wonderful, wonderful father to cancer, and a friend of mine died a few years ago from cancer, so this is a cause I really support. I’m a poor student (who has just realised academia is not for her and so is going to start a master’s at art school! But I digress…) so can’t give much, but I have donated £10.
I hope your run goes well and again, I love your work!

Anna replied over 11 years ago.

I just realised I’m equating my running for vain purposes with yours for real, altruistic ones – which isn’t what I meant! Only that, running is hard, haha!

Anna replied over 11 years ago.

It ok, I knew what you meant :)
Thank you so much for the donation and your nice words about my work! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

Ouch, shin splints are evil! Are you stretching enough after each run? Or are you a heel-striker? If you’re stretching and have good form you shouldn’t be getting them. Good luck with your run!

Lilianna replied over 11 years ago.

Wow this illustration is so cool—you really capture people’s essences. Good luck with the 10K race!

Sabina replied over 11 years ago.

WOWZA ! your drawings are so WONDERFUL!! I’m sorry I can’t donate money as I’m a poor 3rd country gal but next year i’m relocating and maybe then I’ll throw some donation money around / go to Brighton and insist you include me in your friendship circle drawing.

Andie replied over 11 years ago.

Sorry for the mega late reply Andie, your comment got spammed in my moderation queue. I like your blog! Thanks for the sweet words. x

kris atomic replied about 11 years ago.

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