10 things from January

30 January 12

1. An Exquisite Beast daily drawing project by Emory Allen, a clever take on the exquisite corpse game.

2. Business card stamps by MaeMae Paperie.

3. Super fun t-shirts by Meadham Kirchoff.

4. Gorgeous prints of Camargue horses by Irene Suchocki.

5. Everything about Hello, this is food delights me.

6. A nice reminder that winter won't last forever (thank god!) from Alexander Neumann in February's L’Officiel.

7. Ever thought the hair I draw is not realistic? Me too. More fool us, because here it is in Elle Vietnam. So amazing.

8. Lizzy Stewart's charming London diaries.

9. Been around for ages, but I've only just discovered it - What Elle wears.

10. Ryan A.'s comic has been doing the rounds this week, but if you haven't read it, then now is the time (and you can see his process on his blog too). Beautiful in every single way.


Lovely selection ☺ Exquisite corpse is one of the best ways to get inspiration; Meadham Kirchhoff t-shirts suit my style perfectly; the illustrations from “Hello, this is food” is perfect for a foodie like me .

Marcia replied over 10 years ago.

Ahhh the London diaries are so lovely.

Nancy replied over 10 years ago.

that girl from elle vietnam is a total babe and really does look like one of your drawings. don’t know if i’ve commented before but i’m such a fan of your art + blog.

mina replied over 10 years ago.

oh my god that hair!

Ismay Ozga replied over 10 years ago.

Love the Food ones, and the hair. all of it, really. love your blog :)

Bethany replied over 10 years ago.

I love this post!!!! i just love post that show love for others=)
its just an amazing way to know other people’s works and its always so much fun=)

carlota^^ replied over 10 years ago.

Nice selection! I really love the horse prints!

Lolo Holmes (@lolo_holmes) replied over 10 years ago.

Meadham Kirchhoff!♥

ANNE replied over 10 years ago.

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