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27 December 12


Switzerland is nothing if not serious about seasonal decorating. Christmas is one of the few holidays I'm not a total hater about*, so I'm especially psyched to be here right now. The population of Davos is only about 11,000 people, but every shop, supermarket and town square is full of Christmas trees, decorations, poinsettias, LED light up animals and the most incredible variety of advent calendars I've ever seen (we got magnificent Kinder ones which made every day between the 1st and 25th of December An Event in itself**).

Hope the holidays have been jolly for you too, wherever you are in the world!

* understatement - Crimbo rules and Valentine's/Halloween etc drools, imo.
** Yeah, I'm 26 years old. No shame.








I bought one of these totally healthy poinsettias and killed it within just a couple of days, which might be a new personal best for me.



Adorable little pinecone dudes!



This is what a low crime rate looks like - at night they just leave the christmas trees outside and presumably no-one steals them??? Unimaginable at my local branch of Morrisons tbh.



Everyone goes all out with outdoor fairy lights so the dark early afternoons aren't even depressing, just chocolate-box beautiful.





Lovely, lovely Davos.



I can smell pine just looking at these photos. The trees in the background of the third photo actually made me ache. Lucky you! Happy holidays :)

nicole j. wroblewski replied almost 11 years ago.

I refuse to believe that they really just leave those trees like that, it’s almost like an insult to humanity, or is it one of those Swiss reversepsychology methods? I may have lived in the UK for a little too long.

Shini replied almost 11 years ago.

Eeeeeee, LOVE the twinkle lights! My fave!


Et tu, tutu? replied almost 11 years ago.

Gorgeous photos! And so jealous you’re in Switzerland, and my favourite canton of all!

Duck replied almost 11 years ago.

Everything looks so magical my heart might burst!! These scenes remind me of the Christmas parade in that classic Christmas movie A Christmas Story. Must have been a wonderful time, thanks for sharing!! :D

Moxie replied almost 11 years ago.

Haha, love the comment about low crime rate… Too true. Beautiful photos :)

jemma replied almost 11 years ago.

No shame indeed!

I had a Kinder advent calendar this year too (but it was filled with all kinder things, not just eggs, I had that last year). Whatever, I’ll never stop doing this, especially if it’s Kinder related, haha!

Mini replied almost 11 years ago.

so very festive—love the photos! cheers to 2013!

tara planned spontaneity

||| tara | planned spontaneity ||| replied almost 11 years ago.

Davos looks like an excellent place to spend Christmas. I love the pinecone arch.

Trix replied almost 11 years ago.

Love your photos! They make me want to visit Switzerland ASAP!
Random question regarding your portfolio… I absolutely love the layout and would like to integrate something similar into my own portfolio website. Is it a Wordpress theme?
Thanks & Happy New Year!

Elle replied almost 11 years ago.

How perfect are these photos!!

And oh my gad, a Kinder calendar! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one next year. I splurged on a Lindt one this year and it was worth every penny (and I’m 30! Advent calendars for liiiife)

chloe replied almost 11 years ago.

Swiss Christmas looks amazing! I would love to be there.

Angela replied almost 11 years ago.

So, so gorgeous. Christmas is my fave too! When Kinder is involved, there’s no need to be ashamed because it’s bound to be awesome. :) One of these years, I hope to be in Norway for Christmas.

Trude replied almost 11 years ago.

I really love those pictures :)

Lari replied almost 11 years ago.

Ooooooooh snap, I need a Kinder advent in my life for next year!
I can’t imagine any shop leaving their goods out around my area. A small population sounds lovely.

Merry Christmas Kris, I hope you had a lovely day :)

jess replied almost 11 years ago.

Fantastic photos! X100 or Canon?

chris replied almost 11 years ago.

thanks! X100 :)

kris atomic replied almost 11 years ago.

I love these photos! The Christmas spirit in Denmark actually felt kind of subdued this year… I didn’t mind, though, I wasn’t feeling it at all anyway. Merry belated Christmas, and happy new year!

Sofie replied almost 11 years ago.

I miss shopping at COOP!

Switzerland is such a wonderful place to be around Christmas time… (all year round actually)

Sweet Harvest Moon replied almost 11 years ago.

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