August & September in photos

27 September 11

Russian chocolate is the bomb

Drinks with the internet (Charlotte, Bethany, Tamsin and  Charlotte) at Barrio Central

Jewellery at Topshop Unique SS12 show

I shot Unique backstage for Marie Claire, so can't show any more until the issue is out!

Making roasted red pepper and tomato soup (recipe)

Tomato, spinach and mascarpone gnocchi (recipe), when a bit cheese mad on this one, but it was INCREDIBLE

Homemade ice-cream sandwich pro tip: freeze the ice cream in desired shape for a while before sandwiching between cookies, or eating it is a nightmare. A very delicious nightmare.

Brighton pier

and the beach

Richard's fancy shoes in Notting Hill

Sushi at Kulu Kulu (my favourite, so cheap)

Tempura Udon

my parents' garden

Anna Karenina at the Royal Opera House

Pompoko in Brighton

Luxemburgerli (like a mini macaron), present from Confiserie Spr√ľngli in Zurich

South Bank beach




Wow, love these photos, Kris! Krasnaja Shapochka is definitely the bomb (although, it’s been ages since I had one!), and I also might be stealing that manicure idea! Awesome.

Kind wishes,

Antonia at Swedish Love Affair replied over 11 years ago.

So much delicious food in one post! My stomach is rumbling in response. I also need to get some of that gold nail polish that was used at the Unique show, it looks gorgeous. Look forward to seeing your photos in Marie Claire!

Ismay replied over 11 years ago.

I’ve taken note of that recipe because that Gnocci sounds delicioso! There wasn’t one of your photos which I didn’t adore, beautiful, beautiful post :)

zsara louise replied over 11 years ago.

Oh your photography is just so beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful August & September! :-)

Meredith replied over 11 years ago.

I can send u those Russian sweets (chocolate) from Moscow. It’s quite cheap but yeah, very tasty!

Katya Alagich replied over 11 years ago.

lovely photos, your august+september seem to have been wonderful:) x

Laura replied over 11 years ago.

I adore your Pictures! Thanks so much! You have brightened up my day!

kissinia replied over 11 years ago.

amazing colours on these photos!

Camilla replied over 11 years ago.

Your photos make me swoon, I love your light and color!

Vanessa replied over 11 years ago.

lovely pictures as usual, especially the green beans, their colour is amazing! & the NT/Festival of Britain snaps are great, reminds me of summer..

Katie x

Katie replied over 11 years ago.

Oh i’ve made that gnocchi recipe too, it is indeed amazing! Lovely photos :)

Laura replied over 11 years ago.

you make everything look prettier in your pictures!

daria replied over 11 years ago.

wow!!so delicious!

NEVAEH replied over 11 years ago.

Such great photos! I especially love that one from the opera, it looks so surreal!

Julianna replied over 11 years ago.

Beautiful photographs as always.

Vicki replied over 11 years ago.

So many great pictures here, and the food looks so yummy but the picture of the school girls is just fantastic, I saw the colours first and then noticed the girls, really joyful, thanks

Gracie replied over 11 years ago.

I love those pics. There’s so much color, the pics just come alive. And I have a craving for chocolate now :)

Amy replied over 11 years ago.

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In Neutral « ok goods replied over 11 years ago.

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