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21 October 11

We stayed in a really lovely apartment in Paris (this one) I found on Airbnb, which was a total game changer. Cheaper than a hotel, so much more space, non-touristy area and best of all: two cats to look after. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but for a crazy cat lady like me it was heaven. I'm totally sold, forget hotels, apartments 4eva!

The flat was right near Place de Clichy, so we were about 20 minutes away from everywhere by metro and just a short stroll away from Montmartre, Sacré Cœur etc.

We lovingly nicknamed one of the cats "Beast", because have you ever seen an animal more unsuitable for the name Winnipeg? He was the size of a small lion!

Look at the size of this thing!!! I don't think the picture even shows quite how big Beast was in person (bear in mind that I'm 5'7 so I'm not a small girl and I could barely lift him), I immediately thought of this. What an amazing cat.



I love that huge cat! Seems to have a great personality too :)

Antonia at Swedish Love Affair replied over 11 years ago.

Looks like an awesome rental! Will recommend AirBnb more often for visiting friends and family. And that cat……. love .

Lindsey replied over 11 years ago.

aw he is gorgeous, and quite a beast!

Eve Maria replied over 11 years ago.

Those wooden floors are AMAZING. I would live in a cardboard box if it had flooring like that! I have an American kitty that would pair very nicely with Beast….her name is Margot but we mostly call her Large Marge! :D

Megan K. replied over 11 years ago.

We were all obsessed with the parquet floor. So nice.
Large Marge is the cutest name, haha! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

We stayed in an apartment in Paris too which was amazing (though no giant cats I’m afraid) it really gives you a feel for the area you stay in I think and food was so much easier to buy and bring back too. Your apartment looks beautiful!

Rhianne replied over 11 years ago.

that apartment looks amazing! and love the cats:) x

Laura replied over 11 years ago.

Oh, it’s a Maine Coon, such a lovely cat! And the apartment looks very nice, I must keep airbnb in mind next time I’m going on holiday.

Lize replied over 11 years ago.

Yeah I think it’s a Maine coon too, all that fluffy!

Gracie replied over 11 years ago.

What a beautiful apartment. I’m (hopefully) going to Paris early next year and I think I might just have to stay there!

That really is an enormous cat…

Georgina replied over 11 years ago.

I’ve always been curious about Airbnb. Staying in apartments makes all the difference when you’re traveling, especially when you’re in a city like Paris and just want to melt in . Looks like you guys picked a fantastic one, kitties and all!

Vanessa replied over 11 years ago.

ah ha! yes thats a maine coon. i have two. theya re the most awesome cats EVER! gentle giants. our Henry is just like a dog, he follows us around! CUTTE

kat - rocknrollbride replied over 11 years ago.

holy shit that cat is huge.

Kate Proulx replied over 11 years ago.

that is one big kitty!!!!!
i love the idea of staying in an apartment! but i would never feel comfortable letting people use all of my things! i think i am too attached to them.

ps. i am giving away a cute dress on my blog!

sami replied over 11 years ago.

Oh my gosh, what a huge (and beautiful!!) cat! Also, this makes me seriously consider staying in apartments when traveling from now on. It does sound a lot better than a hotel!

catherine replied over 11 years ago.

That cat is enormous! And we’re going to Berlin in November (a big group of us) and we’re staying in a place we found on Airbnb. Hope it’s as lovely as your Paris flat! ~ Sara

Sara replied over 11 years ago.

nice pics, i like the mood there.
the wilting roses are so nice.
aaaahh, the huge cat is a real beats! :D

agnes szucs @ iiiinspired replied over 11 years ago.

What a nice place! With cats and a proper kitchen. Dream come true.
I should try to rent an apartment next time I travel. But, like Sami said, I am not sure I could share my space with strangers. Too personal.

reeca replied over 11 years ago.

That place is gorgeous! I’d never leave my kitty in the care of strangers, though!

Katie replied over 11 years ago.

We’ll be renting an apartment in Paris this December. I didn’t even think people were allowed to make you take care of their pets! That’s so great for pet people. I’m loving your Paris photos.

mina replied over 11 years ago.

That is one awesome cat. Beast is much more appropriate.

Michelle replied over 11 years ago.

BEAST!!! What an amazing kitty!

Vanessa replied over 11 years ago.

He is the size of a lion! You should have named him Simba (from The Lion King). :)

Gorgeous little flat!

Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

Mae Lu replied over 11 years ago.

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and that cat is definately fitting for the city that shares its name. You need all that fur when it gets to -40*c! =)

Courtney replied over 11 years ago.

Yep, the size of that cat (& his fluffiness!) is entirely appropriate for the name Winnipeg.
Being from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada too, I’ve gotta agree with Courtney. It’s absolutely appropriate. & rather lovely. ;)

Hillary replied over 11 years ago.


Zeolite replied over 11 years ago.

did not anticipate the frequency of “love,” “cat,” and “huge” in every single comment

Zeolite replied over 11 years ago.

Holy dooly! That’s one big cat. That would be hilarious… like your own safari cat.
Flats sound good, I think when I travel that will be what I go for.

Hannah replied over 11 years ago.

That’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen.

Carrie replied over 11 years ago.

oh Beast looks just like a Norwegian Forrest cat. I have one of my own, but he is ginger. Such a lovely place.

Sandra replied over 11 years ago.

That cat is so huge x

Georgie replied over 11 years ago.

WOW. That cat. (Both of ’em, actually! <3 The other one has a kind of look that I don't think I've ever quite seen before, something about the big head, huge eyes and isoceles triangle ears, hah!). And THOSE FLOORS.

I've never heard of Airbnb before but I can't thank you enough for mentioning it. Chris and I are hopefully planning a trip somewhere in Europe next year and I would love to literally live like a local instead of like a tourist.

Also, I stalked my own neighborhood and there are so many houses right down the street from me that rent out rooms to travelers! No wonder it's so hard to buy a house around here… All the owners are vacationing in Puerto Rico, haha.

Kim replied over 11 years ago.

What super lovely cats! I love those photos. Especially the food!

Ta replied over 11 years ago.

I’m never staying in a Parisian hotel again either! When I visited Paris over NYE at the start of this year we also stayed in an apartment from Airbnb (
It was not only cheaper but a far more authentic Parisian experience and our host was lovely and full of local info! I think I will stay in a different area next time, Montmarte looks beautiful.

Swah replied over 11 years ago.

that cat is sure a beast! is that normal? mine’s well small compared. really enjoying the images from your last few posts

mat replied over 11 years ago.

[…] que viene con 2 gatos enooormes incluidos!!! :O :O :O Mirad todas las fotos en el post que hizo Kristina aquí porque creo que nunca había visto unos gatos tan […]

Thank you so much for sharing this, Kristina!

Chydie replied over 10 years ago.

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