Paris - Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

20 October 11

A bit out of the way if you're based centrally, but the biggest flea market in the world is definitely worth a look when you're in Paris. Handy map and directions here (basically don't be put off when you get to the first crap market, the real deal is further in), the area is absolutely enormous so if you're serious about your flea markets you may want to target a specific section, but we were quite happy to just take turns spontaneously.



I love this place, I always want to buy loads of stuff that I won’t possibly be able to take home..

Tamsin replied over 8 years ago.

This is such a great post! It’s so whimsical and romantic. It makes me want to jet off to Paris immediately!

Lindsay replied over 8 years ago.

i would love to go to a market as good as this one

mat replied over 8 years ago.

This looks like a party!!!

Lina replied over 8 years ago.

these photos are so sweet

Camilla replied over 8 years ago.

I need to win some money so I can go and spend it all there!

Michelle replied over 8 years ago.

Ooh! The keys on the blue door!

Reminds me of the Thai version in Bangkok – Chatuchak Weekend Market. Right down to the bit about everything on the outer edges being crap and wandering around taking random turns here and there!

Kim replied over 8 years ago.

YEAH DUDE, that place is amazing. I wouldn’t even know where to look.

Nova replied over 8 years ago.

Thanks for your reply!

This is fantastic! the map link is absolutely useful! What did you score?

hearttypat replied over 8 years ago.

Hi Kristina! I don’t think I’ve ever commented before…but I love these photos from Paris! I do like a good flea market…What did you buy?? ~ Sara

Sara replied over 8 years ago.

Did you find great pieces?

g. replied over 8 years ago.

Great photos, as always!
The “stiching” of the girl reading… we have the same one at home, my gradmother made it!
BTW – what is the correct english expression for that type of artwork (i used the word stiching)?

kiki replied over 8 years ago.

thank you!
I think the word is needlepoint :)

kris atomic replied over 8 years ago.

Oh my goshhhh all those fabrics and the keys!!!

Lissy replied over 8 years ago.

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Friday Links! | hiphopsideproject replied over 8 years ago.

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Love to be there, these are fantastic shots, I so adore the dollies!

Ellen replied about 8 years ago.

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