Trawlin' the archives: group photos

15 June 11




This was so much fun to look through!

Jessica replied over 11 years ago.

These are amazing.
Is it just me…or do you look for people in old photographs who look like you….just me then? Oh…ok.

Shinypigeon replied over 11 years ago.

I love how the schoolgirl rowing spectators all have completely different expressions but they are all equally unimpressed!

alex replied over 11 years ago.

Ah, these are so fantastic. Great finds!

Nadiah replied over 11 years ago.

Fantastic images! I was inherited with old (obviously! :) photos from my Grandmother’s side of the family, and have been thinking of doing a weekly post with them – thanks for helping me make up my mind that it’s a good idea! :)

Melissa Jaine replied over 11 years ago.

Fun post! My favourite is the kindergarten picture and they’re all covering their eyes from the sun! xx

Trixie replied over 11 years ago.

[…] bunch of lovely old photographs from the early 20th century, found on kris atomic’s blog. Check her blog out for more of these great photos, or click on the flickr link to get to their […]

So fascinating! wow thanx

Freddi replied over 11 years ago.

These were amazing! the striped suits were the best.

bebe replied over 11 years ago.

wow, I LOVE these photos!

Magda replied over 11 years ago.

These pictures make me wonder if people were happier without TV, internet and so on. Activities were social and got people outside and excercising. Not to mention you probably had 8 brothers and sister to play with!
Nice selection :)

Hannah replied over 11 years ago.

what a wonderful collection

mary jane replied over 11 years ago.

oh I love all of these! I want to comment on each one but I got overwhelmed by the amount of them! I love that so many are from sydney, too. thanks for sharing these! I need to do some archive diggin’ myself!

Ali replied over 11 years ago.

[…] originally from here, but i found it here) i was poking around the blog where i found screenshots for the daydream knitting post earlier this […]

fave friday « ifandany replied over 10 years ago.

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