Poirot in 10 minutes

04 June 11

Just drew this as a break from an intense colouring job, while listening to the Murder on the Orient Express audiobook. Agatha Christies are perfect working audiobooks, I can't get enough!


How very dashing :{) (moustache smile-y)

I love the expression you’ve given him and I feel like he suspects that I like it too!

Siobhan replied over 9 years ago.


Murder on the Orient Express just aired brand new on Masterpiece theater with the wonderful David Suchet! Watch it online before they take it down!

Brittan replied over 9 years ago.

LOVE Poirot (and Agatha Christie’s books, whilst studying for my A-levels I read about 40+ in my ‘procrastination’ time)…you captured him brilliantly ;)

Brigadeiro replied over 9 years ago.

I agree, the audio books with David Suchet providing the narration are amazing, he captures the characters wonderfully. Also, great pic, thanks for sharing!

Sara replied over 9 years ago.

I love, love, LOVE Hercule Poirot! And while I love your blog (and have for many years) – you just gained about a million cool points in my book ♥

lauren replied over 9 years ago.

I agree with you on Agatha Christie, but I’m more of a Miss Marple gal.

Great sketch!

Just a Silhouette

Alice replied over 9 years ago.

Ah, Hercule! He’s always been the man – love him. Excellent drawing :)

Linn Maria replied over 9 years ago.

J’adore Poirot! I have all Agatha Christies books in audiobook form in my iTunes library so everytime I feel that there is a need for some mystery I put one on and enjoy a cuppa tea. And it goes without saying, but I’m still gonna say it (just for kicks), I adore this drawing. Lovely lovely lovely!

Anna. replied over 9 years ago.

I love this illustration of Poirot, like everyone else who has commented I am a big Agatha Christie fan!

Carol replied over 9 years ago.

Fantastic portrait of Monsieur Poirot! He is one of my absolute favorite fictional characters. I even just watched a Poirot episode the other night. :)

Pam replied over 9 years ago.

I simply LOVE this! :) I was just catching up on a couple of episodes of the Masterpiece Mystery series, last night :)
I heart Agatha Christie.

emdash replied over 9 years ago.

I totally need this on a tshirt. ♥

Giorgia replied over 9 years ago.

Im in love <3 :*

ljupka replied over 7 years ago.

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