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08 July 11

Back in May I was part of a photo exhibition called Other People's Houses which reunited the 10 photographers from the 1010 project, this time on the subject of home. When I was shooting mine I started noticing all the cat-themed paraphernalia that I've accumulated (most of which were gifts might I add!), so I thought it would be fun to base my submissions around my "cat things". Obviously I threw one in of the house feline herself, too.

I believe some prints are still available and you can check out the other excellent participants here. Thanks to Vic for bringing us all together again!



I adore all your cat things! Especially the second cat cushion – it’s amazing! Your house looks beautiful – I especially like the wallpaper in the first photo. The Moomin mugs are ace, too. I love oogling at people’s bookcases, too – the English Nosy Parker instinct, I suppose!
And of course Matilda is gorgeous :)

Anna replied over 12 years ago.

embroided kitten cushion FTW!

Kim replied over 12 years ago.

Love this post (and anything animal related really). Think I actually discovered your blog when searching Miu Miu SS10 animal prints. And still seeing your ‘bitchface’ picture I posted on Tumblr doing the rounds daily! x

milkteef replied over 12 years ago.

Ha I don’t know why but Matilda makes me laugh! Also, love those Pjs, the peek at your bookshelves, the umbrella and that cushion with the cat royalty. Cats do have a regal air about them no?

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love it when I get visitors.

Just a Silhouette

Alice replied over 12 years ago.

I’m persnickety about loving cats…I’ve loved four in my lifetime (only) but I have to say I LOVE the name of your cat. Matilda’s my favorite kiddie movie. Hopefully she’s smart and brave like her : ) hee hee.

♥ & kiwi

Tish replied over 12 years ago.

I have lots of those Arabia cups with the Moomins on too:) You kitty lover!

Antonia at Swedish Love Affair replied over 12 years ago.

these are some adorable gifts! and your cat is gorgeous, gorgeous, I tell you!

daria replied over 12 years ago.

oh my, that keyring is adorable!

Lightning Heart replied over 12 years ago.

WowYour cats things are sooo cute!I do like them…<3
Do you know it?I'm traveling in Guilin and I live in the hotel called Dozycat Youth Hotel.There are 4 fat cute cats.I do like them….:)And if you travel in Guilin some day,you can stay in this hotel too.I bet you will like it.And Guilin is a very beautiful place ,too.:)

NEVAEH replied over 12 years ago.

cat-power!!! <3

Sophia replied over 12 years ago.

OMG! I love all things “cat”! But most of all, the actual cat at the end! Soooo cute!

Vanessa, Take only Memories replied over 12 years ago.

I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it! Great blog, with so many inspirational photos! I love your illustrations too, and was wondering if you have any tips on mechanical pens? ~ Sara

Sara replied over 12 years ago.

You have a great collection of books!

Julianna replied over 12 years ago.

i simply adore cats, and i simply adore this post.

Melwa replied over 12 years ago.

Love all the cat things in your house! I realised after reading this post that there’s many pops of red all over my house… a bin here, a bowl there, an apron in the corner.

Audrie replied over 12 years ago.

So good. We have the same Blythe doll! (Mademoiselle Rosebud)

Tamsin replied over 12 years ago.

your kitty is gorgeous. i love all of your kitty knick knacks! they’re purrfect!


sami replied over 12 years ago.

these pictures are gorgeous. i can totally relate to this post. my apartment is chock full of cats and cat objects.

Jennifer replied over 12 years ago.

Gosh, your place – and everything in it – is adorable! I love that cat flashlight too. Cute and practical! :D

Krissy replied over 12 years ago.

your cat made me laugh—so pretty, & yet she looks like she is “da boss” :) … I’m starting to accumulate cat things, myself (most gifts, as well… of course… we can’t be too entitled to the cat lady name, yet). love all your cat things! too cute.

LindseyBee replied over 12 years ago.

I love your Moomin cups! Our daughter is called Matilda, and we recently met another cat by the same name — I believe it was the most exciting day in her life so far! Your Matilda is beautiful, too — it looks as if she curls her whiskers each morning!

Astrid replied over 12 years ago.

Wherever did you buy that keyring? It’s ADORABLE!

Amy replied over 12 years ago.

As a proud cat-lady in the making I adore these!

Misha replied over 12 years ago.

Could you please tell me were you bought that lovely cat key ring? :)

Alexis replied over 12 years ago.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Vanessa replied about 12 years ago.

KRIS! Where is your amazing cat cushion from? Please tell! x

Zoe replied about 12 years ago.

I have that cat key chain too! super cute!

kaffy replied about 12 years ago.

OMG @KAFFY: may I ask where you got the cat key chain? It’s too adorable XD

Hane replied almost 12 years ago.

I have four cats (oldest is 14 years and youngest is 4 1/2 months) and I adore your kitty knick knacks around your home. Because I have the same! I have a set of cat pyjamas, I have cat wood carvings, cat bookends, cat photo-frames, cat prints and cat cushions. I guess us cat lovers just can’t help it. Love you cat too :0)

Sonya, What House? replied about 11 years ago.

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