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14 February 11

Quick and colourful little digital drawing as a reminder that spring is on the way! Even when it doesn't feel that way and I'm still wearing three layers.

(Talking of spring, my long awaited trip to Iceland is booked for the end of March! I am beyond excited and have pretty much planned an extensive control-freakish itinerary already. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me tips in this post and the few of you who emailed me suggestions too. Your help is very appreciated! It goes without saying that I will post millions of photos when I come back.)

So I know AW'11 shows just started, but this drawing was totally inspired by Carolina Herrera Spring 2011 and the brilliantly literal take on florals for spring (groundbreaking!). It reminded me to dig out my Treasures of Botanical Art book I love so much anyway. I'm not even into plants (I might have mentioned before that cacti positively thrive in my care, anything that needs watering more than twice a year not so much) but something about botanical illustration plates really gets me going. Maybe it's the combination of painstaking detail and Things Organized Neatly.

Show photos from and vogue collections. All botanical illustrations from the excellent Treasures of Botanical Art: Icons from the Shirley Sherwood and Kew Collections by Shirley Sherwood and Martin Rix.


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the drawing is beautiful! you say it’s simple but there’s evidence of progress in the way you’ve used negative space (sorry to sound like a weird art teacher) but it’s really cool :)

Olivia replied about 12 years ago.

Love the colors in your illustrations!

riley replied about 12 years ago.

I love your illustrations. The bright red, pink, and oranges are so pretty.

Jaclyn replied about 12 years ago.

Wow, absolutely LOVE your neon drawings! GORGEOUS!

Brigadeiro replied about 12 years ago.

I didn’t buy a load of really pretty framed botanical prints from Oxfam a while ago and I’ve regretted it ever since.

I have a tendancy to get excited about whatever shows are currently happening and forget what was on the catwalks for the season we’re currently in. This is probably a sign that I should stick to science.

Tamsin replied about 12 years ago.

I knew that was a reference to Devil Wears Prada! I loved that part of the movie Ha :)
You’re right, the literal floral illustrations are absolutely stunning, & your spin off of them is so vibrant & joyful!

LindseyBee replied about 12 years ago.

all of these images excite me kris! especially your own drawing—those colors are wow!

Jennifer replied about 12 years ago.

Amazing drawing!

Cherry replied about 12 years ago.

Hi! you have a gorgeous blog! I also have the botanical book and find it really inspirational too. I love the dresses, I havent seen them before, and would love to post some images on my blog.
ps. great drawings.

saffiah replied about 12 years ago.

lovely post. hadn’t heard about Herrera’s botanical wear yet. yowza!

Anna replied about 12 years ago.

i am, too, amazed by botanical illustrations, despite the fact that i keep killing plants in my home.
love this post!


agnes szucs replied about 12 years ago.

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the beauty of the illustrations plus the sophistication tied behind their purpose; make botanical illustrations a huge magnet to my eye.
I love your & Carolina’s contrasting takes on them.
~ps: your art style is sublime

reub-envision replied about 12 years ago.

Your illustrations are so creative!

Isabelle replied about 12 years ago.

Thanks for introducing the Carolina Herrera collection, breathtakingly beautiful! Your drawings complement the theme nicely.

Sanna replied about 12 years ago.

I adore this post! Your illustrations, the fashion, the flowers…ahhhh! So perfect for Spring (^•^)

Merissa replied about 12 years ago.

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