South Riding stills

24 February 11

Just a quick note, because I watched South Riding on iplayer and capped these as I went along. It's the first episode of the three part drama about a fictional Yorkshire town in the 1930s (and I shuffled the stills, so there shouldn't be any spoilers!). I had heard mixed reviews, but I thought it was a promising start. Anything to help fill the void between now and the return of Upstairs Downstairs and Downton, right?

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Oh my house mate just informed me about this, this very evening! The girl in the turquoise blouse near the end, what is the actresses name? I’ve seen her in a couple of things and she’s brilliant!

Zoe replied over 9 years ago.
I recognised her too, but I couldn’t quite place it. I think I saw her play Lyra in His Dark Materials at the theatre!

kris atomic replied over 9 years ago.

fantastic! i’ve not seen her live unfortunately, just in bleak house and north & south

Zoe replied over 9 years ago.

I do love a good period drama and this one is no exception. The costume and set design are a dream, thanks for sharing.

Cait x

cait replied over 9 years ago.

Only three episodes? Oh, why do they make these so short, it gives me pain! Why not squeeze 12 episodes out of it when they have all the sets and costumes in place? I don’t know how I’ll make it until Downton comes back.

alis replied over 9 years ago.

YES! thank you for this. i have been dying for a period filler until downtown comes back.

miss moss replied over 9 years ago.

I saw it on Sunday and thought it was beautiful too. Now I’m very much looking forward to the next episode. :)

Caketin replied over 9 years ago.

Not knowing anything about it, I picked up a copy of the South Riding book last year and completely loved it. I was overjoyed to see they had dramatised it. The book raises so many interesting points about this period of life in Britain and it’s great to see them come to life … not to mention Anna Maxwell Martin’s beautiful outfits. Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode…!

Frances replied over 9 years ago.

This show’s styling is really off the hook. I wish we could get this in the states. Beautiful screen caps, Kristina! Thank you!

Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

Mae Lu replied over 9 years ago.

I love the costumes in this show. NIce screen captures it really reflects the spirit of the show :0

marilyn replied over 9 years ago.

aaa the color red looks really good and present in this movie, such a contrast

Amelie replied over 9 years ago.

Wow a lot of these pictures u got here are truly stunning

Kris replied over 9 years ago.

I loved Downton Abbey so maybe I should check this out. Looks promising.

Mary replied over 9 years ago.

I watched this mini series on the BBC too, and loved it!

Elle replied over 9 years ago.

Just finished watching South Riding (not available yet in the US, but procured, ahem, from the interwebs. Filled the void after Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs – though we’ve only watched episode 1 so far.

turbanhead replied over 9 years ago.

as a canadian living in england, i am loving these tiny period dramas – so british! akward pauses and unspoken love. sigh, i miss downton.

erin replied over 9 years ago.

Would really love to see this one, shame I cant watch BBC.

Pedro replied over 8 years ago.

Looks like another great movie. I will give it a try today!

Howie replied over 8 years ago.

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