My family, part II

22 August 11

By popular request, here are some more from my family archives!

My grandma on the right rocking the crown braid in 1957

My grandma and mum in the middle, 1982

My grandparents, aunt, uncle and my mum (the little one!) clearly had a "a look" for their family photos. The first photo is unlabelled, but the second is from 1971. Going by the kids, I'd guess about 5-6 years difference?

My grandpa in 1949, isn't he handsome!


My grandma was a babe too. Early 1950s?

Sailor suit! The lady on the left is my great-grandmother.

Top two 1950s, bottom 1944


my mum and my grandma, 1964


My grandma's class in 1960. So many flowers! Reminds me of September 1st (Knowledge Day) when everyone brings flowers for their teacher. On my first day at school I brought in some absolutely enormous purple gladioli. I got to choose them at a flower market the day before and I remember it being literally the most exciting day of my life at the time.

(I love how even in 1960 there's always a kid in the back trying to be sassy!)

In fact, I think this one might actually be the 1st of September 1965. Flowers! Speeches! Bell ringing!

Not sure who these kids are because they're not the right age to be any of my cousins? Mystery children in matching shorts, 1986.

My mum, her friend and my grandma eating watermelon on a beach in Odessa in 1983.



Wow, those are beautiful. Specially love the last one and the one with the lady wearing a swimsuit. The ones with the kids are amazing too.

Sandra replied about 12 years ago.

Ahhh, these are amazing! I love old family photos! I did the same thing for my mom last Christmas:

Nicole replied about 12 years ago.

I was so intrigued by these wonderful photo’s, amazing. I’m just in the middle of doing a photo book for my mum for her birthday. I find everything about the old shots so interesting.

Dustjacket Attic replied about 12 years ago.

Pretty, I loved the one with the tall trees and the other with the beach!

cait replied about 12 years ago.

These are so good!
And in my head I totally said “Isn’t he handsome” for the photo of your grandfather, before I read your caption ;)

chloe replied about 12 years ago.

wow, amazing photos!
thanks for sharing!

Melwa replied about 12 years ago.

these are lovely, old photos seem to be so much more interesting! x

Laura replied about 12 years ago.

Beautiful pictures again!
Love the one with your grandmother and mother when your mother was little :)

Sweet Harvest Moon replied about 12 years ago.

Great pictures! Your uncle looks like your grandpa, it’s incredible!

Julie replied about 12 years ago.

What fabulous photos, and such good quality for their age. I’m inspired. I’m off up into the attic to see what I can find. Sue x

sue@YujuUK replied about 12 years ago.

Those pics are lovely! I love the family pictures that were back to back. You can see how everyone was changing and yet still staying the same. :)

Amy replied about 12 years ago.

Oh my gooooodness! So lovely!

Rachael TreeTalker replied about 12 years ago.

These are just wonderful, thank you for sharing! Good luck digitizing everything, it’s worth all the work, though.

Amy replied about 12 years ago.

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for listening to our requests for more. Isn’t it funny referring to our grandparents as babes? Especially now with the returning vintage fashions, I love our old Ukraine family photos.

Julia Manchik replied about 12 years ago.

Wow these photos are totally magical. I love this!


rebecca caridad replied about 12 years ago.

Wonderful! And all the pictures look in such great condition. Did you use Photoshop to repair them, or were they already looking this great. I’m asking because most of my family’s old pictures have little lines and show great signs of wear and tear. I’m looking for the most effective way to make them look their best.

Judy replied about 12 years ago.

Ohmygoodness – these are awesome! I’m totally digging your grandma’s hair in every picture!

Michelle Clement replied about 12 years ago.

I love your blog! Also, not to be creepy but I look almost EXACTLY like the first photo (on the left) haha!

allison replied about 12 years ago.

It’s very inspiring to look at old photographs like theese. Thank you for sharing!

Josefine Laul replied about 12 years ago.

They all have such intense eyes, much like the girls in your drawings!
My husband is from Moldova (former USSR,) and his childhood photos too are black and white and look like they were all taken in circa 1930!

Lillian Davenport replied about 12 years ago.

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