July with the x100

04 August 11

Last month I got a Fuji x100 and promised to report back with my thoughts. On the whole I'm SUPER SUPER happy and it has completely exceeded (my already sky high) expectations. Using it is, at first, a challenge and the menus/settings are admittedly a bit insane. But the the possibility of such great image quality in a compact (and let's face it, super stylish) package outweighs any small annoyances. As much as I hate this word, it's definitely quirky though.

A few things I love about it: great straight out of camera jpgs, handy auto iso, surprisingly good little flash, amazing macro, almost silent for lurking/ street photos, great performance at high ISO. The image quality is impressive and it's light and small and pretty. I know for some people the fixed lens might be an issue, but as someone who only shoots with one lens anyway, I like it. It also means that even at F2 it's dead on and you don't have to worry about calibration blah blah blah.

Not so great: slower focusing than I'm used to on dslr, battery doesn't go far (3rd party batteries are only about £6 on ebay though), you need a good fast memory card or it can be slow to start up. You definitely need to read the manual to get anything decent out of it, it doesn't seem to follow any rhyme nor reason of normal cameras, aka quirky!

While reading lots of reviews I saw endless comparisons with the leica m9, which to my eyes are completely in the x100's favour. Sure there's a small difference, but is it £4000 of difference? I think not. Anyway, even if I was willing to drop £5000 I wouldn't spend it on an M9. Life is short, I need autofocus!

(Because I'm so psyched with it, this all sounds a bit like an advertorial, so to clarify: it isn't. I paid for it myself.)



Very nice photos, it’s refreshing to see the results from the new breed of PAS cameras. They’ve definitely come on leaps and bounds since the last time I used one! I’ve been considering getting a small PAS of my own, it’s a drag carrying around a DSLR sometimes, especially if I only have a small bag.

I couldn’t afford (or justify, really) getting this one, it actually costs more than my DSLR did! haha! But, it’s made me think about which options I could go for! x

Kim replied over 12 years ago.

It is really expensive! I’m sure the prices will go down a lot in the next couple of years though.

Totally agree on the dslr drag, that’s exactly why I got it, my 5d+1.2 is so heavy (plus since getting the new lens I’ve got a bit precious about it) that carrying it around every day was impossible. I was using a really cheap p&s for a bit and most recently just my iphone, then the x100 came along and I kind of convinced myself I needed it.

Though tbh every time anyone asks, I say I LOVE IT, but no-one NEEDS this camera, you know? It’s a toy for photographers in their spare time, a really great second camera. Having said that, I’ve barely picked up my 5d since the x100 came along! x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

These photos are really beautiful! Love them.

lauren replied over 12 years ago.

Thanks Lauren! x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

I love how ‘bright’ your photos are, if that makes sense. You can tell I know nothing about photography!

Tamsin replied over 12 years ago.

Not at all, I know what you mean! Thank you :)

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Oh wow! I love these photos ♥
They’re so beautiful!

Misty replied over 12 years ago.

Thank you very much! x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Are any of those pictures edited?? If not that camera is precious!
I love the brightness and cleanness of your photos as well, I wish I could get that effect too but I haven’t got my way around photoshop yet.

Sandra replied over 12 years ago.

These are indeed edited, from RAW in Lightroom. Nothing dramatic, just a bit of exposure/brightness/fill light, those are the main things I tweak. x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Kristina! These photos are effing gorgeous! The overexposed, washed-out, yet somehow still saturated (is that possible) quality of these pictures is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

I’m in love with my little Panasonic Lumix DMC Lx5—the Leica lens makes such a difference. It almost makes me want to stick with Panasonic for my needs and ditch Canon altogether!

Gorgeous camera, too. Your technical jargon confused me, but the photos do all the talking for themselves.

Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

Mae Lu replied over 12 years ago.

Your cat is seriously the cutest! Nice pics


Katerina replied over 12 years ago.

Thank you! Matilda says thank you also ;)

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Those pictures are so lovely! I suspect it has more to do with your eye and abilities than the camera but the camera looks practically and aesthetically wonderful too. Gosh, it is handsome.

chuck replied over 12 years ago.

I’m glad you did a review on this camera, it looks amazing! Haha, good to hear it’s silent – I always feel so conspicuous with my huge DSLR when I’m trying to take street photos. No way I could afford it, though, sigh! Student budget, haha. It’ll have to go on my camera wishlist, which is getting ridiculously long!

Your photographs are gorgeous, too, as always! I wish I had half your talent!

Anna replied over 12 years ago.

This camera looks sooooo sweet. I think it might be on my list now. Also seriously digging those nails and that cat shirt.

Zeolite replied over 12 years ago.

thank you! x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

nice camera! matilda veers between handsome and babelicious in these photos. the one under the straw boater is smokin’! also really making me wanna be in brighton right now. x

colin replied over 12 years ago.

haha, she’s got her come hither look on in that one. She’s spent all day today curled up inside an overnight bag, what a cat. x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

These photos are lovely! i agree with the comments above, that this is mainly down to your impecable eye and incredible talent – but you have awoken a desire inside of me to one day own this little, beautiful camera! it looks (and sounds) ideal! I’ve just purchased an Olympus PEN EP-L1 however, and my next camera purchase will have to wait a little while, whilst I get my head around my first ‘proper’ digital camera. xx

emma replied over 12 years ago.

Was looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Must say, these photos are certainly pushing me towards going for the X100. I’m hoping to buy a digital rangefinder in the next few months. I had previously hired out the Leica M8 for a shoot I did for a magazine earlier this year and fell in love with, so I thought I’d probably go for the M9. However, I’ve been hearing so many great things about the X100 that I’ve been pushed in that direction. Obviously the price difference is a great help too! To be honest, I don’t see a huge difference in the quality between the Fuji x100 or the M-series Leica’s. I’ve always adored the Leica lenses (who doesn’t?) and Fuji isn’t a brand I’d ever really thought of buying before, besides the old days of 35mm. However, the tables are turning, I guess. I’m going to give it another couple of months, but right now I can see myself going for the x100. Then I can use the extra money on a new Medium Format camera (it’s due), or, you know…clothes/travel/crap I don’t need. ;)

Looking forward to seeing more great photos you take with it! Nice work, Kris. Hope you’re keeping well. x

Sarah KANE replied over 12 years ago.

just want to say how lovely these photos are, they really make me smile and are so inspiring!

Angela replied over 12 years ago.

thank you so much! x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Lovely photos! That cat is so adorable!

Vanessa, Take only Memories replied over 12 years ago.

thank you very much! kris x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Oh, excuse me, that’s just the sound of me holding my mouth open and drooling, how rude.
Pretty much as soon as I saw this camera elsewhere and figured out what it was I flipped. Sooo pretty, and digital? Like, omg.
It is very very similar to a film camera I have that I just love the look of, although I’m sure the digital version is much lighter.
It really takes nice pictures – nice, poppy colours and what seems to be lovely straight lines, thanks to the F2 I’m guessing. Oh, and a excellent photographer helps!
Good work reviewing, and I’m super jealous btw haha!

Hannah replied over 12 years ago.

Lovely review & photos! I also have to say I absolutely love your nails ;)

A friend of mine has the M9 and the photo quality looks superb, but I just couldn’t justify that upgrade unless I was a full time photog or just had that kind of disposable income. I was actually about to convince myself to save for the M9 but I’m getting the 5D II instead. It’s nice knowing the x100 can produce photos just as well as the M9 though, in case I need a lighter companion :)

Falcon replied over 12 years ago.

umm.. your nails? Please tell more about that!

Asterisk replied over 12 years ago.

They’re multi-coloured leopard, it’s super easy! You just need one of these – http://www.modelsownit.com/nails/nail-art-pens.html or similar. If you google/youtube “leopard print nail tutorial” you’ll find loads, but basically it’s two colours of base colour, blob on secondary colour(s), black spots with nail pen and top coat to seal. Only takes 10 mins! x

kris atomic replied about 12 years ago.

beautiful x

marruh replied about 12 years ago.

Beautiful pictures! I want your cat :)
Also I saw you at Kendal Calling with your boyfriend! Hope you had fun! x

Zoe replied about 12 years ago.

You should have said hi!! It was really fun, though we left at 5 on sunday after about 2 hours sleep and I wanted to dieeeee. Haha! xx

kris atomic replied about 12 years ago.

beautiful photographs!

vasare replied about 12 years ago.

Amazingly and optimistic pictures! I love the colortone. Brings happiness into my life!

Keep up the good work!


Isabelle Ljungblom replied about 12 years ago.

what amazing photos.

Melwa replied about 12 years ago.

These photos are all so gorgeous and impressive! I thought that camera looked amazing when I first saw it, and now I know it’s much more than an adorable package…great results!

Karly replied about 12 years ago.

These photos are amazing. And that camera is so cute! Too bad it’s too expensive :’(

sya replied about 12 years ago.

I’ve been wanting a DSLR but I am not a photographer and I don’t really understand all the technicalities. I have been enjoying the photo apps on my iphone and starting to want more. I have been looking at reviews of the x100 and wishing for one. It is rather expensive and I was worried whether it might be too technical for my skills. Thanks for the review! I still want one!

Bron66 replied about 12 years ago.

[…] do krisatomic […]

Misscaffeine - oncinha colorida replied about 12 years ago.

Great photography, wish I had skills like that! I’ll have to stick to my compact for now though! xx

Pip replied about 12 years ago.

[…] Kris Atomic on the x100, A camera I cannot wait to play around […]

WOW. i am so impressed! i have heard of the x100 but didn’t know too much about it. the cam is so sexy and i envy the portability of it in comparison to a dslr. your images are phenom kris!

jennifer young replied about 12 years ago.

You make me want to get a FUJI x100 now!!
The photos are beautiful, crystal clear and bright.
They give such amazing story (although the credit must go to the photographer ;) )

I currently have a Canon G12, have you used it before?
If you have, do you think it’s good and that I should stick with it?
Or is FUJI x100 wayyy better…? : )

Pupeow replied about 12 years ago.

I love your blog, but i love more how look your nails…


Regards from Ecuador,


eLena @chaira_fashion replied about 12 years ago.

your cat looks like my cat :), what a coincidence

myta replied about 12 years ago.

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