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19 September 10

(You might have seen on twitter that I'm currently at London Fashion Week, so there might be an influx of LFW posts over the next few days!)

Topshop showed their Unique SS11 collection at the old Eurostar Terminal in Waterloo yesterday, which was basically packed to the rafters and the space looked fantastic. After walking up 4 massive ramps through the disused terminal I was feeling pretty smug about wearing flats though, let me tell you. I was standing in a funky place, but luckily the models came off the catwalk right behind us, so I just shot them as they walked off. Naturally they kept their game faces on until the very end (and btw what a great model lineup! Lindsey Wixson is forever my fave though, because she looks like an irl version of one of my drawings).

There were obviously a lot of influences and inspirations at play (mysticism! fantasy! the cosmic! disco! showgirls! and on it goes) so I guess it's inevitable that some people thought the collection was messy, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I really loved the flying horse/cherub/smoke prints and the 70s glam rock feel of it all and even if I'm not personally ready to slip in to a pair of wide leg flares, it's refreshing to see you know? I'm also totally obsessed with the massive frizzed hair with subtle bleach fade and hints of coloured pink, lilac and orange patches.

There was a lot of embellishment, with the show pieces covered in crystals, while tassels and leather fringing spruced up some of the more commercial looks. There were some nice textures too, with chiffon and silk alongside the lamé and leather and even a bit of a crushed raspberry velvet moment. What - if any of it - will show up in stores come spring is anyone's guess, but from a show standpoint I really enjoyed it.


duude. If that hair comes into everyday fashion, I am SET. I have frizz in spades!

Anna Elena replied about 13 years ago.

wow what an incredible insight, and an amazing experience for you! I look forward to reading more. Enjoy!

Kate replied about 13 years ago.

Beautiful pictures!

Kate replied about 13 years ago.

She ( Lindsey Wixson ) don’t look like an American, I thought she was Russian from Asia.
Her face is just incroyable et she’s breathtakingly beautiful.

lena replied about 13 years ago.

wow- looks like it was a fantastic show!

jon replied about 13 years ago.

LOVE the hair. So good. I love seeing your photos, as opposed to the iPhone snapshots I’ve seen dotted around the interwebs! x

Miss Believer replied about 13 years ago.

love the hair… i want that to filter down because i have crimpers and im not scared to use them

fantastic pics kris

Adele replied about 13 years ago.

[…] frizz balls of hair at Topshop, Princess Leia style side buns at Bernard Chandran and perhaps not enough of anything to cover up […]

[…] (KRISATOMIC) […]

Big Hair! « Curating Cuteness replied over 12 years ago.

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