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20 September 10

Mulberry held their Secret Garden/Grey Gardens inspired show on Sunday, aka bring your kids and dogs to work day. I presume the various puppies in the audience were shopping for their next season wardrobe, so good thing that Mulberry had an adorable French bulldog modelling little dog jackets and getting people awww-ing.

But back to the human clothes! Everything was super wearable and very Mulberry - cute without being cutesy. Hemlines on shorts and skirts dropped to the knee and mid calf, so it was a slightly more grown up collection than last season. Love the peach/apricot/electric blue/cornflower blue colours and the odd multicolour tiger print. Nice wooden wedges, ankle boots and new takes on their classic bag shapes too.

The real question is: how do I get my hands on one of those ginger wigs? Dream hair right there.


wouaaa your pictures are amazing, very gorgeous ! I really like the colors, the red hair are so beautiful!!
you are so lucky to see the mulberry show !! the quality is perfect !

Amelie replied over 12 years ago.

just amazing!
makes me wanna go back to that colour!

marjai replied over 12 years ago.

Thanks for sharing the photos, am digging the colours in this collection! And yes, seconded on the dream hair, alas…as a chinese girl that colour would never look natural on me :/

kerry replied over 12 years ago.

Those bags are so perfect!

ANNE replied over 12 years ago.

amazing pictures, you show the colours off really well. i love this collection and hell yeah for red heads!

Kirsty replied over 12 years ago.

Wow, so pretty! I just love the coats, shoes and bags! Thanks for posting this!

Jen replied over 12 years ago.

I love the little matching outfits for the dog, but I’m not sure our spaniel would let me dress her up like that!
The indigo Bayswater is beautiful though, exactly the colour I’d choose.

Hayles replied over 12 years ago.

Love that cornflower blue color and the pops of red in the shoes. I love all of the bags too. And your photography is beautiful, as always. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of red hair everywhere the past couple of years…I guess it’s become the new “it” shade to dye your hair?

Mary replied over 12 years ago.

You got such good pics! The pug/s were just amazing at the catwalk.. showed up the models one of which took a tumble in the show that I saw. You should totes dye your hair like that Kris.

Elle replied over 12 years ago.

Me want that little Bayswater shoulder bag and its lovely ultraviolet big sister!

Jennifer replied over 12 years ago.

[…] (Mulberry via Krisatomic) […]

head to toe colour. « zee. replied over 12 years ago.

I am in looove with the bag 3rd from the bottom! Amaaazing. Looks like a great show!

Katie replied over 12 years ago.

Nice! Oh and I first thought they’d actually scouted redheads for this show :)

Sofia replied over 12 years ago.

LOVE the hair!

Alexa replied over 12 years ago.

[…] the more wearable side of things, Mulberry had girls in matching auburn wavy hair, Michael van der Ham had models with sleek centre partings and there were cute side buns at Bernard […]

damn love the colour of their hair!

mat replied over 12 years ago.

Wow those red wigs, makes me miss my copper red hair!
Love the collection as well, need those peach coloured pants in my life!

Angelica replied over 12 years ago.

oh my! these are wonderful photos!

meg, reckless daughter replied over 12 years ago.

Perfect collection! The clothes, the colors, the bags – pure perfection.

Lilya replied over 12 years ago.

mulberry and their exquisite color palette. You’ve captured the hues perfectly. So vibrantly saturated!

albeit... replied over 12 years ago.

I love red hair and this latest collection from Mulberry. I especially like that floral blouse in the last photo and the bags! Thanks for the glimpse into FW.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

arnique replied over 12 years ago.

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