Ashish | London Fashion Week

30 September 10

Ashish can consistently be described as ____ meets sequins - automatic I'm there -  and this time the sequins are taking on the rodeo. Sure I could have done without the feathers and headdresses (so tumblr), but as the collection was inspired by cheesy wild west movies like Calamity Jane I'm sure it was supposed to be silly, so it didn't really set off my cultural appropriation detector. The painted McDonalds/Heinz/Coca Cola logos on the cowboy boots definitely don't scream serious business. Other than that, the chain fringing on the denim is great and I'm crazy about the all sequin checked shirts.

Anyway, I came out of the show in high spirits, despite falling down the stairs in front of a bunch of people I didn't know, so there you go. Yeehaa?


does this mean cowboy boots are fashionable again!? (hoping and praying!)

Adele replied over 12 years ago.

that first sequin plaid shirt is so awesome! i like seeing the serious (and not so serious, hehe) faces of all the front row people/photographers, quite interesting!

ANNE replied over 12 years ago.

i think cowbow/cowgirl is one of my favourite trends of all time, there is just something irrestable about a plaid shirt

Luna replied over 12 years ago.

I hope you weren’t hurt in your tumble! These looks are hysterical. The dress in the 2nd photo reminds me of those shiny, waxy-coated checkered table cloths people used to use when I was growing up…I mean, they looked just like that…did they have those in England? And yeah, I agree with you completely about the feathered headdresses.

Mary replied over 12 years ago.

Only my fragile ego, haha!
I know exactly what you mean about the checked tablecloths, good call! x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

As a Texan, this collection hits very close to home! I can’t decide if I love it or want to “turn tail” and run as fast as I can away from it! Too many sequins is my gut reaction, though, haha.

But ah, I am in LOVE with all of those boots. The short ones with the cacti and the tall ones with the coke bottle are AMAZING!

catherine replied over 12 years ago.

i spy faran krentcil!

Georgia replied over 12 years ago.

geeeeze, ashish just keeps getting cooler and cooler. i was so gutted i had to miss this show! i’ve seen photos a few different places but yours are the best i’ve seen yet. you’ve captured the motion in the fringe (and chains?!) so well. absolutely adore the sequined plaid shirts and the leopard trousers… ahhhhh… so beautiful. xx

the style crusader replied over 12 years ago.

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