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10 November 10

(Vogue Italia via trendland)

Every winter I get "really into" knitting and get totally carried away buying ridiculously expensive yarn and exciting knitting books and starting some project completely beyond my woefully limited knitting skills. Come spring, I have several lumpy unfinished rectangles because I haven't learned anything beyond knitting a flat shape and all the books are full of incomprehensible abbreviations, so I get frustrated and give up. But maybe this year will be different! I've already finished two giant scarves that I've been working on for the last 5 years, I've got the hang of intarsia and I'm learning how to do cables. Thank god for knitting help! Naturally I've taken on an overly ambitious project, far beyond my current abilities (a super fun seaside themed blanket from this book), but I'm learning as I go along and finding it really satisfying.

Anyway, my dream is to one day make a really insane patterned fair isle jumper, but I've accepted that this probably won't happen any time soon. In the meantime, I'm going to settle for a cute one from Zara and I've put together this collection of knitting images to inspire me to future knitting greatness.

If you knit, make me wildly jealous and tell me about your knitting successes!


(ALL knitwear)



(Sarah McNeil)

(ASOS via souvenirs)


(D&G AW'10 via fashionologie)



(ALL knitwear)


(Marc Jacobs via net-a-porter)

(Sebastian Kim for Vogue Russia via fakingfashion)

(See by Chloe via net-a-porter)

(ALL knitwear)

(Vogue UK via souvenirs / Glamour France via souvenirs)

(D&G AW'10 via fashionologie)


(Sebastian Kim for Vogue Russia via fakingfashion)

(Sara Carr lambswool dog and fox plush)

(Sebastian Kim for Vogue Russia via fakingfashion)



(Dossier via fakingfashion / Vogue UK via souvenirs)

(D&G AW'10 via fashionologie)

(Peter Jensen via stylebubble)

(D&G AW'10 via fashionologie)

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(D&G AW'10 via fashionologie)


(D&G AW'10 via fashionologie)




Oh my God I want it all. I’ve knitted (and crocheted) for years now, but I have an appalling attention span so never actually finish anything despite technically being able to do cables, intarsia, etc. I get bored so easily! Or put it down and forget where I was.
Definitely need to knit myself a big chunk ribbed scarf in grey because everyone I saw in Paris recently had one and looked amazing. I’m also trying to knit a hat ‘based on’ (ahem) the beanies with points that look like animal ears in Topshop (I’m terrible, if I see something I like in a shop I start counting stitches and looking at seams to make my own – I HAVE BECOME MY MOTHER)
This was a bit of an essay. Sorry x

Tamsin replied over 11 years ago.

Haha since I’ve got serious about it, I’ve been checking everything out in shops and trying to figure out how it works too!
I’m the same way, easily distracted/bored, that’s why I figured I’d try a blanket from loads of different squares. I don’t have to work on one thing for too long!
How is crochet compared to knitting, difficulty wise? I’ve never tried, but I want to! Maybe I can get my grandma to teach me, she used to crochet mad doilies years ago… x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I’m making a crochet blanket for the same reasons! Ha.
Crochet is totally different from knitting – lots of people told me you can only do one or the other but that’s a total lie. It’s no more difficult or easy really, but it’s easier in terms of it’s impossible to drop stitches, and it’s more flexible to work with but then you wouldn’t really want clothes made from crochet as it’s a totally different type of fabric that gets produced. I can crochet much, much faster than I can knit. It’s also more portable but it also takes up more yarn. I started crocheting doilies, it’s addictive!!! I love the stitch n bitch book The Happy Hooker for learning to crochet, definitely (it’s worth noting that UK and US knitters use different terms for the same stitches too) x

Tamsin replied over 11 years ago.

Interesting! Will add the book to my christmas list and give it a go! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

Only thing you’re missing is the knit backpack/rucksack! They’re all over Japan right now, along with matching fair isle knit or printed pants. (http://www.graniph.com/en/product/MEN/Underwear/Leggings/designID-029000185109.html)

visivo replied over 11 years ago.

something like this?

love it :D

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

Yess. Either tough like this or softer, mori girl fair isles. Cute stuff!

visivo replied over 11 years ago.

These pictures are all gorgeous! I really love knitting. I’ve just recently finished making a pair of flip top mittens for myself. And in a crazy moment a a week or so ago I decided to knit people hats for Christmas. 9 of them! I’ve made 3 so far, I think I can do it!
Are you on Raverly? my user name is inapplicable on there. I spend far too much time looking at patterns and people’s finished projects and planning what I want to knit in the future. It’s a great resource.

Gilly replied over 11 years ago.

I just saw your mittens, they’re amazing! Knitting in the round is blowing my mind, so that just looks like magic.
Very ambitious to make 9 hats! I considered doing some kind of knitted gifts, but gave myself a stern talking to, seeing how slow I knit. Unless I aim for next christmas maybe!
I just added you on Ravelry. I made an account the other day, but felt completely out of my depth and backed away slowly. x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

Knitting in the round can be a little bit fiddly, but once you get started it’s quite simple. I use the Magic Loop method (using one really long circular needle instead of 4 short double pointed needles) and it makes it so much easier.
I was intimidated when I first joined ravelry too, I didn’t use it for months at first!

Gilly replied over 11 years ago.

So inspiring! That red sweater…wow… so much more complicated than anything I have ever tried my hand at, but so tempting.

I am a self taught knitter (ok, to be 100% honest my sister taught me how to cast on years ago and I didn’t quite get it. So I went out and bought myself a book and never looked back, and even she is baffled by the skills I have picked up.) I haven’t been able to find much time for knitting these days, but check out my most recent completed project- the cutest baby blanket I have ever seen!


Melissa replied over 11 years ago.

oh i wish i could knit myself a fairisle jumper and some toast-style cable socks! or knit myself anything for that matter. i’m like you, i have begged my mother to teach me year after year and i always end up in dropped stitch hell before giving up on whatever poor scarf i attempted to make that time because it’s taken so long to make that summer has arrived and i’m bored of it. i really want to make a proper go of it this year though so thanks for the links. i’m determined to be a master knitter!

Kitty replied over 11 years ago.

Oh, I wish I could knit! I’ve made it a “new years’ resolution” for next year to knit at least 5 things, one of them has to be a decent cardigan. Hopefully I can pull it off, haha. Great images for inspiration, I love the little mice! So cute.

Michelle replied over 11 years ago.

Eep, love the little bunnies! I can’t knit at all, so I am always of awe of anyone who can do even the most basic styles.

Penny Dreadful Vintage replied over 11 years ago.

I was going to tell you about Ravelry, but I see that Gilly was faster than me. You can find me there as Juliabe, if you want :D

In the past few years knitting has become an addiction to me, I’ve been doing mittens, hats, scarves and once that I knit a small cardigan for a friend’s baby, I started knitting for myself. Now I hardly buy any knit stuff, specially accessories. But I did buy a fair isle sweater in Zara (none o the ones pictured above, this one has tiny motives in browns and green), it was too much work to do it myself, ha!

About yarns, I have a suggestion and it’s Colourmart. It’s a online shop from the UK that sells remnants from the best mills. You can buy there the most amazing yarns, specially cashmere, for a very good price :)

Julia replied over 11 years ago.

I’m glad to see that someone got as excited as me this autumn with all those lovely D&G reindeer jumpers and gorgeous prada socks on the runway, and I thought to myself well I won’t go to Zara, I’ll just make something great myself! So my first knitting adventure (since school) started and 3 months later I just finished one jumper for a friends Christmas present and 1.5 dragon mittens (from Ravelry) for my boyfriend. When that’s finished I’m hoping to learn cables so I can start on these “Prada” socks http://misadventuresinknitting.blogspot.com/2010/05/prada-socks.html :)
However it’s much more work than I though, so I’ve been going to Zara as well to fulfill my knitwear need…

valborg replied over 11 years ago.

You posted some great photos! I’m in the mood to wear a scarf now!

Oh dear…Those bunnies are so cute!

Jen replied over 11 years ago.

I loooove knitting! Knitting is my favourite thing to do in the winter, besides watching tv-shows :P
However, I only knit simple scarves, that’s it. I’m way too impatient to try to knit something with a pattern, but I’d love to make a strawberry hat :D Or mittens with hearts! Or.. or a jumper with a reindeer on it ;)
My next project is trying to learn how to crochet.. it’s not that hard, but I still need to develop my crochet skills. Knitting is definitely more easy/goes faster!
Anyway here are some of my scarves, if you’re bored and want to take a look at it ;) I’ve recently learned a new stitch, FINALLY. I’m such a lazy knitter :P


Angelica replied over 11 years ago.

Ahh thank you for all the beautiful pictures! I’m a knitter who has managed to get through a few sweaters, several scarves, and many unfinished projects. I definitely recommend pushing yourself and knitting things that may be beyond your level – that’s the only way to learn! I also tend to not accomplish as much as I want, but I’ve found that it really helps to have a project with you all the time and knit whenever your hands aren’t busy. Knitting in class has become the most productive time for me! Good luck!

Mackenzie replied over 11 years ago.

The knit bunny/doggy sweaters are so adorable it kills.

Like you, I’ve made several attempts at learning to knit over the years but, unlike you, it never quite stuck with me! My mom knits and crochets up a storm, though, and let me tell you, it’s the next best thing to knitting yourself. I constantly am getting random little boxes of goodies shipped to me. She just started learning how to lace knit so I can’t even imagine what’s going to pop up on my doorstep come the holidays!

Kim replied over 11 years ago.

i’ve started knitting again few days back. it’s fun and clears head.

czina replied over 11 years ago.

To all you knitting pros out there…any tips for beginners? I’ve been wanting to try knitting forever and have a few ideas.


Anna replied over 11 years ago.

I’m obviously not a pro, but I’ve found knittinghelp.com the most helpful! The Stitch ‘n Bitch book is a pretty good start also, but the videos are the best for helping me understand what’s actually going on. I can’t learn from a diagram!
Or if you can, get someone to show you! x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I love knitting! I started out being excited with scarves… that got boring quickly. Luckily, some friends of mine decided we should all do the same sweater together. I had never even read a pattern! I started understanding patterns, finding online resources, etc and now I can’t get enough! After that I made a couple more sweaters, then I started doing baby clothes (satisfying because they go by so fast!), and now I am back into hats and scarves.
This winter I want to make a lot of beautiful cowls.
Ravelry is the best. Look me up – paulabie !

Paulina replied over 11 years ago.

Loving the little bunnies and the knitted cigar band! I wish I had the time/motivation to start doing stuff like this!

milkteef replied over 11 years ago.

I wish I knew how to knit and my mom desperately wants me to learn (so that we can share a hobby) but I don’t think I really have the patience for it. What do you think are the best resources for getting started? Maybe it’s easiest to just get someone who already knows to teach you though?
I’d love to see what you’ve made so far!

Lorena replied over 11 years ago.

Ahaha, that was my exact knitting routine for several years! I would get really into it during winter, buy lots of yarn, make a couple of questionable things and then get bored. But this year I made a ton of things for my sis-in-law’s baby shower, and now I’ve been doing it so often! And I’ve actually improved and not gotten bored! It’s a miracle.

Pansy Lane replied over 11 years ago.

wow wow wow! Ive always been one to crochet and dont know how to knit but after seeing this I definitely need to learn ASAP!!

eli replied over 11 years ago.

I love to knit, but it took a lot of patience and practice to get to a confident place…this is probably my best project to date:


My favorite part is that you can knit anywhere – on the bus, while watching tv, in the car….how many other crafts can say that!?

Shauna replied over 11 years ago.

Wow, very cool!
Very true about how portable it is. I just wish I could knit while reading, I haven’t quite got the hang of that yet! Audiobooks for now though. x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

I want to cuddle up with my old grandpa sweater now looking at all this sick sweaters and nice knitwear. Love it!! Thank you for sharing all inspiration!!

Myran replied over 11 years ago.

Ah so the knitting season returns! I don’t think ANYONE has the patience to sit down and finish a fairisle knit sweater before it becomes Summer, but I do love your picks. Highstreet to high-end, knits sort of seem to be the same…

Shini replied over 11 years ago.

Without a doubt this is possibly my favourite blogpost of all time!
Amazing! I also feel your pain at the expense of having a VERY costly non-knitting habit. Every New Years for the past decade it has been my resolution to learn to knit. I get very excited, I pester someone into teaching me, and buy a heap of new needles and beautiful yarn. I then successfully create a mangy, matted square of fluff before giving up and sticking the lot in my heaving knitting tote bag.
Sigh! x

Hello Bee replied over 11 years ago.

wow! that was an incredible post! i wish i could knit!!!

Jennifer replied over 11 years ago.

Hi! You should check out Arne&Carlos from Norway. They make really nice knitwear :) http://www.arne-carlos.com/ Good luck with your knitting.

Ina replied over 11 years ago.

Wow, thanks for the link, amazing knitwear! Looks like they’re sometimes stocked at ASOS so I’ll definitely look out for them. x

kris atomic replied over 11 years ago.

knitwear has never looked better!

daria replied over 11 years ago.

I adore knitting. I spend most of my time doing so. You should check out Ravelry.com -it’s like Facebook for knitters. Tons of free patterns and support, etc. My recent project is a raspberry colored lace shawl (first time with lace!) and a stuffed blue elephant with yellow embroidered flowers – he’s rather adorable! Anyways, GREAT post – I love knitty things!

carolyn replied over 11 years ago.

I want all of those clothes!! There all so amazing! I love your blog too! Im following you now.
I really want to learn how to knit but i just never have the time.

Please follow me too??!!

Marja <3

Marja replied over 11 years ago.

Thanks for posting these beautiful images! I’ve seen many of them before, but together they make the greatest impact!
My mum is great at knitting and, needless to say, my Grandma. She knits me the longest scarves and striped socks, but I don’t know if she’d make a knitted body a la D&G=)

Antonia replied over 11 years ago.

I love all the knit photos!! they are just absolutely gorgeous! :) The first shot is amazing!

Menina Elegante replied over 11 years ago.

Wow such amazing inspiration, thanks for sharing! I’m a knitwear student so I could look at such things all day long, I recently posted a jumper I made on my blog.


Kb replied over 11 years ago.

I’m the same way – always starting projects woefully above my skill level…

Midnight Cowgirl replied over 11 years ago.

This was the perfect post to read on a cold November day :) I think knit fashion is really beautiful at the moment, the chunkier the better haha :D Asos has amzing sweaters and knit snoods!

Thanks for such an inspirational blog :)

♥ Kristina from Finland

kristina replied over 11 years ago.

I love the pictures in this post. A lot of creative knitted clothing.

I’m actually making smittens for my boyfriend and I. That’s how much in love I am.

Kristine replied over 11 years ago.

I just finished my Icelandic sweater by cutting it open and adding button holes and some funky buttons. Also finished a gigantic granny square shawl, though that was crocheted. Million other projects waiting there…

Thanks for posting so many lovely, inspiring pictures! :)

Mira replied over 11 years ago.

Hooray for knitting! I knit a gazillion hats & sell them on etsy and have patterns for them too! I’d love to send you a free pattern for a cabled beret if you’re interested. I promise that it’s super easy, quick, instant gratification style AND a fantastic intro to cables. Just email me at julie@rottencupcakes and I will send it right over!

As for fancy yarns, have you tried Debbie Bliss Cashmerino? It’s so loooovely. And of course, Malabrigo. What’s your favorite yarn of the moment?

Thanks for this lovely knitspiration post!

julie mack replied over 11 years ago.

i want to learn to knit so badly !!
these pictures are so inspiring

Jessica replied over 11 years ago.

[…] i enjoyed kris’ post on knitting. […]

nice! you’ve given me some inspiration. Not that i’m going to start making it myself, because i’m way too clumsy. But you showed me how fashionable it looks.

jokemijn replied over 11 years ago.

great inspiration ! I’m so into knitting too ! I just bought a grey knit with “mountain prints” (don’t really know how to call it) and I want all my winter knits to be like that ! :)

Lazy Lisa replied over 11 years ago.

Hello! I just discovered your blog and I really love it! I also LOVE to knit. I was going to suggest joining ravelry, but it seems you are already on it. There is so much inspiration there. Knittinghelp.com has lots of great video tutorials. I am completely self taught, with the help of the internet, of course! I actually just finished a cabled coffee sleeve that looks similar to the one you posted above, it’s called Knit Coffee Sleeve by MissKnittyPants (though I loved sayrahmolly’s version) on ravelry. If your learning how to do cables, this would be a great small project. If your really determined to learn different techniques in knitting, check out Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books, their fantastic and incredibly helpful! Knitting magazines and KAL’s (knit along) on ravlery are always helpful, as well. Hope this helps and isn’t too overwhelming, I tend to get overexcited about knitting!

Michelle replied over 11 years ago.

OH lovely post.The D&G knit body is fantastic. I want to make one. I haven’t been knitting long but I have an OCD side when it comes to crafting. So I don’t really have a problem finishing what I start. I am super super proud of the cable knit tights I made http://www.wrensandroses.com/post/1153024080/falltights2.They took about a month to make. But it was worth it. They are so warm and I wear them all the time.

dominique replied over 11 years ago.

[…] Zuckermonarchie 6. Servietten, Marta Stewart 7. Lavendel-Sträußchen, Sweetest Occasion 8. Wolle, Krisatomic 9. Brautpaar, Once Wed Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Allgemein, Sweet Inspiration, Wedding Ideas […]

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