Nice part 3 (the end)

11 May 10

In which we went to MAMAC and saw a lot of Yves Klein and the controversial tattooed pigs by Wim Delvoye, but the best bit was the amazing roof terrace and the views. Also featuring: a more normal looking beach and lots and lots of photos of buildings.

(by Wim Delvoye)

(in front of work by Laurence Aëgerter)

(Laurence Aëgerter)

(Wim Delvoye)



Thanks for sharing this lovely pictures of your trip

Barbara replied over 13 years ago.

More gorgeous pictures :) The tattooed pig is quite a sight!

May I ask where your friend got her brown satchel?

Nicola replied over 13 years ago.

love all the pics – thanks for sharing!

han replied over 13 years ago.

your photos from nice are absolutely adorable. thanks for sharing! some of the photos look like pictures of miniature landscapes, somehow. so dreamy!

máni replied over 13 years ago.

Lovely pictures.
I just checked twitter and realised it’s your birthday, so Happy Birthday, enjoy your day!

Helena replied over 13 years ago.

this is your third post and I still can’t get over how beautiful this place is…lol :(

p.s. I think the tattooed pigs are AWESOME.

Nedda Ebo replied over 13 years ago.

love how the hair matches

are those…real…piglets….? interesting but a bit scary

anni replied over 13 years ago.

I loved this series of photos from your travels. It’s my first time visiting your blog thanks to GoogleReader recommending and your photos are fantastic. This series of Nice is really warming up the cold and grey rain that has suddenly hit New York. Also, I’ve seen that tattooed pig before! There were a couple in a gallery here in the Chelsea area in NY. Have a lovely day :)

Lili replied over 13 years ago.

Wow. That picture four from the bottom with the beach and skies is just beautiful. These have brought back happy memories of a hen night in Nice where we stayed in a hotel with a fab rooftop – I think it was the hi-hotel? good times. thanks. x

Caroline, No. replied over 13 years ago.

The gallery photos are really nice!

sarah replied over 13 years ago.

Pretty pics, pretty place, pretty grrrrrls.

sc replied over 13 years ago.

Ah, beautiful Nice! You lucky gals! That ocean looks pretty romantic from my desk in the desert!
I just looked up the NPR story on the Wim Velvoye pigs and am totally fascinated. Beautiful photos, witty, smart links, and a joyful happenstance to come across your blog. Cheers! xolily

bigBANG studio replied over 13 years ago.

thanks for those very nice pictures I live not too far from there (in Marseille) and you made me want to go back to Nice. It’s a beautiful city indeed -and as a gourmet, i must say you get to eat delllliiiiiicious things there! Did you try socca and pissaladière and their very strange green tart wich is in fact sugary? Well… I must go back, definitely!

Bonjour Juliette replied over 13 years ago.

it’s good, you visiting this city, I come frome Côte d’Azur ! I hope you taste La Socca ( dough chickpea flour ), and the scrumptious icecream at Fennechio !
The colour of the house are so beautiful !!



Amelie replied over 13 years ago.

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