On rhinestones and crystals

09 March 10

Last week I tried to have a jewellery cull to get rid of anything I didn't like or wear in an attempt to de-clutter and ~simplify~. It didn't really work, I ended up packing most of it away in a shoebox in the warderobe and I still have too much on display since all I ever wear is tacky rhinestones. I guess I'm quite attached to jewellery, even though most of it is cheap.
Also I borrowed Andrew's macro lens for the close ups, macro photography is so stressful!

The silver rabbit in the bottom right corner is from a necklace I had when I was about 9 and really into rabbits. I wore it as a good luck charm for my exams when I was 16 and superstitious.

The chain necklace was my mum's in the early 80s.

Talking of things that are tacky, I'm totally obsessed with Mad As A Hatter nail varnish by OPI. It's part of the Alice in Wonderland Collection (that's enough already with the Alice merch though, everyone). I forgot to take pictures of it on, but it looks like this. Sick! Just a warning, getting this stuff off is a nightmare, but you can do this fun foil trick which apparently works a treat. I'm a compulsive nail picker and peeling off varnish is like my favourite hobby, so it's not really an issue for me!



Cheap rhinestones are never tacky! They’re just plain wonderful. Then again, who am I to talk? I’m a magpie.

p.s. I want that nail polish!

Helena replied over 13 years ago.

I love all of these pictures so much. And also, thanks for the link to the foil trick! I must try that the next time I’m having trouble with glittery nails.

Greta replied over 13 years ago.

Those Moomin brooches are pretty damn cute. And I want that nailpolish so bad! So pretty!

Rikke replied over 13 years ago.

Are those containers from Muji? I think I have the same ones… In any case, I think every girl needs some rhinestone’s in her life :D
And i <3 that nail polish! :) x

Akay replied over 13 years ago.

Yep, it’s a muji jewellery box. I loooooove muji, I can’t get enough! x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

Could I ask – where did you get your clear jewellery box from? As someone above said, I’ve seen them in Muji before but they don’t seem to have them lately, and I’m about as desperate for one as you can be for a plastic container!

Love your rabbit charm!

Jenn replied over 13 years ago.

It is from muji I’m afraid! I think they might be releasing a new version of them, because a little while ago I saw them in the shop on sale and there was a little sign saying that new jewellery boxes are coming soon. Hopefully very soon! x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

Love the jewel pics and jewel tone polish. I once got rid of many statement pieces like the cameo’s you show here in such a rush I still think about them today!
love the blog + pics!

Gina replied over 13 years ago.

wowza…I love all these pictures!!

Anna replied over 13 years ago.

Is that giraffe thing a pin in the second shot? It’s so cute!
That nail polish is awesome, a shame that that brand isn’t around here in São Paulo.

nana replied over 13 years ago.

It is a pin! You can see it a bit better here http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2216/2355358327_0353b4aecf_o.jpg :)
You can get OPI on ebay! That’s where I usually buy mine, so much cheaper than buying it in the UK! x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

your photographs are always always so amazing, but these macro’s are GORGEOUS, you are so mighty talented it hurts! I’ve been following you for a few years now and my jaw is always on the floor whenever I see anything you post. I also very much look forward TO your posts, wondeful..just…wonderful!!

shims replied over 13 years ago.

I’ll forever love good cheap-y rhinestone costume jewelry. Yours are fantastic!

Ann replied over 13 years ago.

My favourite colour is shiny so I love this post. I have so much jewellery hidden away in shoeboxes… Go see my new post, lots of lovely jewellery on show there!



Clare replied over 13 years ago.

I want that macro lens! beautiful shots.

Elizabeth Mackey replied over 13 years ago.

wow! this nail polish is insanely glittery…

goldene replied over 13 years ago.

My mouth is watering. These photos….and your mom’s necklace. WOWZA.

Anna replied over 13 years ago.

i loooove your marc jacobs cherry necklace so much! are they still available? i’ve never been able to find any /:

vix replied over 13 years ago.

I have the Mad as a Hatter nail polish too and I think it’s awesome!! but mine chipped off way to easily :(

Nicole* replied over 13 years ago.

kris where did you pick up the moomins/little my pin things? adele

Adele replied over 13 years ago.

I got them as a present from somewhere in denmark! sorry, such an annoying answer :( x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

have you taken these pictures yourself?
if yes, I am speechless! they are lovely

well done girl

Ylenia replied over 13 years ago.

[…] Credits – Top Row: la nuit blanche, Kris Atomic via This is Glamorous, This is Glamorous, Middle Row: A Glamorous Little Side […]

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