Little sister

17 March 10

I loved the details from Miu Miu a/w '10, especially the neckpiece bows and colourful eye make-up.



This is one of my favourite of your fashion drawings.
I love that purple! :) x

Akay replied about 13 years ago.

I love the colours in this, so rich and vibrant.



Clare replied about 13 years ago.

Hey! Love Miu Miu – loved your pics of Miu Miu S/S 10!
I just blogged about the pictures (with credit), so haev a look!

x Stace

Stace replied about 13 years ago.

Gorgeous drawing! I like the textures in it too

Caty replied about 13 years ago.

Fantastic coloring especially around the eyes, looking forward to your next piece of art!

Patty replied about 13 years ago.

This is so amazing! Gorgeous. I really love your artwork

sarah replied almost 13 years ago.

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