Kris Chau, for a bright friday

26 March 10

Kris Chau is amazing. I love her paintings, there's such lovely movement in the line work and colour washes.

(all images by Kris Chau)



Wow. I really like the use of biological motifs (veins, vines etc).

Helena replied about 13 years ago.

I love these, they’re like dreams…

I just featured you in my last blog post, you’re one of my 10 favourite things :)

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Clare replied about 13 years ago.

thanks for introducing her art, kris. i’m equally as impressed as you are. superb stuff!

caitlin shearer replied about 13 years ago.

Thanks for sharing! I enjoy the innocence and childlike style in her art, like something you would see in a children’s storybook. And her use of colour is fab. x

Nedda Ebo replied about 13 years ago.

cutest bikes, i hope these are available in the US! the red and white is nice but i think the black was a good choice for such a big purchase.

Kristine replied about 13 years ago.

ohh i really love them all ! <3
beautiful sketches *

maybemayest replied about 13 years ago.

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