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10 June 10

I can't remember the last time I wore any kind of swimwear, but these marvelous handmade swimsuits by We Are Handsome are making me reconsider my lack of lycra. My favourite is the horse one above, which is 50% Lloyds TSB and 50% Chloe ss '01 (Stella's most fun collection, surely) which is kind of 100% brilliant. Not sure if I would let my £152 swimsuit touch chlorine or sea water, but as outerwear it could be pretty fierce. With bottoms though, this isn't lookbook.

(from style.com) see also the horsey topshop jumper that it heavily inspired several years later.

(images from wearehandsome.com)



ohhh! I had seen an image with the girl wearing the lion/tiger one kicking around the internet for EVER and never could find out where it was from, amazing!

loulou replied almost 13 years ago.

the last lion one is my favorite. they’re all so gorgeous, though!

nicolette replied almost 13 years ago.

so beautiful! i love the lion one! love your blog as always! xx

Bianca replied almost 13 years ago.

She has nice legs. I love the lion one :D

Mustart x

Nedda Ebo replied almost 13 years ago.

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and expressing my love for the lion. So, so cool!

Georgiebird replied almost 13 years ago.

Those swimsuits are awesome! I love the tiger one! xxx

Anja replied almost 13 years ago.

I would look totally unattractive in any of these, alas. It’s the utterly timeless swimsuits at, for instance, Popina in Portland, Oregon that I find irresistible…

lynn replied almost 13 years ago.

that swimwear is so 80s fierce – love it!

ANNE replied almost 13 years ago.

Bathing suits terrify me! I’ve always been way too self-conscious to wear one in public, so it’s doubly heartbreaking to look at such lovely, expensive swimwear.

Also, the fuckyoulookbook tumblr was a TREAT. Thanks for that!

Kim replied almost 13 years ago.

These are all beautiful! i need one in my life.

Lolo replied almost 13 years ago.

Wow, I agree about these never coming in contact with any water. They are all so gorgeous, and now I’m really wanting one. I especially enjoy the horse one as well as the night scene with palm trees/airplane.

K. replied almost 13 years ago.

The Chloe horse collection is one of my favourite collections ever!

Brigadeiro replied almost 13 years ago.

around spring break, i started lusting after these too: http://pandorascloset.blogspot.com/2010/03/elderly-sales-clerk-wont-eye-us-with.html

luckily, it didn’t pan out, and my bank account thanks me for being sensible. i still get a bit of a pang when i see them, though.. maybe next summer!

Roxanne replied almost 13 years ago.

I love the lion tank top! Or is that a swimsuit?

maria replied almost 13 years ago.

i really hope these things grow fast in the market! i want jack sparrow all over my body! :D

Brigitte replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] What happens when you mix retro imagery, Lycra and an attractive state of mind? These sexy suits from We Are Handsome. What’s more, the swimwear is handmade in Australia, so rest assured you’ll be the most beautiful and unique snowflake on the block. I prefer the Arabia because nothing says bold like a black beauty galloping across your body. The fun doesn’t have to stop at water’s edge either since they would also look chic with your favorite denim ensemble. Good onya, mates! [via kris atomic] […]

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