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02 June 10

After yesterday's An Education retro interior post Alexandra emailed to tell me about Blue Carrot Shop, where she sells vintage housewares and knick knacks and I almost wish she hadn't, because I want everything and our kitchen is already struggling to cope with all my nonsense. But seriously, she does an amazing job curating the shop. Sure I can cruise around etsy for vintage dishes, but I didn't even know that I wanted a frilly poodle printed tea towel or Mr. Peanut salt and pepper shakers until I just saw them, so thanks a lot Alexandra! Plus I have some kind of Pyrex dish fetish (I found a whole stack of them in my parents garage before I moved out and screamed) so I'm basically sold. Btw if you have a bit of a penchant for Pyrex - ahaha I'm sorry I couldn't help it - the Pyrex Love blog makes for thrilling reading. I'm serious.



omg why have you done this to me?? Andy goes mad about the amount of kitchen stuff I buy, such a nester at the moment.

Rachael replied almost 13 years ago.

Ahh, reminds me of my Grandma’s kitchen. Which is A Good Thing. I purloined a lot of her stuff, the giant pyrex trifle bowl with orange flowers being a particular favourite! I’m not even going to LOOK at this shop. sits on hands

Caroline, No. replied almost 13 years ago.

I especially love the thermos and the old glass soda bottles — I have a mini collections of glass drink bottles with designs I really love… and now I could buy these….haha.

Audrey Jaye replied almost 13 years ago.

The wow-level is very high right now!!

sc replied almost 13 years ago.

so wonderful! i want everything haha

Kitty replied almost 13 years ago.

That pyrex love blog, yes! And I love all the vintage kitchen goodies. It makes me wish I was a little more settled and not moving to new countries constantly. Someday soon!

Sewon replied almost 13 years ago.

pyrex is great – i have quite a collection (and they’re so out of vogue in my area that every opshop seems to have something awesome – it’s great! though my kitchen Is getting kinda full…)

n. replied almost 13 years ago.

I love everything, so adorable!

Pearls, lace and ruffles replied almost 13 years ago.

happy weekend!

m.fay replied almost 13 years ago.

Wow those are adorable! I know a few people who’d be thrilled to own those (including my mum hehe). I wish they would still sodas like those, they would sell so good I think.

ANNE replied almost 13 years ago.

oh, man.. i’m getting my own place in a couple months and i’ve been operating on inspiration overload. this is definitely another great reference to add to my too-long list!

Roxanne replied almost 13 years ago.

ahhh! this is amazing. i used to have a vintage kitchen shop on etsy so this is all kinds of inspiring!
…obsessed with pyrex as well!

jennifer young replied almost 13 years ago.

how can u not love those little peanuts? so funny! cuties!
& all these decors …soooo pretty. ur always such an inspiration to me!

krySal replied almost 13 years ago.

This is wondeful.I want all the ustensils !

chloe replied almost 13 years ago.

Love this, especially the “souper bowl”. They’re all so cute!

K. replied almost 13 years ago.

Awww. these are adorable! one of my fav past time is thrifting for old kitchenware. Yes! Mr and Mrs Peanut are def my Fav.

A.n.E replied almost 13 years ago.

Did you purchase the Mr Peanut Salt N Pepper shakers? If so, can I ask how much you bought them for or do you remember what she was charging for them?

Ronda replied over 12 years ago.

I didn’t and I’m afraid I don’t remember :( maybe you could email them and ask? x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

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