An Education

01 June 10

WARNING: If you haven't seen An Education yet, be warned that I've posted quite a lot of stills below and though nothing is inherently spoilery, it might be a bit of a bummer. If you don't mind, onwards we go!

So I watched An Education yesterday and I thought it was brilliant! I had read mixed reviews, so I wasn't expecting much, but I thought it was a very smart coming of age story and well acted by all involved. Carey Mulligan is fantastic as schoolgirl Jenny (can't believe she's actually 25, a year older than me) but it really came in to its own in the beautiful filming, sets and costume design. There are tons of perfectly captured stills all over the internet, but they mostly seem to concentrate on Jenny and leave out some of the most visually exciting bits, so I thought I would make some of my own (I'm afraid the quality is pretty horrendous, but you get the idea). I loved Rosamund Pike's ditzy character Helen (the blonde) with her ladylike fancypants outfits and brilliant hair, the wonderful Emma Thompson as headmistress Miss Walters in her wood paneled office and Olivia Williams as Miss Stubbs wearing the coolest glasses. The interior sets are probably my favourite though, some amazing retro home decorating inspiration here. And the whole thing is set in Twickenham, where my parents live and I grew up (though they went and filmed it in Ealing for some reason)  Exciting!

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I absolutely loved the movie and the soundtrack, lovely post, darling!

Gina replied over 13 years ago.

I loved this movie! I was so mad at her though for being so stupid – reflecting back on the movie though it was probably because I was jealous. (Ha!) I was also really annoyed and disgusted with HIM – total jerk! The outfits and music were beautiful.


Michelle Elaine replied over 13 years ago.

Haha me too, the whole way through I was like “YOU IDIOT, FINISH SCHOOL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!” Why couldn’t she get married AND go to Oxford! (I mean I know why, it was the 60s and obviously the other stuff that happens in the film…)

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

Looks like a good movie!
I haven’t commented in awhile, but I just wanted to let you know I still read your blog when you post.

Courtney replied over 13 years ago.

Beautiful images.

I love the interior design of the sets too, Olivia William’s flat looks ace. Am I just love Ros Pike’s whole look throughout the film.

Is it out on DVD now?

Kate replied over 13 years ago.

Yep, it came out on dvd a couple of months ago, but as usual I’m quite slow off the mark! x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

I loved this movie, the clothing was so good! Thank you for sharring these :)

Izzy replied over 13 years ago.

I loved it too, not just because I thought every scene was incredibly stylish but I loved the actual movie too. I had posted about it as well (and to my surprise most of my friends thought the story was too obvious and they didn’t enjoy it as much as I did) but like you I couldn’t find any stills that captivated the perfection of the costumes/decor, so these great stills are appreciated!

The teacher’s apartment looked like a doll house, I think it was my favorite interior seen throughout the movie. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that Carey Mulligan chose to change this adorable hairstyle right after the movie. Why oh why couldn’t she have kept it for a little while longer? She went from Audrey #2 to Michele Williams #2.

alis replied over 13 years ago.

i adored this film! i thought the acting was wonderful, the storyline was great and the settings, costumes, cinematography were glorious! I, too would die for the teachers house xx

emma replied over 13 years ago.

I didn’t really love it. I liked Carey’s hair but thought Rosamund Pike was the real star.

Caroline, No. replied over 13 years ago.

I agree about Rosamund Pike! I thought she was brilliant. x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

oh, i love this film. all the clothes! the lovely pastel decor! helen’s room and wardrobe in particular makes me swoon. it’s films like these that make me wish i was a set decorator (if that’s the right term for it, i’m not sure) because i love how much you can communicate about a character through their clothes and homes.

Kitty replied over 13 years ago.

I STILL haven’t seen this. It’s so on my ‘to buy’ list though. I know i will probably love it.

Hannah replied over 13 years ago.

I adored this film when I watched it! It’s got to be my favourite this year!
I thought the costumes were marvelous, I loved everything about this film.
& if I see you in town I will for sure say hi then :D

Hiroko replied over 13 years ago.

I LOVED this movie, mostly because it kind of explains really well my thoughts on dating older (very older) people, and by the time I watched it, I was feeling slightly left out by my friends who happen to think very similarly as the way Jenny did.

Sandra replied over 13 years ago.

It was pleasing to the eye and the characters were interesting. Carey Mulligan does look very young and was believable in het role.

Nishe replied over 13 years ago.

I watched this around a month and a half ago and absolutely loved it too! How great does Olivia Williams look in those glasses?

Lorena replied over 13 years ago.

i loved that movie so much! and now i feel like watching it all over again

meme replied over 13 years ago.

Honestly, I thought this was a perfect film. Really well done with superb acting. The art direction was perfect and the styling wasn’t overdone.

Chelsea replied over 13 years ago.

The movie was soooooo good! I was totally in love with it after I watched it and all I wanted to do afterwards was dressing up like Rosamund and Carey. I just loved the story and how lightly it was told even though the topic was pretty serious. Gotta love Nick Hornby. ♥

Alexa replied over 13 years ago.

Lovely post! I’m in love with this kitchen.

Jenn replied over 13 years ago.

the entire movie was like putting some great photos together :) great scenery and nice choices!

daria replied over 13 years ago.

just finished watching it!! what a great movie.. loved the ending! if Oxford is way out of my league then i will definitely get into UCL!!

Azaa replied over 13 years ago.

I watched this movie a while ago and I didn’t really have any expectations nor did I know anyone who had seen it. I was so totally captivated by the movie. I wanted to climb into my TV and live in the world. Despite the lack of obvious happy ending, I walked away feeling so touched by the movie. I think a lot of it had to to with the fashion. Even though I’m not usually one for retro styles, I adored everything carey mulligan wore! So glad you’re sharing in my obsession.

Becca replied over 13 years ago.

Hands down one of the best movies of the year. What a lovely post!

Lindsey replied over 13 years ago.

Ah, I loved it ,too! Wasn’t Rosamund Pike totally brilliant? I loved her facial expressions. Just hilarious.

Anke replied over 13 years ago.

this has definitely become one of my favourite movies ever.

steven replied over 13 years ago.

These are great, thank you!

catherine replied over 13 years ago.

Looking forward to this……..Thanks for beautiful photos!

Lisa replied over 13 years ago.

I loooved the look of this film and I thought the acting was amazing.
That last still is brilliant

Clare replied over 13 years ago.

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