Sign painters

06 July 10

Completely smitten with the Sign Painters project Jay B Sauceda, a match made in heaven of photography and typography.

(via designworklife)



Have you seen the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program? I think you’ll love them as your post reminded me of them.

Noodles and Waffles replied over 13 years ago.

Nice, I think the very faded third one down is my favourite. Congrats on the 1000 posts!

Kim replied over 13 years ago.

Glad you dig my work! It’s labor of love. I love type!

Jay B replied over 13 years ago.

I hate to see these paintings fade away, but their quality is half of their charm!
You may like this short documentary about one of the few mural painting companies left in New York:
I think it’s shot really well :)

amy w / over&under replied over 13 years ago.

love this. fell in love with hand-painted ads when i wrote this short piece on the “up there” documentary:

Roxanne replied over 13 years ago.

I love photography blogs. That lawn chair photo is just something amazing. I wish i could shoot like that with my D40. I mean you captured some great stuff. Did you use a UV filter for that shot?

jayar moten replied over 13 years ago.

The photos are by Jay B Sauceda ( so I’m afraid I don’t know! x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

love ghost signs, pictures of the past!

mat replied over 13 years ago.

Cool inspiration blog

Camille Petersen replied over 13 years ago.

these are lovely. i don’t know why i hated typography classes so much during art school, love it now and wish i’d paid better attention in classes..

dkim replied over 13 years ago.

:) Lovely pics.

Have you seen the documentary called up there?

Becs replied about 13 years ago.

[…] Sign painters. […]

Happy Weekend! | Snippet & Ink replied about 11 years ago.

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