16 February 10

A new version of an older illustration on postcards for Fred Flare and

an interview with me about life post-graduation in the current issue of Blanket magazine.

and I'm selling my old issues of Lula and a bunch of other lovely stuff on ebay.
There's so much more I want to blab about, but nothing I'm allowed to show yet! Soon, promise.



Hey! Love the blog, been following it for years. Nice interview! I’m planning on becoming a web designer, and going freelance is a big possibility. It’s definitely a lot of work, which is highlighted by all of the responsibilities you listed, haha, but I’m rooting for you! Keep up the awesome work, you’re an inspiration! x

Helen replied over 13 years ago.

1. I love the cards! the rosy cheek-hearts are perfect.
2. Polka dot prom dress in non-girly colours? Yes please. (My only problem is that vintage dresses are always too big in the bust for me. Grr.)

Helena replied over 13 years ago.

Cute postcards!

Thanks for linking to Blanket magazine, the article on graduates seems interesting as I’m graduating myself in a few months, eek!

Kim replied over 13 years ago.

Those cards are exquisite!

Golubka replied over 13 years ago.

We miss you ! Come back quick !

Rose replied over 13 years ago.

Will the postcards be available for purchase on the fred flare website?

cam replied over 13 years ago.

That top! It is justjaw-dropping cute!! If I could buy online, I’d snatch it already!
I always loved your style. Cute and charming and loaded with personality. (:


Brigitte replied over 13 years ago.

love the postcards

andrea replied over 13 years ago.

the dotted dress is cute

hena tayeb replied over 13 years ago.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: your blog is amazing!

Christina replied over 13 years ago.

i really love this last one- yellow dress.
and oh,
the perfect bow

Noa replied over 13 years ago.

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