01 December 10


Since my last travel porn post (which has incidentally had about 370,000 visitors to date, nearly all of who missed my I want to go to there 30 rock reference completely and presumably just thought I had crap grammar) I've narrowed my sights to one place: Iceland. I'm obsessed. I've been lurking expedia and flickr and wikipedia like a crazy person and I think 2011 might be the year. If you've been, tell me about it! Is it as expensive as I've heard (flights and hotel don't seem too bad and coming from London, nothing surprises me anymore)? Is the knitwear really that fantastic? Is spring a good time to go? etc


(Kevin Cooley)

(júlía ∆)



(Kevin Cooley)



(johann Smari)





(Melissa Maples)


(The Big Picture)

(Kevin Cooley)

(Bjørn Giesenbauer)


(Kevin Cooley)

(The Big Picture)

(Peter Baker)


(johann Smari)

(andri elfarsson)

(Kevin Cooley)


(Peter Nijenhuis)





We went for my mum’s 50th many moons again. I was too much of a sulky teenager to really make the most of it, but it jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, incredible etc. etc. etc. I mean, it is a bit like being on the moon.

Other things that stick out were the cold, the architecture of the churches (so beautiful, so remote, made me want to elope, that rhymed), the Blue Lagoon…

If you do go, get a car and drive out in to the middle of nowhere – or go on a tour that will do that – because the remote fishing villages and tiny communities are even more beautiful than Reyjkavik and the ‘big’ towns.

Rachael replied almost 13 years ago.

I was exactly like that when I went to Norway with my parents when I was like 14. I refused to do anything other than lie down in the back seat of the car and read, oh dear.

Unfortunately neither me or Andrew drive, so that might throw a spanner in the works… Going to look in to public transport. xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

I already had a couple of those photos saved on my desktop (of the colorful houses). How funny. Great minds think alike, I guess?

Mary replied almost 13 years ago.

Iceland is soooo pretty, I want to go there as well!
Do you know the photographer Rebekka (uhm I honestly don’t know her last name, it’s something Icelandic, hence difficult for me to remember ;)), anyway, she’s from Iceland and if you’ve never seen her pictures, you should definitely see them: :)

Angelica replied almost 13 years ago.

P.S. She also knits AWESOME sweaters! :)

Angelica replied almost 13 years ago.

I’ve been reading her blog, here photos are beautiful! In fact the one of the moss covered rocks is hers, above.
Her jumpers are AMAZING. xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Unfortunately Iceland is still in my wet dreams, but I have a couple of friends who have been there and it truly looks like it’s another planet.
I remember that one of said friend told me she found the cheapest flight via London (I live in Italy) so you’re kind of advantaged already, lol.
What really kills your budget are inland flights, so I think both my friends rented cars whenever they could to move.

Those photos are amazing btw. I still get teary eyed over photos of Eyjafjallajökull volcano. (But that maybe because I’m a failed geologist).
I made a few post over my tumblr ( I remember I just wanted to pack my camera and buy a ticket for Iceland.

Hope you get to go soon!

Stella replied almost 13 years ago.

I went to Iceland in the dead of winter and it was still magical! Cold and dark, but still. I think it would be awesome in Spring and actually really want to go back someday to be able to drive around the country.

Definitely do not dismiss the Blue Lagoon as some tourist thing. It may be, but does not diminish how awesome and weird it is. It is pretty expensive, but you should be able to snag a pretty cheap flight so that will help.

jennifer in sf replied almost 13 years ago.

after viewing these spectacular photos (which make me question WHY i even pick a camera up)- i can see why the obsession. now i want to go to there too!

kitchu replied almost 13 years ago.

it’s THE place to obsess about – completely justified! and let me tell you, if you ever go, you’ll love it and be even more overwhelmed by the beautiful nature, skies, change of weather, colors, moods and simply the grandeur of everything.. the amazing people.. I also obsessed or rather simply dreamed about the place and went on a whim, when their currrency was in the basement late in 2008 (november, to be precise.. :).. ).. it was absolutely amazing, best trip ever, despite the darkness and cold.. I’d go back any time again!! :)

nic replied almost 13 years ago.

OMG amazing!
Well, you’ve convinced me.
As an Aussie I could probably handle summer only over there, haha. Which I think is equivalent to our winter :/
I love those sort of nordic-y areas, always so beautiful, but harsh at times so I hear.

Hannah replied almost 13 years ago.

As a born and raised icelander I can say you are correct, the summers here are pretty much similar to the winters in Australia, at least in south Australia. At least its my experience since I went to Australia 3 years ago.

Gestur replied almost 13 years ago.

I went to Iceland last year and it is every bit as breathtaking as the beautiful pictures you’ve collected of it!
I went with 3 friends and we rented an apartment with a kitchenette for a very reasonable price, and including flights the package was around the same price you’d expect for any European trip. The thing I would suggest is to do A LOT of planning, we stayed in Reykjavik but all the sights we wanted to see (Blue Lagoon, Gulfoss waterfall, geysers etc) were all located outside of the capital. We prebooked coach trips and got some good promo deals so look out for those.
Time-wise, I would suggest autumn/winter time as that is when you’ll be able to see the northern lights (which admittedly, was one of my main motives for going). Aaaaah just talking about it makes me want to go back!

kerry replied almost 13 years ago.

Fantastic, thank you for the suggestions! Especially glad to hear that it’s possible to do by coach, as we don’t drive! x

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

I visited Iceland for the first time last year, and it was one of the most breathtaking and interesting landscapes I’ve ever seen… almost like another planet. I didn’t find it to be all that expensive, perhaps because we visited after the banking collapse, but I believe the Icelandic currency is even weaker now than it was then? The knitwear is wonderful in that there is so much that is handmade! I picked up a gigantic volume of Icelandic knitting charts and it’s one of the most beautiful books I own. I was there in Fall, and Spring and Fall seem like good times because the day length is “normal.”

sarai replied almost 13 years ago.

Cripes, these photos are gorgeous! I’ve been busy obsessing over a couple other countries on my to-visit list, but this post, and reading the above comment that Iceland is like visiting “another planet” direly makes me want to go there, too.

Kim replied almost 13 years ago.

The drinking water in Iceland must alter people into fantastic photographers because every picture I have seen from Iceland is amazing…

Noodles and Waffles replied almost 13 years ago.

these photos are all AMAZING. i can only imagine how beautiful the country will look through your lens! i’m practically already anticipating your photos, ha. i hope you’re able to go!

Olivia replied almost 13 years ago.

I also want to go to there. Amazing photos!

- Lez Lemon

Claire replied almost 13 years ago.

I haven’t been there, I’m from Honduras, really far and really poor (me) (the country too) but I’ve been forever in love with Icelandic witchcraft folklore and superstition. Penanggalan, Mananaggalan, Ek Ek, Wak Wak.. they have the most amazing legends and thus imagination. May you be lucky enough as to find a beheaded woman flying with her stomach and intestines dangling!

ps. I’m only kidding I’m 100% agnostic but hey still interested.

Raúl Valdivia replied almost 13 years ago.

Whoa. One day, some day!

sc replied almost 13 years ago.

WOW WOW. WOW. I can’t believe some of these photos! So amazing. Definitely go to Iceland and take many more amazing pictures!

Vanessa replied almost 13 years ago.

i am OBSESSED with going there. I love looking at flickr and seeing all the beautiful photos and dreaming of being there. i’m thinking it might be the honeymoon destination, even if it is freezing!!
iceland air did some great deals from London and NYC including accomodation which might be worth a look. i think 2011 is definitely the year!

sarah j replied almost 13 years ago.

I have a friend who camped in Iceland once… not exactly sure if that’s the kind of travel advice you’re looking for, but he loved it!

Lysha replied almost 13 years ago.

Oh god, I’m really dreadful at camping, I think it’ll have to be a hotel for me. Glad to hear he had a good time though! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Those are such beautiful place , I am amaze by the beauty of nature sometimes ^^

marilyn replied almost 13 years ago.

It is a truly magical place, and you curated an excellent photo selection that shows exactly why!

We circled the island last March. Having been there on a much shorter trip in 2007, I would say that if you can afford the time to really explore some of the more remote regions, you will never regret it. Seeing the landscape shift so rapidly (and weather and wind, oh my) from mountain bluffs to steaming rivers to black sand beaches to volcanic desert to glacier to the fjords and so on and so forth… otherwordly!

The sweaters are awesome too and are warmer than anything we can find back here in blustery Chicago. And coming from London, I don’t think you’d find the cost too staggering. I can say that I easily got twice as much for my USD in 2010 as I did in 2007…

Here’s one of my fave recent sets of Iceland photos – some amazing work here too!:

allison replied almost 13 years ago.

I went for a week a few years ago and it was incredible.

Yes, spring is an excellent time to go; it’s a little cold but not at all bitterly so. If you time it right, go when the Iceland Airwaves music festival is happening (and pre-book some tickets). The festival was amazing – I even saw Björk in the audience one night! Considering the success of your blog, you might even be able to get a press/photo pass if you contact the organisers (I did), and you can go to some amazing shows for free.

I remember things like food and hotel to be a little pricey, but this was before the global economic meltdown, so it might be cheaper now (since Iceland is essentially skint at the moment).
The tours were worth the expense, too. I took a Golden Circle tour and had a really pleasant time. You can get right up to the edge of waterfalls and geysers, volcano edges, etc. Actually you can see some of it in my photos here:

Greg Lexiphanic replied almost 13 years ago.

Thanks for the link, great photos! I must say I find this one
deeply disturbing, it’s like you can just fall off the edge AND DIE, but that might just be me haha!

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

most definitely travel porn! thanks for the awesome collection of photos! so inspiring.
this was the number one spot i wanted to go to for my honeymoon…we went to new zealand instead!!
i’d love to travel to iceland someday..


Jennifer replied almost 13 years ago.

My friends live there at the moment in Reykjavik as other people have said anytime Autumn until about February is best to go to see the northern lights. Their pictures are fantastic, we’re going in Feb – can’t wait

Sera replied almost 13 years ago.

OH MAN these are amazing! I still bang on about the photoshoot of Bjork in Iceland from Dazed and Confused a few years ago. I threw out my copy in a rampage and I’ve regretted it since :’(

kirsteen replied almost 13 years ago.

I want to go so much. I got obsessed with it after boyfriend and I watched the Sigur Ros documentary the other year. Knitwear! Snow! Sheep! I’m too poor to have any holidays at the moment thanks to unemployed boyfriend but I want to go sooooon.
My colleague is there at the moment which we all find hillarious as rural Kent where we work is basically the same as those photos. 17hrs of snow and counting here in Canterbury!

Tamsin replied almost 13 years ago.

I’m already planning my next trip! Just need to work super super hard.

moo replied almost 13 years ago.

I went to Iceland last summer, when I was 16 (it was a 16th birthday present…!). It truly is as magical as it looks – even the most beautiful of photographs cannot do it justice. Iceland is very geographically/topographically varied, from barren lava fields to glaciers to the greenest, most dramatically sloping hills and valleys. The people are so, so kind, and the culture is incredibly fascinating; I guarantee that just a walk through Reykjavik will be different than anything you’ve ever seen. From the stores to the people, to the generally relaxed atmosphere, Iceland is really a treat!

The knitwear is AMAZING and I’ve totally been kicking myself for not buying any when I was there!! However, I will warn you that yes, it is quite expensive. That is, if you really want to experience Iceland, it will be expensive. I mean, it is entirely possible to just stay in Reykjavik for a week or two, and then you’d avoid the cost of the bus that goes around the entirety of Iceland. However, it would be such a shame to go to Iceland and not venture out around the perimeter (that’s where the cities and towns lie, not in the middle as much). The only way to really understand and experience the magic of Iceland is to pay for things like the bus ride and other forms of transport, unless you’re driving yourself. I’d warn against that though…it’s likely to be some reeeeeally unfamiliar territory because it’s so geographically diverse!

Also, the food is really expensive. Even the cheap stuff. It’s just generally expensive, so if you go, try to stock up on food from the grocery store – it’s cheaper that way. I’d suggest going in the summer – it’s 24 hours of daylight!!! Really fun to experience that if you haven’t already :) Good luck and I hope you go!

Gia replied almost 13 years ago.

My bf and I can’t drive anyway, so that isn’t a problem :D
Thank you for the suggestions, really appreciate it! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

I went in February a few years ago and it really is as beautiful as you’d imagine. You must go! I think that’s a pretty cheap time of year to travel too, and it was snowing and beautiful (although it is currently snowing lots here too so.. maybe not as special!) The Gulfloss (waterfall) is amazing, and the Blue Lagoon is every bit as good as it looks, some places in the water are so hot you can’t actually put your foot in them, and it’s all natural! We stayed in an 8 person apartment so it worked out pretty cheap, and we had a jacuzzi too outside :) As long as you stock up on alcohol at the airport it’s fine! I really want to go back and go whale watching!

Laura replied almost 13 years ago.

One of my favorite posts ever! Iceland has replaced India as the #1 place I want to visit most! The tilt-shift photo where the homes and buildings look like miniatures is my new desktop background!!

Malinda Kay Nichols replied almost 13 years ago.

these are stunning! i have the sudden need to travel, now.

Brigitte replied almost 13 years ago.

Hey Kris!
I’m a born and raised Icelander and I can tell you that springtime is a good time to visit Iceland, especially in May when the day is getting longer. I can also tell you that Iceland has lots more to offer than Reykjavík and you will get your moneys worth if you hire a car and drive along Snæfellsnes. There you will find beautiful lava, black and white beaches, the Snæfellsjökull-glacier and lovely little fishing villages, plus you can go swimming in a state of the art swimming-pool! And this could easily be a day-trip. And because I am from the north, Húsavík (whale watching capital of Europe) to be exact, I want to promote that aria as well :o) Up north we have the beautiful lake Mývatn and all sorts of volcanoes surrounding it, plus there is the northern version of the Blue lagoon, call Jarðböðin við Mývatn. It’s cheaper and lovely! Driving out there will take you up to 6 hours, but its so worth it because our roads are kind of what you would probably call country roads so you get a lot of Icelandic nature along the way!

Feel free to contact me if you want further info or have questions regarding Iceland, I’d be happy to help!

Hope you can make it over here soon :o)

Ina replied almost 13 years ago.

Thank you so much for the suggestions!
I definitely want to do more than just Reykjavík, though sadly we don’t drive so will have to look in to buses or something!
Can’t wait though! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Have you seen Noi Albinoi? I think you’d like it. It’s set in Iceland and it’s beautiful, if rather heartbreaking.

Dot replied almost 13 years ago.

I’m American (Pennsylvanian, Philadelphian) but I lived in Iceland for almost 2 years back in the 1970s. I echo what Ína says above. May was the most beautiful month in both of those years; temperatures between 55F and 65F (13C and 18C) and loads of bright sunshine. One weekend in June, we camped along Iceland´s south shore, where there are 2 magnificent waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. One of my most cherished memories of my sojourn in Iceland is waking up with the early morning sun (after about 3 hours of darkness), throwing back the tent flap, and seeing 4 Icelandic ponies galloping down the hill next to the waterfall across the stream by which we camped. It was beyond breathtaking.

Within just a few miles (kilometers) of where we camped is Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland´s southernmost point, with magnificent sea caves to explore. We visited the amazing rock Dyrhólaey and saw lots of puffins, a sea bird indigenous to Iceland. We also trekked up to the edge of the glacier Sólheimajökull, which feels like it’s at the very edge of the universe.

eric replied almost 13 years ago.

wouaaaah it’s amazing so nice i love ittttt
i want to travel !!

Amelie replied almost 13 years ago.

Hi Kris

Iceland looks breathtaking. I would love to go there someday!

You might be interested in Australian fashion designer Arnsdorf’s AW11 collection – it was inspired by the volcanic eruption in Reykjavik.

i.d. replied almost 13 years ago.

Love the work, would love to have an opportunity like this, great photos.

tony replied almost 13 years ago.

ive wanted to go since i saw the sigur ros video for glosoli…my dream is to be sitting in a hot spring while drinking hot chocolate. <3 !

kristen replied almost 13 years ago.

I spent the summer in Iceland and it is absolutely gorgeous but if you limit yourself to the “golden circle” (Gulfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir) you won’t be seeing all of what Iceland has to offer. I can’t really comment on the weather in May but June, July and August were lovely. Yes there was some pretty rubbish weather but the 24 hour sunlight through June was to die for.
It is pretty pricey – especially as far as car rental is concerned, you might be better to take your car over on the ferry. I didn’t stay in hotels (I mainly camped) but hostels were about 20 quid a night in a dorm room. Food isn’t hugely pricey but it’s not all that exciting either most of the time (I do recommend the lamb over there!).
My recommendations: like Ina, I would opt for the North’s version of the blue lagoon it’s about a third of the price and a lot nicer, snaefellsness is lovely, skaftafell is lovely, the west fjords are exquisite and the highlands – places like hveravellir (only highland place I got, but I heard that landmannalauger etc is quite something).
Drop me a line if you want more info. If you’re into couchsurfing, the Icelandic community there is also pretty great.
Oh and the music scene in Iceland is wonderful too – one of my favourite memories is drinking Icelandic shnapps with horsetraders who were singing traditional folk songs!
Best of luck getting there, you won’t regret it

Bryony replied almost 13 years ago.

I am completely blown away. I can’t imagine how anyone living there would ever leave that place. It’s so magical.

Bella replied almost 13 years ago.

Iceland looks incredible! I definitely want to go there sometime!

Kate replied almost 13 years ago.

I’ve been to Iceland a few times now and did not ever find it too expensive (mind you I basically lived on Cheese and Remoulade sandwiches, Skyr and hotdogs to keep costs down). Norway is much, much worse, and if you’re coming from London you shouldn’t be too put out. However, you can even treat yourself out to a daily coffee and Kleinur without breaking the bank. Drinking is very expensive – though experiencing a few nights out is a must. We sat the ‘early hours’ in an empty Kaffibarrin discussing how much nightlife in Reykjavik was exaggerated until we were suddenly overwhelmed by the throng after midnight.

Though you need to get out of Reykjavik to fully appreciate the country. Epic is an understatement of the scenery. Renting a car is not too expensive if you are in the off season. However, bear in mind that the wind can actually make even driving impossible (a fellow traveller told us a story of how the wind was so strong picked the door and smashed it into the front of the car when they opened it near Vik). I found the trip to Höfn particularly breathtaking (with Jökulsárlón – the iceberg lagoon – and the surreal moss covered rock forest that reminded me of Nausicaa for some reason). Actually – you won’t be disappointed in any direction. The country is quite small (though being from Australia I am used to larger distances so perhaps it is perception) and you could probably make a trip around the whole Ring Road (with detours) quite feasible. I don’t know what it’s like now but I preferred winter, as the peak season (i.e. not winter) the country can be absolutely crawling with tourists and prices go up considerably.

There are definitely some tourist traps. The Blue Lagoon I thought was over-rated, but it is n experience. I would recommmend you do it on the way to Reykjavik from the airport (the bus can do this) to help loosen up after the flat. Iceland is full of amazing baths, some of them are just like municipal pools but they are very much ‘community hubs’ and you can just hang out with locals – and they cost less than a cup of coffee. Laugardalslaug was my favourite. I found them much better than the expensive and touristy (and rather wanky) Blue Lagoon.

Hostels are pretty cheap, though aren’t often open in winter in smaller towns. Just do it! Do it do it do it!

jon replied almost 13 years ago.

<3, love, LOVE Iceland :)

Eg elska Island :)


Angela Stokes-Monarch replied almost 13 years ago.

My husband took me there as a surprise gift for our 30th. It was by far one of the BEST trips we ever took and a super interesting place. The landscape is so different, as you can tell by the pictures, and I was struck by its beauty. I was also struck by how beautiful looking people are there. I loved the simple and understated look and feel of the place. Unfortunately, we only stayed for a weekend so I left hungry for more! (Icelandair was running a special that included airfare, hotel and tickets to see Buena Vista Social Band for $400, impossible to miss!) The highlights of the trip included an afternoon at the Blue Lagoon (just thinking about it makes me go “aaaaah”) a tour of Reykjavik and horseback riding on Icelandic horses.

We went in April (so spring) and it was COLD. So bring warm clothes.

And yes, I remember it being pretty expensive. But this was almost 10 years ago, and I don’t know what the current situation is.

Whenever I’m in conversation with people who wonder what their next travel destination should be, I ALWAYS say “go to Iceland” so I’m telling you now: Go to Iceland. You will not be disappointed!

Hope this helped.

Ana replied almost 13 years ago.

Thank you for the suggestions! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Absolutely amazing. My dad used to work on Iceland when I was little, so I have always wanted to go and see it for myself. So beautiful I want to cry!!

Myran replied almost 13 years ago.

Wow, travel porn indeed! Funny cause just today I wrote a post about escaping everything and go explore Bali. Cannot really afford long trips like Iceland, but hey, once I move back to Europe everything is just a stone throw away…

Misha replied almost 13 years ago.

Exhilarating photography. It’s truly amazing and wonderful. One can only think how beautiful Europe is. I really want to go there some day or Iceland someday. All I can say is “Superfantastic” )))
Best wishes to you always

Shadab replied almost 13 years ago.

A well timed post! I’m off to Iceland in 2 weeks and this post has got me super super excited about it! I am all about the Blue Lagoon, the 7am partying and the crazy knitwear!

Anne-Marie replied almost 13 years ago.

Lucky you, hope you’re going to post about it on your blog! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Hey Kris,

You have to go! I’ve been all over the world and Iceland is truly one of a kind. My boyfriend’s from there so we went in August of 2009 and are about to go again for the holidays. I’ll let you know how the seasons compare once I get back from my trip. He always says there’s no place like Iceland in the summer and I have to agree with that. You might not get northern lights but you will get long days of sightseeing and ‘nights’ out. We went out downtown a few times and its so surreal to have dawn approach as you’re only getting to your second bar of the night.

It was pricey, but I didn’t think it was much more than London as far as meals and drinks. Renting a car is a great idea… the drive along the coast is wonderful. You can literally see a glacier, the ocean, waterfalls, and lava rock from the driver’s seat. Also, if you decide to go in summer, try to camp in one of the small towns outside the capital along the coast. When we went, it stayed light for so long, we didn’t need a torch or anything and then got to experience one of the local hot tub swimming pool areas.

Last thing, if you’re flexible on dates, try to go when they are having a big event. Iceland Airwaves is supposed to be great!

Good Luck!

Liz replied almost 13 years ago.

Thank you very much for the suggestions Liz! Hope you have a lovely time over the holidays! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Iceland surely is breathtaking beautiful with the wild landscape and colourful pretty houses but really, those pics might be a tiny bit photoshopped :) I come from Finland but have been living in Iceland for two years now, first in the countryside and now downtown Reykjavík. Iceland is definitely worth seeing and a very special kind of place, but well, maybe I’ve been here a bit “too long” though since I’ve became a bit negative about it(or maybe it’s just because way too often I cannot go to my favourite cafés because they are occupied by German or American tourists talking about how awesome Blue Lagoon was(haven’t been there myself but I’ve heard it’s a waste of money))) BUUUT, yeah, sometimes this oh-magical-Iceland-and-Björk-looks-like-elfgoddess-thing just makes me wanna laugh/cry/shout. Boo.
HOWEVER. The knitwear is awesome. The wool is not all Icelandic as they proudly advertise it and it’s rather itchy but oh all those Scandinavian style patterns make me wanna sing and dance AND most of all, the range of colours is absolutely brilliant! And furthermore, the yarn is ridiculously cheap here. So that alone is a reason to come for a visit.
Drop me a message if you go as far as booking the flights, I could recommend you the cosiest cafés and prettiest boutiques, maybe even show around :)

Mira replied almost 13 years ago.

Haha, I completely understand. Sometimes when tourists talk about London, I want to scream! It’s not them same when you live there!
I still want to go to magical Iceland though ;) and I don’t mind a bit of Photoshop!
I’ll definitely ask you for some authentic suggestions if I end up actually going. Thank you! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

I visited Iceland this summer. It was fun and the landscape is beautiful. But I think some of these pictures make it look nicer than it actually is. It is a great place to visit once but I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon (nothing negative, just lots of other landscapes to experience around the world).

aXj replied almost 13 years ago.


Rent a car, drive across and around on this magical island. Me and my family just drove on random sometimes, ending up on little gravel roads filled with baby seagulls and fantastic veiws. I so wish I could go back in near future. It is such an amazing island. And it’s not that expencive, though coming from Norway, which feels around the same as London sometimes, I am used to severely high prices.

sarah replied almost 13 years ago.

i have never wanted to go to iceland… until now!! unbelievable pictures!

Audrey replied almost 13 years ago.

If you haven’t seen it yet watch this video and it’ll make you want to visit even more =) (middle video)

Emily replied almost 13 years ago.

I’ve totally seen then, it’s a rally good tourism campaign actually!

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Beautiful pictures there!

Mark replied almost 13 years ago.

If you are interested in visiting Iceland, you may want to visit my posts from my Honeymoon at Iceland.

It IS as amazing as it looks, and more. The shopping and food are amazing.

Being that you live in Britain… it is actually much cheaper than visiting London for a bit. Hotels are cheaper, food is cheaper, tastier, fresher. The shopping is more expensive, but the quality and design are loads better than what you find in London, because it is more unique.

You may just want to rent a car (make sure you get a Subaru or a Ford with 4 Wheel Drive), and just drive around the Island and the sleepy little fishing villages. There are some unspeakably beautiful waterfalls, uncountable double rainbows just when you stop by the side of the road. Make sure to venture out of Reykjavik for the full experience.

Make sure you also stop at Blue Lagoon. It is one of the defining and relaxing aspects of a visit to Iceland.

I can’t wait to see if you go!

Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

Mae Lu replied almost 13 years ago.

Thank you very much for the suggestions and links. Lovely photos!
We don’t drive which is a total bummer, but I’m sure there are buses or something! xx

kris atomic replied almost 13 years ago.

Awesome Collection………..

Deepshikha Shrivastava replied almost 13 years ago.

Iceland, here I come! Lovely photos!

Lovell D'souza replied almost 13 years ago.

I’ve wanted to go for so long and these pictures have reminded me exactly why.

Roxanne the Dainty Librarian replied almost 13 years ago.

Oh my goodness, I’m sold. Going to Iceland now, brb.

Nicole replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] Iceland (KRISATOMIC) […]

Iceland replied almost 13 years ago.

these are beautiful! my family is from iceland, and even snapshots taken with the most basic camera still look gorgeous because of that enchanting environment.

i hope you go, i know you’ll take stunning photos!

kristine asta replied almost 13 years ago.

Oh, yes, Iceland is definitely in my list of “places to visit”, too.
It looks like such a magical an special country!

Tamara replied almost 13 years ago.

it really is like no other place. hands down best place i’ve ever been.

lisa morter replied almost 13 years ago.

Oh my gosh. I need to visit Iceland. It’s so beautiful I almost want to cry.

Cassidy replied almost 13 years ago.


THE SHEEP IN A BOX replied almost 13 years ago.

GO! Amazingly visual land! I was there skiing at the end of April (Iceland’s 1st day of summer) and wore mittens and a down jacket in Reykjavik. Go a little later if you want warmer weather.

Poppy replied almost 13 years ago.

Could anybody tell me what the name of waterfall in 14th picture is? I mean, the picture subtled “(Tim Gasperak)” below.
I really want to know the name to find more information of that spot.
I would really appreciate for any information.

Shawn Lee replied almost 13 years ago.

it is Gulfoss, Falls of the Gods. we were stationed there with the US Navy and it was one of our favorite destinations!

Tammy replied almost 13 years ago.

No this is Dettifoss, which is the largest waterfall in Iceland in terms of the amount of water that flows each second. Here is a picture of Gullfoss :)

Björg replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] und geh nach Island.” Solche Gedanken können einem schon kommen, schaut man sich diese Zusammenstellung vorzüglichster Landschaftsaufnahmen […]

Iceland is a magical island with a lot of energy. I live there since few month and this country, landscape and people inspired me every time. So, let´s go and dance with the trolls through this fantastic place :)

tina bauer replied almost 13 years ago.

So Im a follower of your blog…love it, very inspiring. And now I come by and see pictures of Iceland. I live here and looking at thouse pictures I was a bit proud to be ;). You should come here. Yes living in Iceland is very expencive now but not for you, for the krona is very low now. And oh yes the knitwear is amazing…I wear it and love it you should look at this one then The landscapes are my inspiration in my art, the food is amazing , people are outgoing and nice, nightlife is like nowhere else ;). I could go on. ;)

Well hope this helps


Olof replied almost 13 years ago.

i went to iceland two years in a row in the october. fantastic, worth every penny. the second year was just as their economy was collapsing, and everything was half the price of the year before. even then, slightly more expensive than the UK but a relief after spending all my money in norway. i’m sure everything has increased again since 2008.

i don’t know if there are many buses as you mentioned above. my friends and i rented a car from reykjavík and drove into the beyond. we were often the only vehicle on the road. also we had to fight the urge to pull over to take photos every 100 meters. we went for the iceland airwaves music festival so we drove as far as we could get in one direction, coming back to the city at night for the festival. if you are ambitious you can get as far as jökulsáurlón (iceberg photo you posted above the mailbox) about 1/3 the way around the island and return to the city in one day. if you are thinking about going in the spring there’s time to learn to drive, right? :) i would love to spend more time to go all the way around the island. seems like camping might be the best way to do it.

i didn’t do much shopping there, but i did see some good deals on knits at the flea market in reykjavík. also i don’t know if it is still there, but there was an ongoing communal knitting piece at the main library. see page three of my photos linked above.

also!! if you fly iceland air you can stop over on the island for up to a week at no additional price. so if you’re planning a trip to new york, and can tack on a few days this might be a good option. hope you get there soon!

shannon rae replied almost 13 years ago.

I knew about this country but
but did not even thought how much it is amazing

thank you very much

private detective Toronto replied almost 13 years ago.

My partner and I went this last September, just missed some big events in Reykjavik. Rainy pre winter season was just getting underway. But it was so nice, and I really enjoyed that there weren’t a lot of people. Reykavik and Akureyri have some neat little design stores, and the museum, and art gallery were interesting too. We rented a car and drove around the island. So beautiful and truly amazing. For knitwear the town of Vik is where a lot of the knit wear is manufactured.
So beautiful there!

Heïdi replied almost 13 years ago.

“I want to go to there” was my exact thought when I saw the first photo before i read the introductory paragraph. HA!

Sandra replied almost 13 years ago.

Yay this post made me happy! I’m from Iceland and you can even see my parents house on the colorful house pictures (the yellow with the blue roof!). Of course I can’t really be objective but I think Iceland is a must if you want to experience a holiday that is a bit different.. I had my Australian friend over this summer and she’s coming back in winter after her stay in France because she loved it so much!
But it is definitely quite expensive and not super easy to get around (probably best to rent a car) but I think you’d love it (and take great photos)! Feel free to contact me if you need any insider tips… ;)

valborg replied almost 13 years ago.

Oh I just saw that you don’t drive.. but yes there are buses ;)

valborg replied almost 13 years ago.

Lovely, beautiful, simple, quiet, colourful…i wish I could go there…

Aurelie replied almost 13 years ago.

completely amazing pictures!!

Jessica replied almost 13 years ago.

Incredible photos! thanks for sharing

Julie replied almost 13 years ago.

all these pictures are absolutely amazing!! I would love to visit Iceland!!

Florence replied almost 13 years ago.

Hey! Yes the knitwear is rad, though I’m not sure if it’s because it has mystical knobbly properties or if it just looks cooler than usual on the beyond-beautiful Icelandic population. I was there about 3 months ago and definitely recommend a trip. It is like another planet.
I found the food to be really expensive – I paid $15 for a burger meal- but there are ways around it, like getting a hotel that includes breakfast. Make sure you try the local cuisine- we tried both reindeer and minke whale at the restaurant overlooking the blue lagoon. Awesome.
We booked through and a standard hotel room in the centre of Reykjavik (inc breakfast) was very reasonably priced. If we had the time we would have stayed in any one of the dreamy farmhouse B&Bs that will come up if you search ‘boutique accommodation Iceland’.

I wrote about a minor hiccup here
and posted a handful of pictures here

Genevieve replied almost 13 years ago.

Oh wow. Iceland seems magical. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. What a landscape.

Samantha replied almost 13 years ago.

Crazy amazing!!

Mandy replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] wusste schon immer, ich muss einmal nach Island. Diese Bilder bestärken meinen Wunsch, einmal dort gewesen zu sein… Die Füße meiner Frau und mir, leicht […]

Isländisches Herzklopfen | Fallengelassenes replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] [Quelle und mehr Bilder] […]

Bitte bleib&#8230; | Fallengelassenes replied almost 13 years ago.

Utterly beautiful pictures! Go to Iceland and come home with a bunch of more beautiful pictures! I checked your pics from Brighton, you’re an amazing photagrapher.

Isabelle replied almost 13 years ago.

is everyone really that blonde? love the sigur ros photo.

Shannon replied almost 13 years ago.

Loved this post! Iceland has to be one of the most breathtaking places ever. I’m mildly obsessed with glaciers, so I would have to see some of those!

Sarah @ She Said Stupendous replied almost 13 years ago.

I’m drooling over this post! Sweden has always been my dream destination and now Iceland is coming in second place.
What a magical country! I want to go. I will go.

monica of hola!design replied almost 13 years ago.

Yes, Iceland is expensive, but islands usually are. I suspect that prices have dropped quite a bit since the economy has crashed, but I don’t know to what degree. I visited last in 2007.

While the winter pictures that you posted are wonderful, I would recommend visiting in the warmer portions of the year, when the days are long.

I think I read that you don’t drive. I would bring along someone to provide chauffeur services, since the countryside is so beautiful. Rent yourself a turbodiesel Yaris & drive the perimeter of the island and visit the smaller towns. There are campgrounds for tent camping, if you are in to that (& will save $).

The landscape in Iceland is simply amazing. The pictures that you posted are of scenes that one can see on most any given day.

I would recommend a 2 week trip: maybe spend a few days in Reykjavik, then drive the perimeter of the island & then spend another few days in Reykjavik.

Sveinn Thordarson replied almost 13 years ago.

I’m going to Iceland in June and I absolutely cannot wait!


Brittany H replied almost 13 years ago.

Hi there.
I went to Iceland this past June with a friend of mine. We spent 3 weeks there. The first week we spent in Reykjavik and the next two we rented a car and drove around the entire country. It is the most beautiful country. We rented someone’s apartment for the week we were in Reykjavik and then camped the rest of the time. It made the trip really affordable. We didn’t find it that expensive. We bought a lot of food at the grocery store and went out for dinners.
The pools are amazing so make sure you check them out. The Blue Lagoon is wonderful but not the best in the country – there are a lot of wonderful pools that cost A LOT less to go in throughout the country.
The knitwear is amazing – there are some really lovely wool shops around Reykjavik.

You will have an amazing time when you go. I miss it everyday.

Jenn replied almost 13 years ago.

AHh these pictures are beautiful! Bravo. Love them and now I am even more dying to go to Iceland. Did anyone see the Iceland promotional video they did after the volcano? It was so cute and incredibly well done. Day dreaming about a trip to Iceland now :)

sydney replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] source […]

Weekend Wrap Up | Lady Writer replied almost 13 years ago.

There are more amazing images of Iceland at my blog:
This is my favorite place on earth!

Amy replied almost 13 years ago.

can we come too?

Sara replied almost 13 years ago.

You should most definetly come here to Iceland :) and now is the right time, since the krona (icelandic currency) is very favorable for foreigners, you get more for your money here (unfortunately it isn´t the same for us Icelanders… but the crisis will hopefully soon be over). The country is as beautiful as those pictures show and it doesn´t matter which time of the year you come, there is always something wonderful to see. But of course it is unique to come in the early summer, since the daylight is 24-7 :) nothing like sitting outside at midnight and it is as bright as the day :) best time to go camping.

Björg replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] So many awesome photographs of Iceland here! […]

[…] as imagens eu tirei daqui. […]

islândia &laquo; Almond blossoms replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] about Iceland. It all started when I stumbled upon these beautiful photos featured on the blog: kris atomic. But seriously it’s on my mind non-stop. I know the warmest time of year, accommodations, […]

//ice ice baby &laquo; bits of wonderland replied almost 13 years ago.

I’ve always wanted to go there as well, and did a fair amount of research – nothing put me off… it just never happened. One day!

Martin Lucas replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] Icelandic travel porn Kris Atomic […]

these are stunning. I’ve always wanted to travel there, and now I think it just bumped its way up the list.

ryan replied over 12 years ago.

[…] extensive control-freakish itinerary already. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me tips in this post and the few of you who emailed me suggestions too. Your help is very appreciated! It goes without […]

Very nearly neon &laquo; KRISATOMIC replied over 12 years ago.

I saw this post months ago, and although I had already been dreaming about Iceland- this sealed the deal. I’m buying my ticket for spring 2012 this summer, and planning planning planning.

Renai replied over 12 years ago.

[…] of Iceland, Kris Atomic did a great post of photos that you should really check out. Looks like such a wonderfully […]

Visit Iceland | hiphopsideproject replied over 12 years ago.

oh god
I can’t believe that there is such beauty

car insurance broker Ajax replied over 12 years ago.

[…] Wow! Iceland seems so magical and full of hidden gems. More pictures at Kristatomic. […]

Iceland &laquo; The Electric Typewriter replied over 12 years ago.

wowzers, how absolutely freakin’ stunning!!

Dawn replied over 12 years ago.

best trip we’ve ever taken, and possibly ever will take — until our next visit to Iceland. you’ll love it.

we held down costs a bit by staying in guest houses, and bringing some of our own food. hire a car — we didn’t do it, but now realise it’d be worth every penny to hire one w/ 4wd.

seriously, we think and talk about this trip and when we’re going back pretty much every day.

Mark replied over 12 years ago.

I went in April and I loved it! Nice video :) I think we went to a lot of the same places. x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

[…] all started with this blog post. I came across it at the beginning of the year, fell in love with the images and had to go to […]

I’m going May 7th. Can hardly wait, especially after seeing these pictures. I won’t be able to stop taking photographs. I hope that I can do it justice!

Lynn Wilbur replied almost 12 years ago.

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