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28 August 10

I've never been that into Zara. I would always hear of people getting amazing things there, but whenever I went in it was always a bit too boho-sienna-hippie-floral-smocks-broderie-anglaise and I just couldn't see the appeal. Anyway, last week Hannah tweeted about getting a great Vuittonesque knee length skirt from Zara and I got curious and made a quick visit. If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me screaming about their knitwear and leather shorts and getting overexcited over elbow patches. I officially take back all my previous judgements and will probably ruin myself come september 2nd when their online store opens.

They've done a super cute job with the styling of these lookbooks. The layering in the top ones reminds me of J.Crew (who always have me shaking and crying), while the bottom ones have a nice Celineish simplicity, always a breath of fresh air on the high street. And let's talk about that leather skirt!!!

(all images from Zara.)



they do seem to be improving exponentially as the years go by. they’ve knocked it out of the park with these looks.

Caroline, No replied over 12 years ago.

I’ve got to say, I used to love Zara, then for about seven years I thought it was extremely boring, but lately it seems to have really picked up and is reminding me of what it used to be like and why I used to love it.

When it was crap (in my opinion) it was filled with badly cut, awkwardly fitted office wear and lots of Acton-Yummy-Mummy kind of semi-boho stuff, with really ugly materials and bland as hell colours.

Now? Now, it’s pretty much as you’ve said. I think they’ve revamped. It’s like H&M, I used to love H&M and I still find some nice things in it, but I think it’s gone downhill a lot lately. So Zara has kind of stepped in and put out better quality clothing in the style of H&M when it was great. Kind of fun, original and on-the-ball with styles. I mean, the photos you’ve posted have the A/W’10 stuff incorporated SO nicely.

I’m glad to hear they are opening up online – I also think my bank account is trembling at the thought.

Have you ever been in Zara in the USA? I thought it was really different than here in the UK. The one at my local mall in Tampa has tons and tons of sale rales and some of the stuff is really, I can’t even think of a word, but it’s not exactly high-street fashion. it seemed more like an outlet store, yet this was a normal mall store. Check it out if you’re over there sometime soon.


sarah replied over 12 years ago.

Whoops, sorry, it appears I can ramble on a lot about Zara. ;p

sarah replied over 12 years ago.

My thoughts exactly on Zara becoming a better H&M.

Nishe replied over 12 years ago.

I totally agree about h&m! It’s harder to find nice stuff than in used to be, everything seems to be getting really young (or I’m getting REALLY old?).
I have been to US Zara, it was so boring I nearly died. haha xx

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Wait… Zara is seriously opening an online shop?? Will it be available to people in the States?

Meg replied over 12 years ago.

From what I’ve read, I think it’s Europe only for now :( hopefully US will be next though! x

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

I’ve just gotten back from a trip to San Francisco, and while I was there I fell in love with so many pieces from Zara’s current collection. They really managed to distill all the major trends for autumn into their most perfectly wearable form. I could have bought so much, but in the end I settled for a full, ballet-length skirt in black – a really ladylike silhouette, which I immediately toughened up with heeled Dr Marten boots. Seriously, it’s such a versatile piece – I know I’m going to wear it relentlessly.

The good news for those in Australia (like myself) is that we’re getting our own Zara later this year. CAN’T WAIT!

Nadia - The Animal Orchestra replied over 12 years ago.

Ahh the middle look in the third group is so tasty. I want those pants. I want all of these things actually.

Anna replied over 12 years ago.

…and then really everything. Never thought Zara would make clothes i actually like.

Lenine replied over 12 years ago.

i think for zara their spring apparels do usually come off as very sienna miller-ish; it’s their fall looks that tend to be more classic & alluring <3 i love zara either way! though they're still quite out of the range for my student budget :(

Esther replied over 12 years ago.

I have to say I know what you mean about the random boho stuff that appears from time to time but for the last year most of their stuff has been consistently amazing. Love everything you posted here and DEFINITELY can’t wait for the website to open for shopping.

Hannah replied over 12 years ago.

Damn, what have I been missing out on?!
Did you hear h&m are doing eshopping from the 16th of september? This may turn out to be an expensive month…

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

I have to agree with Hannah – I think it’s been consistently amazing in the last twelve months! My only issue is that I’m too big for most of their stuff and I definitely can’t buy trousers or skirts from there :(

Miss Believer replied over 12 years ago.

I don’t know how I’m so out of the loop! My only excuse is that I haven’t done much shopping this year, since working in fashion totally killed that particular pastime.
The only thing I don’t really like is that they don’t do proper sizes, everything seems to be S M L which I find pretty annoying. xx

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

Hello, I just say that Zara online store is just for Euope, not US (sorry). Everybody in Spain and Europe wears Zara, because Amancio (the owner) and all his stores (Oysho, Uterqüe, Bershka, Stradivarius, etc) just makes clothes from runway to the streets, I mean he clon everything for the runwaysm that´s why the all fame of Zara, quality could be better and the best thing if just thaht every 2 weeks came new clothes to rhe store.

Ana replied over 12 years ago.

I know, I’m in Europe :)

kris atomic replied over 12 years ago.

I gotta to go Zara soon to check everything out even if it’s just for that cute hat, I have to say Zara lately has been one of my fave stores they always seem to have something I like when I go in and their stuff is great quality to. I’ve also just realised I’m wearing a jumper from Zara at the moment lol xoxo

Cate replied over 12 years ago.

Wow, I just love it! My style is not as girly as yours but I think every one can find something in Zara. Even in the few looks above! Thank God I am moving! There was a Zara right next to my uni, literally! It was almost on campus! Needless to say, my whole scholarship went into their cash machines!

Elodie replied over 12 years ago.

love ZARA to death :P

fashfix replied over 12 years ago.


Didiane replied over 12 years ago.

I look forward to seeing some of these illustrated by you.

Inessa Zherebnenko replied over 12 years ago.

omg, they’re opening an online store??? goodbye savings…
and i definitely agree with what the above commenter said about h&m, what’s going on with that place these days? i feel like their stuff is aimed at teenagers and yummy mummies and there’s nothing for those inbetween! rip h&m.

Kitty replied over 12 years ago.

[…] these images are via Krisatomic. […]

LinLoves replied over 12 years ago.

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