Aya Brackett

30 August 10

So hung up on Aya Brackett's photos and her impeccable colours, gorgeous light and artful arrangements of objects. I read that she does most of her own food styling, which is probably why the composition looks so perfectly natural.

(all photos by Aya Brackett)



The one with the bunny! Love!

alis replied over 12 years ago.

these shots are all wonderful and I absolutely love all the colors

Inessa Zherebnenko replied over 12 years ago.

Ohhh, these are all so bright and colorful! Love them!

Jen replied over 12 years ago.

ahhh! there is sooo much inspiration in the post!!! i would yell! but i’m at work…
thank you for feeding my hungry eyes!

jennifer young replied over 12 years ago.

The bubble tea and sliced cucumber shots are my favorites. Great photos, thanks for posting them!

Shilo replied over 12 years ago.

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