Susie Cowie Embroidery

07 April 10

I'm sure I've posted about Susie's work before, but she's done a lot of beautiful new pieces and I'm in love all over again! If you want to see more, there are pictures of Susie at work in her studio at thisisnaive that will almost definitely make you swoon.

(all images from Susie Cowie)



So, so beautiful. My favourite is the lace one with her name in it, so intricate!

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Clare replied about 13 years ago.

This is going to sound silly, but thank you so much for linking to that site! Someone recently linked me saying my blog reminded her of that blog (I can`t see how ha) and I didn`t bookmark the blog even though I liked it! I finally found it again thanks to you!

And…this maaay be my first time commenting on your blog, so if so I just want to say you have wonderful art and you are consistently blogging inspiring images. I love coming to your blog if I need to look at something uplifting or beautiful. So thank you for that! :)

Hana replied about 13 years ago.

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Brigadeiro replied about 13 years ago.

Oh wow, this is breathtakingly beautiful! I’ve been sort of more obsessed with textile art then normal lately, and this is such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Mallory replied about 13 years ago.

thank you for sharing the link to her site.
i love the sail boat tatting piece – so beautiful and delicate.
yet another bookmark added to the list!
eva // evoluer

Eva replied about 13 years ago.

Wow. These are so stunning. I’ve been trying to teach myself how to embroider things (I’m determined to embroider my sofa… maybe that’s crazy, but I can’t stop thinking about it!), so her work is very inspiring to me right now. Must not give up!

Thanks for sharing her beautiful work!

Krissy ♥ replied about 13 years ago.

i love your blog! i am so happy that i have discovered it. I have linked you as a ‘favourite’ on my blog xx

emma replied about 13 years ago.

Very inspiring! love your blog

Helena replied about 13 years ago.

These are all so stunning. I can’t even imagine the amount of time that would go into these.

Shelby replied about 13 years ago.

These are just lovely, perfect for those autumnal/ winter months when there are so many flowers about!

Georgia replied about 13 years ago.

oops, I mean when there aren’t so many flowers about!

Georgia replied about 13 years ago.

Hello Kristina,
I also live by the sea in Brighton, and am an embroiderer. I have just discovered Susie Cowie, I think her embroideries are breathtaking.I also make lace pieces but they are nothing next to hers. Your blog is great, it’s my first visit, but I’ll be back! Have you come across selvedge magazine? beautiful textiles and illustrations. Anna

Anna Liversidge replied about 10 years ago.

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