Hardy boys and paper dolls

23 April 10

"I have been looking at book shelves and untouched childhood pursuits with a new eye. With great sadness, I realize that these objects will someday be obsolete, at least in their current incarnations. And like a curator of antiquities, I see them now as beautiful objects to be admired and preserved, if only on film." - from In Case of Rain, a photo series by Aline Smithson.

More splendid work at her site and blog.



These pictures are so beautiful, i love the differnt coloured books :)

Kamma replied about 13 years ago.

This post was so incredibly beautiful to look at!

Isabel replied about 13 years ago.

Amazing photos and very inspirational! I love the Steiff animals (especially the elephant)! ;)

Anna replied about 13 years ago.

Ah what beautiful images.

Laura replied about 13 years ago.

Beautiful pictues, I love the ones on the washing line!

Love from Tweet


Clare replied about 13 years ago.

paper dolls are such a fond childhood memory. thank you for revisiting these ‘lost toys’. such beautiful muted colors…


Eva replied about 13 years ago.

Great photos, I love the cutout dolls with the outfit changes. When I was a little kid I used to draw and make my own with Disney princesses hahaha.

Ganymede Girl replied about 13 years ago.

so sweet, i envy the cutesy things you find! but thank you for sharing

shims replied about 13 years ago.

oh my goodness! this is the most adorable post!
it reminds me of making my own little dolls with multiple outfits for dressing up!


Vanilla Cardamom replied about 13 years ago.

Just such an incredibly inspiring blog. this post is fantastic! the clusters of everything! And your illustrations are amazing! im off to draw right now…

Pippa replied about 13 years ago.

These are mesmerising… nostalgic with fresh eyes…

susie_bubble replied about 13 years ago.

What a lovely post, one of my favourite things to when I was a child was to play with paper dolls :)

Rachel replied about 13 years ago.

oh, i Adore paper dolls! i remember having a set of victorian ones, and some vintage movie stars…this post makes me feel like i should dig them out again…

n. replied about 13 years ago.

just discovered ur blog. what inspiring imagery. love ur illustrations.

i also have a blog which i have just started up inspired by textiles, prints etc. you are welcome to visit it at

Lisa replied about 13 years ago.

ohh i love this series :)
wonderful books, i imagine how great will be if i had them in my library !
very inspiring, especially the birds <3

maybemayest replied about 13 years ago.

ah, paper dolls. i love!

wishful nals replied about 13 years ago.

Love love love!


Vivi replied almost 13 years ago.

[…] images: green dress and coral dress by glynis arban via color collective, abstract print from serena & lily, butterfly mask via kiss the groom, ruffled streamers, butterfly pattern from swirlydoos, silk scarf via oversize me, tented party via once wed, easter egg hunt via dustjacket attic, bright outfits via the peak of tres chic, paper doll clothes via KrisAtomic […]

paper dolls, Nancy Drew, and more! Ah the good old days. Love your blog. :)

Valerie replied over 9 years ago.

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