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16 October 09

I promised pictures of our flat ages ago, but I've never quite got round to taking any nice ones with the appropriate lens or decent lighting (plus we still haven't got curtains and the large sheets of heavyweight cartridge paper that I taped to the windows are not what you might call photogenic). Anyway, while procrastinating when I should have been ebaying, I finally took a few around the flat today. Maybe one day I'll do a proper before/after because you can't even imagine how horrible, grimy, peeling and damp it was before, without photographic evidence. Until then, here are a few of my favourite things in the place.

The Tord Boontje for Habitat garland lampshade that I loved forever. It was surprisingly hard to put up and I get my hair caught in it daily, but I love it anyway.

Lanvin figurine that I got in Hong Kong last february. Wish I could buy the whole collection, they're so pretty.

Just wanted to show off my new £20 Argos watch that seems to divide opinions for some reason.

Alarm clock from Habitat that I still don't know how to set because I use my iphone as an alarm. Apparently it tweets (the pre-web 2.0 meaning of the word tweet that is)!

The bed is from Laura Ashley and was on super sale, which was lucky because it turns out beds are ridiculously expensive! I'm happy not to have backache every morning for a change, so a good buy. Lots of blankets and cushions for daytime napping.

The wall colour is Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball. Their paint really does seem to change colour completely with different lighting, it's so weird.

Finally, comfy John Lewis armchair and fun Ikea rug that needs hoovering daily because it sheds like crazy, in the living/kitchen/office room.

Now if anyone can tell me how to buy a curtain rail for a bay window without spending a fortune or losing my mind, that would be much appreciated!



Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to leave, I need to move in – just remember to leave everything behind for me (except the watch!)

My landlord fixed the bay window issue in this flat by bending a plastic curtain rail – not particularly glamorous, but it works. Cuts out the cold better than the last flat’s “err… we’ll just stick the rail on the straight part, three feet from the window” solution, at least!

sarah replied about 14 years ago.

I don’t know.. the tip of my tounge hurts and I can’t remember why!

ebba replied about 14 years ago.

What a gorgeous room! LOVE your lampshade! And all the beautiful colours (especially the rug) :)

Brigadeiro replied about 14 years ago.

The Tord Boontje lampshade is so nice. I’m a massive fan of his work!

Kim replied about 14 years ago.

Thanks for letting us see your place! I love your taste in home decor (in everything!).

Sofia replied about 14 years ago.

The lampshade is lovely!

I have that ikea rug at home and it’s insane how much fluff can accumulate from it within a week!

Mimi replied about 14 years ago.

B&Q sell curtain poles for bay windows.

Hannah replied about 14 years ago.

oh! your flat is lovely, so nice decoreated… where have you bought that lampshade? do you know it if is available online? im looking for a new lampshade to my room but i can find anyone i like… im thinking of a black chanelier but i dont know… yours looks like the decoration in lost in translation…

julia. replied about 14 years ago.

Love your alarm! Haha yes ever since twitter has been around it has brought a whole new meaning to the word “tweet”
In love with your diptique candle as well, my mother is obsessed with them. I have been ordered to buy her another freesia one for christmas :)
Love your blog

Beth replied about 14 years ago.

IKEA does those flexible wire curtain rail thingys i think, they might work for yr bay window – and they’re the cheap, if plain option.

i love evrything, by the way – especially the alarm clock. x

Phaedra replied about 14 years ago.

your room is so full of life. i love your lanvin figurine! it’s lovely!

Cristina replied about 14 years ago.

How many strands of the Tord Boontje garland did you use for your lampshade? I have one also and took it down because with only one strand my light looked so bare but yours looks terrific!

Kimberly Lewis replied about 14 years ago.

I used 3! I was going to use just one, but saw a display in the shop with 6 of them (6!) so I figured I’d better compromise. x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

I have the habitat alarm clock in black; the ‘tweeting’ is pretty frightful. I never used it again for alarm purposes!

Charmaine replied about 14 years ago.

haha, thanks for the heads up!

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

all looks lovely kris, looking forward to the rest of the pictures!

vix replied about 14 years ago.

I love your apartment – I love all the colour. I really want one of those Tord Boontje garlands. The copper is my favourite but I don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere. Its always silver or brass in shops and I’m holding out for the copper! Where did you get yours? The lanvin figurine is so lovely too.

missmilki replied about 14 years ago.

Thank you! I got mine in the Regent Street store in London, but they had the copper one on the website fairly recently too. x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

i love the watch… and the lanvin figurine too….
everything is so clean :)

Esther replied about 14 years ago.

Such a lovely home x

Emilia replied about 14 years ago.

Everything is lovely!
How many Garlands did you use? It looks so thick! I wanted to buy it but I am afraid one won’t be enough..yours look perfect!

Rosa replied about 14 years ago.

I used 3 garlands :)

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

The tord-boontje lamp is the greatest. But indeed, yours looks heavy, but in the shop he always looks quite tiny…I have a lamp on a stick, wondering if i could wrap it around that one.

jokemijn replied about 14 years ago.

I think you could, it’s quite sturdy once you kind of squash it in to shape!

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Beautiful! I totally want that lampshade, it’s amazing.
I am a fellow Blythe lover/collector, nice to see they snuck into the pic, hehe

LadyT replied about 14 years ago.

what happened to your bedroom, with the white painted floors, and laura ashley wallpaper, and the cube-like bookshelf behind your bed? i loved that

emlily replied about 14 years ago.

Well, nothing happened to it, it’s still at my parents’ house! I moved :)

kris atomic replied almost 14 years ago.

Your place looks so wonderful! It’s so cheery and whimsical. You’ll have to post more pictures as you continue to get settled in; I’d love to see more of the place! So lovely. <3

Krissy replied about 14 years ago.

I’m going to buy that alarm clock – I thought waking up when it’s still dark outside might be a bit more tolerable then (even though that bird is kind of scary). And by the way, the wall colour is exactly the colour I’d like to have on my bedroom walls (if I had a flat with a separate bedroom, that is..). Add the Tord Boontje lamp, and I have to say you’ve got excellent taste! ;)

scaredy-cat replied about 14 years ago.

I love the garland too!! I had a friend who bought copper pipe for a bay window and bent it with a hammer fairly easily. She wasn’t especially handy and she said it was easy. I’m sure you could attach fancy ends or just smush them with the hammer. I’m gonna try the copper curtain rod tomorrow for a closet. Have a good weekend :)

Lisa replied almost 14 years ago.

I love your flat so very much I had to reblog it! I hope you dont’ mind!


Trish replied almost 14 years ago.

How many garland sheets did you use? Had my eye on that for a while!
Also love the habitat cushions.

Holly Thacker replied almost 14 years ago.

i have wanted a blythe doll forever, i love the baby ones poking their heads out from the top of the bookshelf. what a beautiful apartment!

sarah tops replied almost 14 years ago.

i’ve got that watch and the pretty chair.
you’ve decorated it nicely.

Ella replied almost 14 years ago.

love your flat, the watch, the lanvin doll. and just wanted to let you know there’s hope with the ikea rug. if you keep it long enough — we’ve had ours for 10 years now — it does stop shedding after maybe 5 years! and it still looks pretty good but of course i want a new one.

Laura replied almost 14 years ago.

Dear Kris,

I love the mixture of adult and children vibe in your flat. I am also a collector of Blythe dolls and myself produce Happy Dolls. I recently moved to a tiny flat in Geneva, Switzerland and had to buy curtain rails from IKEA. They have them on reasonable price and with nicely decorated ends. Thank you for sharing the pics from your flat! I love the Habitat garland and immediately ordered one :) Keep posting!

Eppla Lemonada

Eppla replied over 11 years ago.

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