yes! love the abbey lee pic so much!
she is still my desktop wallpaper :]

Kelly replied over 13 years ago.

YES! I want that pink Pashley bike more than anything in the world! Wonderful post.

Georgette replied over 13 years ago.

Ooh, so gorgeous! Especially the bike! :) I want one!

Brigadeiro replied over 13 years ago.

pinksplosion :)

Amy replied over 13 years ago.

Love these pink pics! :)

Sonia replied over 13 years ago.

Good timing – I bought a new shower gel yesterday whch is bright pink, and smells of strawberry Hubba Bubba. mmmmm!

p.s. I love the second to last shot.

Helena replied over 13 years ago.

Pink is lovely. And so is your little cllection of photos.
Hey, Kris, i’ve got a question (though i know it’s not connected with this post). When you paint, you use gouache, right? And you use pencil to sketch?
Cause I use watercolours and after covering pencil with paint, it’s able to be seen through, which is horrible! So I want to switch over gouache, which should cover pencil, right?
Sorry to bother, but I’d really like to know opinion of someone more experienced. Oh, and I apologize for mistakes, English isn’t my mother’s language (sadly ;)).
Waiting for your answer

vilette replied over 13 years ago.

Yep, I use gouache and you’re right, it is opaque. It should cover the pencil no problem (as long as you don’t press too hard!). Give it a try, it totally changed my life when I discovered it. Until then I was using watercolour or acrylic, both of which sucked. x

kris atomic replied over 13 years ago.

Thank you so much. I’ll definetely give it a try.

vilette replied over 13 years ago.

i love EVERYONE of those photos. i need a pink bike. sob

Luna replied over 13 years ago.

Очень красиво!! Они потрясные!!!

Nasta replied over 13 years ago.

Love this pictures. Amazing selection. Love your blog, too. You´re very creative. Like it!!! My current biggest wish is a paint from you of my. That would be famous…..

Love & Hugs, Deike
(Visit my blog ;))

deike replied about 13 years ago.

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