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24 March 09

Just very busy! I'm quickly approaching scary deadlines for the final year of my degree (two months left OMG) while also trying to sort out my life post-graduation, that kind of thing. I have so many things to blog about, I don't even know where to start!

These are some sketchbook pages from my trip to Russia. Mostly from museums, scribbling down nonsense on the go or on the train/plane.



Hip Hip Hooray! Have missed your beautiful posts! Great sketches here! And how terribly exciting about the impending graduation! :)

Brigadeiro replied about 14 years ago.

thank you so much! x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Perfect Nick II! So glad you’re back!

caroline replied about 14 years ago.

I’m not surprised that you’ve been busy if you’re graduating soon! The third year students on my course are going crazy, particularly trying to raise money for the degree show.

I love looking at people’s sketchbooks, probably nearly more than the final pieces. I really like the last two.

Kim replied about 14 years ago.

That’s exactly it! I’m on the show committee too, so trying to organise that and my own work… argh! x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Hi Kris, I’ve been a longtime reader of yours, from LJ to this site, and I’m glad you’re back! I’ve missed seeing your new and inspiring posts, but it’s been worth the wait! Good luck with your final months! :)

Helen replied about 14 years ago.

aw, thank you. x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

hey! good to hear from you again! good luck with graduation! you must be nervous..

annahita replied about 14 years ago.

ooh i had no idea you went to Camberwell! i have some friends beginning the illustration course in september. i wanted to do illustration but i don’t think i have the drive to do freelance all the time, what are you planning to do after your degree if you don’t mind me asking? your drawings are amazing so i’m sure you’ll have lots of work.

Nina Lilliebe replied about 14 years ago.

I can’t believe I’m nearly finished with my degree, where have three years gone?! I really like my course but it’s pretty shambolic at times and you have to fend for yourself really! Which I don’t mind because that’s what it’s like when you leave, but you know, some people moan. Our tutors are great though, I’m sure your pals will dig it here.
How do you like Chelsea? I very nearly went there instead.
After my degree I hope to start working as a freelance illustrator. Aaargh sacry/exciting!

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

What a lovely surprise to be able to peruse some of your gorgeous drawings this morning! Best of luck wrapping up the degree …

sal replied about 14 years ago.

thank you! x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Seems like your trip to Russia was amazing! Congrats on your upcoming graduation. I love you blog and the images you put on it. I just added you to my blogroll, I hope you don’t mind.

Grace Elizabeth replied about 14 years ago.

Good luck for graduation! I’m so glad all that is over haha! It’s a pleasure as usual to see all your gorgeous sketches (Flowers in the Attic is so unnerving!) What do you want to do after you graduate?!

Becca replied about 14 years ago.

Thanks for letting us take a peak at your sketchbook!

elizabeth replied about 14 years ago.

Wow, not a fan of the opera, then? I really love the girls talking, very cute! x

Lanna replied about 14 years ago.

Yes! sketchbook scans..
i love them, they’re lovely!!
i m in love with your blog -> this week i declared illustration as my major (!) i hope i can create a blog that is as charming as yours one day

Rachel replied about 14 years ago.

I’m glad you’re back. I was worried…
Even my gift for husband didn’t work ;)

Magda replied about 14 years ago.

hey! i saw the illustration on Read Flowers in the Attic!! Ha! so APT! i loved that book.

PJ replied about 14 years ago.

you inspire me so much! i love your stetchbook. i do.
nd also i am sorry but i had to post them on my blog since i loved them so much.
i did not mean to.

i have made a link to you too under the pictures.
please let me know if you are angry and i will remove them!
/agnes from sweden

pandasoppa replied almost 14 years ago.

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