Hong Kong flower market

26 March 09

I've been giving my air miles a good workout lately. This time last month I was in Hong Kong for a week, getting hot, frizzy and jet-lagged. I walked around a lot, ate my own weight in delicious food and bought a whole bunch of crap which is a given when visiting china (stationery, iphone cases, crazy lipbalms etc). I love Hong Kong.



do you know where the florists in hong kong get their flowers?? in the US we mostly get them from latin america factories (doesn’t that seem soo weird!)- i wonder if they have production in china, & where the flowers in the market that don’t seem too local came from!
anywho, love these pictures. do i spot a selection of herbs as well?? yum!

Julie replied about 14 years ago.

I actually have no idea, I never really thought about it! I think probably mainland china? x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Oh my! Those colourful flower shots are just breathtaking! Especially the orchids, love orchids!!!

Brigadeiro replied about 14 years ago.

thank you! Orchids are my favourite too but I always manage to kill them. I can only be trusted with cacti :(

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

I JUST got back from Hong Kong a week ago, and I miss it so much. I brought a DSLR with me for the first time (I’ve visited HK many times before, but always with a point and shoot) and had a great time thinking more creatively about photos. I love your photos and the broad scenes you were able to capture. Most of my photos are close-up shots, just the smaller details of my trip. Yours are great!

Do you mind if I blog about this post on my blog?

Kacia replied about 14 years ago.

I miss it too!
I don’t mind at all, feel free to post. thank you!

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

I love the flower market. I used to live very close to it, and visit it often. I used to change fresh cut flower every week, but now I just settle with dry flowers and orchid. Can’t afford that kind of flower budget anymore.

Yellowgoat replied about 14 years ago.

I’d love to have lots of flowers everywhere, but as you say, it gets pretty expensive.
thank you for posting my umbrella drawing on your blog! x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Hong Kong is amazing isn’t it? My family and I used to live there- i always remember that unique “hong Kong smell”.

Luce replied about 14 years ago.

Oh yes, definitely!

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Hey stranger! Nice to see you back to posting…
I almost, almost, almost ended up going to Hong Kong for Easter (obviously not to celebrate Easter), as one of my closest friends in London is originally from HK. It looks amazing and your photos do it such justice, making me regret not going. Honestly, you’re one of the few people I’ve seen WORK the Canon to the point of tempting me to switch. Ha!
Keep in touch, Kris!

sarah replied about 14 years ago.

Hi Sarah! You must must must go to Hong Kong, it’s the best.
Tbh Canon have been making some dreadful decisions lately (my 5d not included), so you’re probably right to have chosen Nikon… never though I’d say that.
Congrats on Moses!!! So cute. I’m excited for you / missing matilda.

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

Nice photos!! good to see you are back on the blog!!

Nicola replied about 14 years ago.

thank you Nicola! your blog is fun. x

kris atomic replied about 14 years ago.

wow! these flowers seem to be treated very respectfully. so incredibly neatly tucked in, like children! great photos!

annahita replied about 14 years ago.

love these photos kris, it’s been a while since i stopped by. very enjoyable!

maeve replied about 14 years ago.

Ach, gorgeous. Wish I were there, breathing in the fragrance of those gorgeous blooms.

sal replied about 14 years ago.

Ah, well you’re lucky. I haven’t been back home to HK in a really long time… can’t wait to move back. I don’t think anything beats life in HK ;)

e replied about 14 years ago.

omg my home!! why did you visit? just for vacation?? I miss hk so much..just being away for 3 months at a time for school sucks ): i miss my home cooked food!!!

Denise replied about 14 years ago.

gorgeous photos… i have a friend who lives in HK, i would love to visit someday!

315thomas replied about 14 years ago.

Those flower markets must’ve smelled so nice! Lucky you, I’m dying to go to Hong Kong. I’m studying fashion design and in 3rd year they take you to HK to shop for fabrics for your final collection. I just need to survive until then… :)

i.d. replied about 14 years ago.

You travel sooooo much, I’m loads jealous. I don’t know how your bank balance allows it! (: mine would hate me.

vix replied about 14 years ago.

I know this is pretty late, but you visited to my town! I’ve lived here for almost a year now and like the city more every day. These are great pics of it.

K @ Blog Goggles replied about 14 years ago.


Great Pictures i must say!!

Just wanted to ask you that is it possible to carry the plants outside hong kong… I mean will they stay (live) for so long??

sudeshna replied almost 14 years ago.

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