Hong Kong bird market

28 March 09

The bird market is predictably all about birds. Birds and their related paraphernalia are sold here, but bird owners also bring their own birds from home to hang out with their avian mates. There are beautiful wooden cages hanging from the trees and perched on top of every flat surface available, the noise is just unbelievable. It was really sad to see some of the bigger birds for sale in tiny cages though.



birdcages can be so beautiful. just bloged about some from morocco, you can se them at my flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/klaramelliot/3385128689/). horrible to keep real bird in them tough.

Klara replied over 14 years ago.

Wow, really beatuful pictures!

Kari replied over 14 years ago.

This reminds me of a market I went to while in Thailand… It was the biggest open market I’d ever seen and there was a whole section dedicated to pets and animals. It wasn’t as bright and cheerful looking as this, unfortunately!

Kim replied over 14 years ago.

May I ask which lens you used for these pictures? Because I really love the setting they have. Amazing ♥

Hil replied over 14 years ago.

So what did it sound like there?

re replied about 14 years ago.

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