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20 June 09

Hello, hello, I'm alive! I know some of you are following me on twitter, but here is a recap for everyone else who wanted to put me on a milk carton.

Life has been pretty busy and I'm woefully bad at blogging under pressure. I'm happy to say that all my uni work is done, submitted and marked and I find out my grade on thursday (eee!). We're now in the midst of one degree show and preparing for another, so there is still lots to be getting on with, but the end is finally in sight!

In may I went to NY for my birthday. I ate many amazing meals and went to a lot of museums and shopped a bit, though everything seemed mighty expensive because our currency is practically worthless. The weather was terrible, but otherwise it was great. I also met up with Gala, Jazzi and Cynthia who were charming.

I did a lot of work on my children's book (I showed you some sketches here and here), above is one of the more finished pages. I still have a million more things to draw and re-draw because I'm not quite happy with it yet.

Another of my degree projects was this handmade and hand embroidered jumper.

It was a project about memory and nostalgia, the words are from my diaries when I was 16. Like a memory quilt, it's basically a memory keeping exercise.

I also submitted a stack of big prints (120 of them!) from my trip to Russia last summer, which will be up on my soon-to-be-launched new portfolio website (there I am in my red check coat with my pals when we lived in Russia).

The fruits of my labour will be at our degree show This Will Kill That, in Shoreditch 2nd-5th of july. It's free and open to the public from the 3rd, so do come along if you can.

If all that drawing and stitching wasn't enough, I've also acquired some project managing duties. My parents own a tiny flat in Brighton which they've rented out for years and is in a pretty decrepit state. It needs some serious renovation, so I'm organising that for them, then taking over the rent and moving in. I'm super excited to move, but it seems a really long time away and a ton of boiler fitting, tile laying, wall painting, and furniture buying needs to be done before then. Everything takes absolutely ages! But it's coming along and I can't wait to get to the fun bit (choosing paints, rather than organising gas connections ZZzzzz).

So since I'm moving in to the world's smallest flat, I'm having to downsize my possessions pretty considerably. I've started selling some of my stuff on ebay, the above and a few more items are finishing tomorrow.



Good luck for Thursday! Looking forward to your portfolio site too.

Those badges, would you be selling them in your shop eventually?

Kim replied almost 14 years ago.

I’m so glad your back! Well, semi-back but still.
All your work is tremendously inspirational. So you’re planning to pursue another degree? That’s amazing! Congratulations!

And you met Gala? Whoa, details!

Mariana replied almost 14 years ago.

Where in Brighton are you moving to? It’s such a nice change from London, can’t wait to see how the flat progresses. I love the pink bathroom! I live down the road in Lewes, have you been here before?

Natalie replied almost 14 years ago.

hello, kris! congrats on the final project and the show. the brighton apt renovation sounds exciting and i hope you’ll be able to share the renovation steps, which are always such fun to follow. also, great clothes. will we be seeing some NY pics? good luck with everything!

Marina replied almost 14 years ago.

so great, it’s good to see you back!! I really hope you make a more detailed post about your trip to NY :)

Sandra Swan replied almost 14 years ago.

Oh my! Such an amazing update, worth the wait ;) The hand-embroidered jumper is amazing, and your drawing turned out so beautifully! How cute are you in your red coat? And I’m in love with your sequinned blouse!

Brigadeiro replied almost 14 years ago.

The embroidered jumper is just AMAZING.
I wish i could see it in real life, it looks so well made, plus the concept is really interesting.

Rachel replied almost 14 years ago.

I agree with the rest, the hand embroidered jumper is really a beautiful idea. Now you’re inspiring me to make my own..

That pink bathroom is something too. All the best for your renovation, I’m pretty sure it will be great from the looks of it (:

sarah replied almost 14 years ago.

The embrodered jumper is lovely! What a great idea.

Betty replied almost 14 years ago.

wou i’m glad you come back ! I was worried and i waited sooooo much for new things of you. I love the tee, it’s a beautiful work you did there…

agathine replied almost 14 years ago.

The jumper is fantastic! What a wonderful idea.
Being a complete decoration and DIY nut, I can’t wait to see what you do with your Brighton flat, I am sure it will be amazing.

Mademoiselle Robot replied almost 14 years ago.

It’s great to have you back! (Not that you know me but) I missed your pictures and drawings. :)

elle s'ennuie replied almost 14 years ago.

so much to comment on! yr diary-embroidered jumper is divine & I am totally in love with yr lil brighton flat – before it’s even been renovated, I assume! it seems rly knock-down cool at the moment.

Kate replied almost 14 years ago.

Holy smokes, the memory jumper is crazy! You said you handmade it as well as embroidered it? Insanity. Good luck with everything!

Kim replied almost 14 years ago.

wow, all you do is ever so nice! That jumper is so awesome! what a wonderful idea. Good luck with moving in and all!
we missed you! XD

nana replied almost 14 years ago.

uhhm, by we I don’t mean me and my other 3 personalities, I mean your blog’s readers!
hehe sorry!

nana replied almost 14 years ago.

Dude, keep the pink bathroom suite! x

Rachael replied almost 14 years ago.

your stitches are always so nice and clean. out of curiosity, how long did it take you to embroider the sweater? everything looks lovely, as usual, and congrats on graduating!

nicole j replied almost 14 years ago.

so good to see an update finally! i’m loving the way the children’s illustration is looking. i’ve been reading your blog for ages, since way back in the lj days. thought i’d say hi now that i have a wordpress of my own. i’m headed into my last year of uni in september so i definitely don’t underestimate all the stress and hard work. congrats nearing the finish line!

Kate replied almost 14 years ago.

I’m glad you’re back – I love your blog far too much :)

That jumper is epic, I really love it. It’s so beautiful, especially the stitching.

Anna replied almost 14 years ago.

that embroidered jumper is amazing. is pure love.


Rafa replied almost 14 years ago.

Oh, the jumper is awesome. Awesome. I cannot find a better word to describe it (and it’s not only because of my bad English ;)) I want one too!

Lotta replied almost 14 years ago.

Cool! Brighton! Maybe see you around then. Love your work!

Malin replied almost 14 years ago.

hi, i’m jess, and i have a crush on you. ;)

…i just discovered your blog today. i read the post about how Park & Cube was your new favorite blog and that just about did me in because that is pretty much my fav blog ever.

can’t wait to keep reading your posts.


sushi pie replied almost 14 years ago.

Oh, miss! That jumper!! I am so impressed with that! I’m glad you are back here blogging :) I have missed your posts and crystal clear and clean photographs. Lovely, lovely.

Cannot WAIT to see what you will do to your new apt!

e replied almost 14 years ago.

that jumper… wow wow wow, you are one tallented lady!!!! hope the pressure eases off in the next few weeks :-D

Luna replied almost 14 years ago.

I reckon if you made jumpers like that for sale they’d get snapped up rather fast.
Also, Kris, you are a wonderful ebay seller. x

sarah replied almost 14 years ago.

Goodness, you have been busy! So glad to see that you are doing well. That jumper must have taken you ages, I know the joys of embroidering. Good luck with all your future endeavors!

(also I started following you on Twitter, I’m brineandpine – it’s not another e-hooker/salesman following you, I hate those!)

Melanie replied almost 14 years ago.

i adore your embroidered jumper – the concept behind it is so cute.
p.s. i am glad you are back


LO replied almost 14 years ago.

That jumper is incredible!

Did you hand stitch all of those words? I must know! haha.
Congrats on it! Its really beautiful.

Georgia replied almost 14 years ago.

The embroidered jumper is amazing, wow.
I love your blog.

Ava-May Hemme replied almost 14 years ago.

The sweater is awesome!!! A great way to keep memories.

Bean replied almost 14 years ago.

Those Mouse drawings are.. lovely :) although they do seem to be flying around a plate of food, and I am not sure entirely if this is a regular mousey past-time.

How far have you got in your book? :):)

Claire replied over 13 years ago.

Hello, Kris! I`ve been looking throw your beautiful blog today and i was very surprised to see your photo from Russia (Ukraine), at a monument of Zolotoi Djuke.
Odessa is my home town and she gives you regard^.^
How long did you live there?
And it seems I should beg your pardon for my bad, bad english.

Luba replied about 13 years ago.

[…] embroidered old diary entries onto a sweater, varying the fonts & thread colors. Check out her site for the full photo […]

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