Christmas time

02 January 09

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a very festive holiday all round! I had a super Christmas (Matilda had the time of her life with wrapping paper and ribbons too) and then spent a few days hanging out in front of the telly, eating satsumas and reading books. Now that it's officially the new year, I'm getting down to work. I've had a major pre-NYE clearout of my room and wardrobe, bought a new 2009 planner and made many to-do lists. No resolutions though!

(Matilda's cat grass, she loves hanging out next to it)

(my favourite new ornament/decoration, from Habitat)

(Christmas 2007 photos are here)



Your Christmas tree is beautiful! Happy new year. :)

Rachel replied over 14 years ago.

chanced upon your site,
and wow!
very nice shots u have!
have a nice day
and oh eppie nu year! :D

annant replied over 14 years ago.

Wow! These pictures are so gorgeous (as usual)! I love the one of Matilda :)

Angelica replied over 14 years ago.

Lovely photos! The white light makes them so wintery and fantastic.

Deb replied over 14 years ago.

Beautiful tree, I love your redbird.

Danette replied over 14 years ago.

I cannot get over how ADORABLE Matilda is. I love flat-faced creatures!

I love your ornaments~ I bought a white tree this year but I haven’t had the opportunity to buy many ornaments. Still, I love Christmas decorations!

catherine replied over 14 years ago.

I really love your pictures, I think I didn’t even tell you last time you posted a serie- it was the ones from Moscow… wow
Is the snowflake in the chocolate real or is it photoshopped??

kakna replied over 14 years ago.

wow, these are lovely♥
happy new year!!

meligrosa replied over 14 years ago.

your photos are so sparkling clear, it’s really quite amazing to look at. i’m glad you had a wonderful christmas time! i have to check out that cat grass.

Melly replied over 14 years ago.

Matilda is such a cutie, she reminds me of my long-haired (very shed-happy) cats. I hope she’s well now! As always I love your beautiful photos, although they did remind me of my disappointment at the loss of the toffee penny from Roses :(

Laura replied over 14 years ago.

awh. i love your christmas pictures.

Emilie replied over 14 years ago.

Your photos are wonderful! We have some of the exact same decorations, my parents bought them in Harrods in the late 60’s!

Becca replied over 14 years ago.

you may be doing illustration, but you really could make a living from photography.


annah replied over 14 years ago.

I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I love these photos!

Lil replied over 14 years ago.

I’m loving the one of the Queens Speech. A+.
Happy New Year, the photos are lovely Kris.

sarah replied over 14 years ago.

Does your pre-NYE wardrobe clear-out mean you’ll be selling more stuff on ebay? =)

menchie replied over 14 years ago.

I would love a red sparkly bird for my Christmas tree, I shall fashion one for next year..

Melanie replied over 14 years ago.

I love your Christmas photos :)

Sofia replied over 14 years ago.

Oh, it’s all so sparkling and lovely!

sarai replied over 14 years ago.

ha, i got that cat grass for my new kitten and let it grow dead tall before putting it on the floor, she ravaged it! kittens are bloody mental x

kris kendal replied over 14 years ago.

welcome back! thank you,your pictures made my day!

aishah replied over 14 years ago.

Ah we have that ikea light ring in my house, I love it! We put ornaments on ours though, like so:

Your photos are so gorgeous.

Mimi replied over 14 years ago.

I ALWAYS love your Christmas photos/posts. I’ve been following them since you were on livejournal and your photos are always amazing! Matilda is beautiful, and I love the photo of the hot chocolate. The crown on the inside of the mug is absolutely gorgeous (I’ve always wanted a mug like that) and the snowflake is so pretty! Your tree is very beautiful, and I also love Christmas ornaments. I’m not on my own yet, so I don’t have my own tree (though I suppose I could have had one at my apartment at school, but I never had the time), but I’ve bought several pretty ornaments for myself already :)

lauren replied over 14 years ago.

Aww yay! I’ve been checking back here often to see when you’d post your Chrisymassy photos!

Matilda is adorable, your tree is lovely. Your Christmas photos always remind me of a fairytale Christmas, where everything is perfect and shiny and wonderful. It makes me happy just looking at them. :)

Georgina replied over 14 years ago.

These photos are so, so beautiful! Your Christmas, as people have said, just looks absolutely perfect! Shiny and wonderful :) Matilda is such a wonderful kitty and I’m horribly jealous! Did you get any nice presents? :D

If you don’t mind my asking — I’ve been a follower of your photographs (especially your Christmas ones!) for a year or so now, and I was wondering what happened to the beautiful dollhouse you were making last year? I would love to see it again!

I hope 2009 is great for you! :)

Anna replied over 14 years ago.

yay! happy now :)

Nicola replied over 14 years ago.

i love it all, especially the baby’s breath.

rubi replied over 14 years ago.

Gosh, talk about your fairy tale Christmases! Everything is so white and clean and beautiful!

What exactly is cat grass? I would assume it’s similar to catnip, though they don’t look alike at all. Matilda’s getting big!

Kim replied over 14 years ago.

Your Christmas tree is gorgeous! And so is your cat!

Michelle replied over 14 years ago.

Gasp! Our Christmas trees look like sisters! Look!

Also, we both have flat-faced persians. :) I actually have two, one doll-faced, and one extreme-faced. :)

Love your blog. xo

Doe Deere Blogazine replied about 14 years ago.

Oh dear, we used to have exactly the same cat cage, but about 10 years ago. The cat was totally terrified by it.

Misha replied about 14 years ago.

I love your site and photos…your hair totally rocks!!


Jennifer DeDonato replied about 14 years ago.

totally beside the point here, but i couldn’t help but noticing in the picture with the telly on it, that you have mariskooli’s on the windowsill! and exactly the same colour as i do have, on the windowsill also. greetings from finland!

also, love your christmastree and cat. i’m such a cat person.

Hanna replied about 14 years ago.

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