Obsessed with crystals

03 December 09

ring - Kenneth Jay Lane
necklaces - Malene Birger, Tom Binns, Yves Saint Laurent
earrings - Erickson Beamon
headpiece - Louis Mariette

My rhinestone collection is already kind of getting out of hand, but I still want alllll of this stuff.


oh I love jewelerry but I can’t wear it, I just lose them all!

ebba replied over 13 years ago.

Here in the US we had a scam of sorts where Macy’s (a big dept. store chain) was sadly selling fake diamonds to consumers. I do not think Macy’s realized it at the time, one of their jeweler companies had though(and is now bankrupt and nonexistent. haha.)

I would definitely not be pleased at alllll if this happened to me!
All that glitters is not gold, I guess. ;)

Brittany Louise replied over 13 years ago.

ouaaaahhhhh tres joli!!!!!!j ADORE!!

marine replied over 13 years ago.

Ohh, it is so lovely and nice.
Such a good picture :)

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alex replied over 13 years ago.

A M A Z I N G ! ! !

Those accessories look so real I can almost touch them! ;)

Brigadeiro replied over 13 years ago.

I’m in love with that headpiece!! So delicated and feminine!

Marie replied over 13 years ago.

I bought that ring last week as a gift to myself for getting the first draft of my book completed for the publisher! I never buy rings, but I love snakes and just feel for that. Plus, it looked like an ‘S’. You should get it, it’s stunning.
BTW, nice work lately Kris. That sailor jenny one? LOVE IT. Are you selling prints?

sarah replied over 13 years ago.

Beautiful!! So so pretty..love your illustrations:) You are really talented!!


Priscilla replied over 13 years ago.

Ooh! I love your illustrations, and I love this girl’s hair colour.

TheBunnyGeek replied over 13 years ago.

Oh, how I love your illustrations. The delicate hands are lovely.

teapartied replied over 13 years ago.

I want hair like that;)

If it comes in pink replied over 13 years ago.

Promise you’ll do a xmas post :)

Sofia replied over 13 years ago.

your illustrations are awesome!!!
check mine:

happy holidays!

chloe fleury replied over 13 years ago.

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